Obama: The Net Giveth and the Net Taketh Away

The Internet has been very kind to Barack Obama. Over the past few days his groovy “Barack Roll” video to the sounds of Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up has been making the rounds, thanks to YouTube.

But another, not-so-hip, video of Obama has suddenly surfaced on the Web. I’ve just caught up with the video of what happened to the Democratic Presidential hopeful in Bristol, Va., when his TelePrompTer malfunctioned. (I hate it when that happens!)

At first, I wondered whether this didn’t happen in Bristol, Pa., since the video is up on phillyburbs.com, the Web site for the Calkins Media chain of suburban Philadelphia newspapers, which serves Bristol. However, a Google search confirms that Obama held a “Town Hall” event in Bristol, Va. on June 5, 2008.

Here’s the link to an Obama at a loss for words.

With his angry outbursts at the audience and his malaprops (he confuses “breathalyzer” with “inhaler” in a vignette about a child with asthma), the Democratic hopeful sounds a bit like President George W. Bush. If Obama makes it to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., it could be more of the same at those White House press conferences should the TelePrompTer ever go on the fritz.

Beth Turnage over at Astrology Explored has compared the charts of Obama and W., both of which are chock full of planets in Leo. It’s an interesting post.

Like the pictures of President Bush looking a little out of it at the Olympics, the Obama Town Hall video is yet another example of the transiting Neptune/Node/Chiron in Aquarius, I believe. Neptune is film, the Node is public dissemination, and Chiron is the wound (Bush being propped up by a team of Secret Service agents, Obama stumbling for words).

I’m also reminded me of Jude Threshold’s post on the Aug. 16 eclipse where she talks about “unmasking.” Interesting that a video from a June 5 event is suddenly getting buzz on the Web on Aug. 13.

Will “TelePrompTer malfunction” join the national lexicon along with “wardrobe malfunction”?