Mars Conjunct Saturn in Virgo

By now, most folks who follow the stars know that Mars will be conjunct Saturn at 5 degrees of Virgo on July 10.

I’ve been spending the morning thinking of ways to use this energy in a constructive fashion.

Mars rules work and power, and it’s meeting up with Saturn, which has to do with obstacles and restrictions. The two combined can result in frustration, but I think the intense effort also could produce results for a long-delayed project.

A popular interpretation for Mars/Saturn is “the end of work,” so you’ll notice that plays into a few of my suggestions. You frequently see this aspect in the charts of people taking time off from work for a vacation or medical procedure.

The sign of Virgo rules work, the environment, health-care, civil service, labor, detailed work, and accounting, to name just a few things, and these areas also factor into some of my suggestions.

Here’s my Top 10 list of what to do on July 10:

1. Get a root canal or any other dental procedure that you’ve been dreading.
2. Clean up any unfinished business with the Internal Revenue Service or Social Security. (Yes, Scorpio and Pluto traditionally have rulership over death and taxes, but Virgo rules accounting matters.)
3. Bring toxic paints, chemicals, and dead batteries to a special collection area if your town has one. (California has mandated these special areas statewide, but they exist in other places.) If the collection area isn’t open, separate the items for future dropoff.
4. Participate in a demonstration designed to improve the lot of workers.
5. Take a personal day from work to do chores around the house.
6. Make sure your life and health insurance is in order.
7. Get overdue immunizations for travel.
8. Organize your closets, and throw away medicines and household items that are past their expiration date.
9. Prune your trees and weed your garden.
10. Quit your job.

Hey, I didn’t say any of these things were going to be fun! These planets are meeting in Virgo, after all.