McCain’s Many Mansions: What Does the Fourth House Say?

As long as I’m chasing political stories today (see “Obama’s Brother From Another Mother?”), I may as well comment on the coverage that John McCain’s memory lapse is getting.

Evidently, the Republican Presidential candidate doesn’t know exactly how many residences that he and his wife Cindy own., my new favorite Web site, has the story.

Let’s look at what McCain’s chart has to say about this issue. If you like the 9 a.m. time, the Republican senator has Saturn ruling his fourth house of residences. Saturn, in turn, is in watery Pisces and opposing nebulous Neptune and beauty-oriented Venus. I can definitely see why McCain is in a fog about how many houses he owns.

Why is this a trigger for media coverage? I think it’s because the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn is conjunct McCain’s Moon in Capricorn, which is in turn opposed by Pluto in Cancer. I may be getting out of my depth here, but here’s my theory.

The presence of the U.S. Pluto on McCain’s Moon means that he hasn’t had a lot of choice in his life. With his grandfather and father both career naval officers, McCain had to follow in their footsteps and serve his country. Now, some astrologers would say that sounds like Saturn, the planet of duty and responsibility. I’m chalking it up to Pluto because I truly believe McCain didn’t have any choice.

And, of course, everyone knows how McCain ended up as a prisoner of war in Vietnam and was forced to live in a cage. Of course, the guy wants lots of houses. He probably never wants to be stuck in one place again.

But that U.S. Pluto on his Moon also says a lot about McCain’s membership in the plutocracy that rules this country. And the pilot of the Straight Talk Express doesn’t want us to know how rich he really is, even though some of that wealth belongs to his wife, Cindy, who inherited a beer distributorship.

McCain not knowing how many residences he owns reminds me of a story that a 60-year-old colleague told me about his father. When his father was once asked the birthdays for his three sons, the man replied, “Ask my wife. I don’t know.”

I believe McCain doesn’t care how many houses he has; that’s Cindy’s domain.