The Huffington Post and Horoscopes

I went to see the underrated Kevin Costner film Swing Vote this weekend, which I think is a much better film for kids than Dark Knight, the latest Batman flick. In addition to great performances by Costner and newcomer Madeline Carroll, Swing Vote features a lot of political talking heads like Chris Matthews, Bill Maher, and Arianna Huffington playing themselves.

When I saw Huffington, it reminded me that I wanted to do her chart and figure out why she is featuring political horoscopes on her online news aggregator, The Huffington Post.

As usual, someone has beat me to the punch on Huffington’s chart. Learning Curve on the Ecliptic did it back in April. I think this analysis is a little tough on Huffington, but I learned a lot about her.

I’ve always wondered how and why someone from Greece became such a leading figure in U.S. political circles. Not that immigrants aren’t entitled to be political players in our melting pot democracy, but I was surprised that Huffington gravitated to politics, as opposed to film, fashion, advertising, and other areas where her Venus in Gemini could be quite influential.

Given’s Huffington’s academic success in Great Britain, where she attended Cambridge, she might have chosen to exercise her considerable talents in London rather than the U.S.

Of course, America is a bigger playing field, but there’s more. The U.S. is a Cancer nation, and Huffington has a slew of planets in Cancer trining a Scorpio Ascendant, which longs to be powerful. The Internet publisher and former political candidate has emerged as a power broker in American politics. Think of her as a modern-day Betsy Ross, but with an accent and doing her handiwork on the Web. Like many immigrants, Huffington is a fierce patriot.

I think Huffington’s success with the Internet and her openness to astrology on her Web site can be traced to her Uranus, which squares the North Node in Libra. Uranus/Node connections are about making innovative, electrical connections with the public.

Having said that, I wanted to link to today’s HuffPo political horoscopes.

It turns out that even though HuffPo’s horoscopes got a lot of buzz last week, thanks to myself and dozens of other astrology bloggers, they first appeared on Jan. 24. Mmm, that was the day that Pluto was moving from Sagittarius into Capricorn for the first time since the American Revolutionary War. George Washington must have been rolling in his grave.


My Ever-Expanding Blogroll: Links-a-Go-Go!

Even though I’m a blogger, I’ve remained a wallflower at the social networking dance. You won’t find me or my picture on Facebook, MySpace, or the like. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to make friends in cyberspace; I just want to do it on my terms.

However, the people who hang out at the social networking sites quickly learn the etiquette about “friending” and the like. I’ve had to make my own rules, which, of course, have evolved over time.

When I started Astrology Mundo back on March 17, I decided to be quite selective about whom I added to my blogroll. At first, I was going to link only to astrology blogs. But I started getting so much help from foodie friend Regina that I added her blog Gastriques.

Then Groffoto provided me with my first photos and showed me how to upload pics. So then I had a photo blog on my blogroll, and another one when SFMike at Civic Center touched base over our mutual interest in Palm Springs.

A former college roommate likes to keep in touch and has a blog, so he made the cut with My Non-Urban Life.

The floodgates weren’t exactly open, but I had become more expansive than I had originally planned. Now, I’ve got links to blogs about my hometown of Beacon, N.Y. (Maykr) and revitalizing Main Streets, something near and dear to my heart.

I just noticed with the nifty tools that WordPress provides that I’m getting traffic from Collaborating With Fate so I’ve added a link to Kathryn Cassidy’s unique blend of trends, cycles, and astrology. Ditto for Learning Curve on the Ecliptic, which has a lot of great space and UFO sighting news.

Seduction Central is another new addition to my blogroll. My cyberpal Beth Turnage often posts there, and Seduction’s host, Jeffrey Kishner, just added me to another site of his, AstrologyBogger. Thanks, Jeffrey! If you want to find out whether love is in the stars for you, Seduction Central is a good place to start.

I’ve been resisting adding Out the Comet’s [you-know-what] because of its name, which is expurgated here. But Comet is a great site that plays off current events the way that Astrology Mundo does.

Still, I’m not ready to get raunchy with my blog. I’ve got a foul mouth in real life so I’m trying to clean up my act in cyberspace.

Finally, given all the traffic I got on my post about the Frenchwoman who didn’t come to lunch, I’ve decided to add the food and lifestyle blog of my favorite Frenchwoman, Anne de Ravel, who’s blogging from Languedoc.

Welcome, new blogroll buddies!