Swine Flu and the Neptune/Jupiter Conjunction

Government leaders and public-health officials around the world are taking the threat of a swine flu epidemic, which began in Mexico City and has spread to other countries including the U.S., quite seriously, so they don’t need an astrology blog to tell them this could be a pandemic.

What is driving me to say this? The fact that Jupiter in Aquarius is quite close to a conjunction with Neptune in the same sign and that it’s moving toward the U.S. Moon. Jupiter is the expander and Neptune rules contagion. The Moon is the public in a nation’s chart.

The Moon also rules women, and I think an epidemic or a quarantine would send many working women back home. After all, if schools were closed, someone would have to be at home taking care of the kids.

Yes, it’s conceivable in some progressive families that the husband and wife would alternate between staying home and going to work, but in most cases, the duty of staying home would fall on Mom’s shoulders. And, of course, many households are headed by women so there’s no dad to pass babysitting chores along to. I’m not trying to lob a grenade in the ongoing culture wars; I’m stating a fact.

By the way, an epidemic was one of Astrology Mundo’s Top 10 predictions of 2009.