The Neptune Station and Palin’s Phone Call from ‘Sarkozy’

Well, we’re still waiting for the Oslo (Norway)-based Web site African Press International to release the tapes of a phone call that it claimed was made by Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Instead, on yesterday’s Neptune station, a French-Canadian deejay released a tape that shows how he “punked” Sarah Palin by calling up the GOP vice-presidential nominee and pretending to be French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Evidently, Palin didn’t think it was strange that Sarkozy was talking to her about having sex with his famous wife, model/singer Carla Bruni.

Shortly after Palin was selected by Republican Presidential nominee John McCain, I speculated that some revealing videos might surface as Neptune moves over her Aquarius stellium of Sun/Mars/Saturn. In that post, I noted that porn videos hadn’t hurt Bruni’s popularity. But instead of video that showcases Palin’s physical attributes, we’ve gotten a sexy radio spoof that exposes her intellectual shortcomings. Merde!

Everyone in the U.S. knows most of our comedians hail from the Great White North. Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, and Dan Akroyd are probably the most famous, but there are others. Here’s an extensive list of Canadian comedians. I think Marc-Antoine Audette may have a great future in the U.S. based on his recent stunt.

Wait a minute. It turns out the reliable Montreal Gazette is reporting that Audette’s partner, Sébastien Trudel, was the one on the phone with Palin. The pair is known as Justiciers Masques (the “Masked Avengers”). You can hear their phone call with Palin here.

All rise for the Canadian national anthem. Let’s hoist a Labatt’s Blue to Audette, Trudel, and the other Canadians who make us laugh. It’s a great country, eh? I bet you can even see Russia from there.