The Pen is Mightier than the Shoe


Among the chattering classes, it’s become hip to salute the Iraqi journalist who hurled a pair of shoes at President George W. Bush during a press conference on Dec. 14.

As much as I opposed the invasion of Iraq, where my nephew is now on his way to Mosul, I can’t feel good about a member of the media throwing anything at a person who is conducting a press conference, even if that person is one of the most incompetent Presidents in U.S. history.

The image above has been making the rounds, thanks to Baydan & Ducati, the manufacturer of the shoes that were thrown at Bush. However, I have to say that I’m with Laura Bush. I think this journalist crossed the line.

Did I think that gave his jailers the right to beat him into writing an apology, as his brother alleges? No. But I think reporters should confine their attacks to words.

Hell Hath No Fury Like Jude

Jude over at Jude’s Threshold is pretty worked up about Delaware Senator Joe Biden’s ties to the credit-card industry and the chances that an Obama Presidency will be more of the same for America’s struggling middle class and Iraq’s suffering children.

Check out her post here.

Good stuff.

Leaving Iraq in 2010?

Earlier this year, when I posted on the death toll in Iraq and predicted that we wouldn’t be leaving that troubled country until 2010, a few people got upset with me.

Now it looks like there’s something to that 2010 date, which I came up with because of the transits to the invasion chart. The newswires are reporting that the U.S. and Iraqi negotiators are close to a deal that calls for the U.S. to withdraw in October, 2010 (I had predicted May, 2010, by the way), with the last troops out three years later.

War: The More Things Change…

I was reading Ray Merriman’s always excellent MarketWeek column ( yesterday where he mentions that the last time we had a Saturn/Uranus opposition was in 1965-66.

A bell went off in my head when I saw those dates. That was the first time my Dad went to Vietnam. A career military officer, my father was a 12 degree Pisces who died Aug. 10, 2001, as the Saturn/Pluto opposition in Gemini/Sagittarius was squaring his Sun.

When he first was sent to Vietnam in September, 1965, Saturn was opposing Uranus almost exactly at 14 degrees of Pisces/Virgo, just a couple of degrees past his Sun.

This November, as Saturn opposes Uranus again for the first time in more than 40 years, the U.S. is mired in another seemingly endless conflict far from home, and my nephew will be going to war. My nephew is a Libra Sun in the sixth house of duty and service.

When he leaves for Iraq, Saturn will be exactly opposite Uranus at close to 19 degrees of Virgo/Pisces. (Astrologers and civilians alike may note that this opposition is essentially a flip-flop of the one in the Sixties.)

I’m hoping that since my Dad made it home from Vietnam in one piece that my nephew will return home safely from his tour of duty in Iraq. I’m going to take my niece and nephew to visit him in Fort Hood, Tex., next week.

I wonder if 40 years or so from now during the next Saturn/Uranus opposition, my nephew’s yet-to-be-born grandson will be heading off to some foreign land where the U.S. will be spending billions of dollars in the name of democracy but essentially will be caught in the middle of a civil war.

I thought we were supposed to be a species that evolved.