Check Out These Birthday Twins!

I stumbled across an article on Yahoo! about uncanny sets of birthday twins — folks who were born the same day, month, and year. One example the article gives is George W. Bush and Sylvester Stallone, who were both born July 6, 1946.

Of course, as astrologers, we know that to be “real” birthday twins, the individuals in question must have been born at the same time and in roughly the same geographic location. I’d love to hear about true birthday twins, if anyone has any data.

Speaking of shared birthdays, longtime White House correspondent Helen Thomas and President-elect Barack Obama were both born Aug. 4, though in different years. Interesting then that Thomas takes Obama to task for picking the same old faces for his economic team in this column on the economy.

In her column, Thomas says we’re in a Depression. I’m listening, because the lady has seen a thing or two. She has covered the White House since John F. Kennedy’s administration. Obviously, Thomas wasn’t a member of the White House press corps during the Great Depression, but she was a teen during the worst of it, having been born in 1920.

The W-Shaped Recession

This just in, as Paul Harvey likes to say, from Standard & Poor’s Economics. The purveyors of the so-called dismal science are sometimes inadvertantly funny. To wit:

“First-quarter growth was little revised (0.9% from 1.0%), but the 2007 fourth quarter was revised to minus 0.2% from plus 0.6%, making the downturn look much more like a “W”-shaped recession, according to S&P Economics.”

Let’s hope the media remembers to call it the “W” recession once the next President is in office so we’ll remember that this mess is the legacy of George W. Bush.

I couldn’t resist posting this as a comment to Barry Ritholtz’ coverage of the surprising jump in unemployment claims. His site, The Big Picture, is indispensable, in my humble opinion, for its unvarnished coverage of the economic scene.