The Meaning of Mercury Direct

Yesterday, Mercury went direct almost exactly on my Sun, which is at 21 degrees 45 minutes of Capricorn. I’ve been thinking a lot about what that means for both me and you.

Thankfully, those checks we’ve been waiting for will finally arrive and the money at the bank will clear. Yes, there’s no question that those born under the sign of the Goat are very conscious of finances.

But Mercury direct will also mean a further unraveling of the financial system. We’ll see some of the shocks associated with that later in the week with the second Saturn/Uranus opposition in Virgo/Pisces on Feb. 5.

Regardless of how you feel about President Barack Obama’s stimulus package, if it is not supported by the Republicans, we will see a crisis in confidence in the Administration at this early date. That in turn will show up in the stock market and the value of the dollar. Forewarned is forearmed, as my Daddy liked to say.

Why is the Financial Crisis Happening Now?

As I write this, Jupiter is rising in Capricorn, making a beautiful trine to Saturn in Virgo. Jupiter rules expansion while Saturn governs contraction and the aspects between the two planets have a lot to do with financial cycles, as Liz Greene and other astrologers have noted.

Normally economic hardship occurs when there is a square between Jupiter and Saturn. Conjunctions and trines typically usher in widespread prosperity.

For instance, during the last Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Taurus, which was exact on May 28, 2000, we had the tech boom as Uranus squared the duo. On Mar. 10, 2000, the Nasdaq Composite Index hit an all-time high of 5132.52. Just a few days later, it began its descent as Pluto turned retrograde at 12 degrees of Sagittarius, on the U.S. Ascendant in the Sibley chart.

But it wasn’t until Saturn moved into Gemini, out of the same sign as Jupiter, on Aug. 9, 2000, that things got really ugly. That was my sell signal. By August 2002, the Nasdaq had lost 78% of its value.

How can the market be tanking now with this harmonious Jupiter/Saturn trine? One reason may be that Saturn is moving toward an opposition with erratic Uranus in Pisces that will be exact on Election Day. I’ve also heard some astrologers say that Jupiter and Saturn aren’t as powerful in earth signs as they are in other elements.

For instance, the 1982 bull market in equities started around the time of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Libra. However, I will point out that stocks did pretty well with Jupiter and Saturn together in Taurus, an earth sign, so I’m not sure I buy this argument.

Everyone is in agreement that the current crash got under way when Pluto turned direct on Sept. 8, a few days after Jupiter started moving forward again in Capricorn. Earlier this year, when Pluto made a test run in Capricorn after spending 13 years in speculative Sagittarius, we got a taste of welfare for Wall Street.

And now we’ve seen a growing nationalization of the financial sector around the world as Pluto moves through the last degrees of Sagittarius. But despite the jawboning of presidents, prime ministers, and central banker, as well as billions of dollars in government bailouts, the Dow Jones industrial average and other global indexes continue their downward descent.

The Dow reached its all-time high of 14,164.53 on Oct. 8, 2007, about a year ago. Right now, it’s trading at 8,104, having broken the 8,000 level a couple of times today and bouncing back, a sign of support that technical traders like. After the Dow closed down only 128 points, some traders claimed that the market has found its bottom.

For entertainment purposes only, I issued a “sell” warning back in August, when an eclipse squared the New York Stock Exchange Sun in Taurus. But what’s happening now is bigger than the Big Board. Whole countries such as Iceland are going under as the result of a financial crisis that is forcing the “deleveraging” of the balance sheets of banks, investment banks, governments, corporations, and individuals.

Much of this debt was piled on during Pluto’s transit through Sagittarius, where rising values of practically everything encouraged people to borrow to buy something they couldn’t really afford, knowing they would be able to sell it at a higher price later on.

As you can see from this post, I’m thinking out loud. Why is this meltdown happening now, instead of when Pluto moves into Capricorn on Nov. 27? Is it because Pluto has basically been unaspected since Sept. 8, with the exception of a sextile from Mercury in Libra as it went retrograde?

Or are investors selling because they recognize that government control and lower returns are going to be the norm now that the excessive speculation encouraged by a laissez-faire attitude during Pluto in Sag has ended in disaster?

What do you think? I’m looking for analysis based solely on the aspects in the sky over the past month — not based on the NYSE chart or various charts of the U.S. or other countries.