Meet, Elsa P’s New Baby

Well, Elsa of Elsa’s Top 10 Sources and Elsa Elsa Astro News, the godmother of astrology bloggers, has a new aggregation site. It’s called It’s pretty jazzy-looking, too.

Here’s the link to Elsa’s blog explaining the 411 on AstroDispatch.

I’ve got to introduce Elsa to my Internet millionaire friend so she can monetize her baby. Thar’s gold in them thar stars, Elsa!

Elsa’s Top 10 Sources Returns!

Elsa’s Top 10 Sources is back, and I’ve reinstated her colorful widget above my blogroll. If you’re looking for Elsa’s individual blog, that’s in the blogroll. I’m also running an RSS of Elsa Elsa Astro News at the bottom of the right column. Just click on any of the headlines and you’ll automatically be taken to the story.

Given that Top 10 Sources has been so unstable, Elsa says in her comments below that she’s putting most of her eggs in the new Astro News basket. However, I’m having trouble getting her new widget to work. I’ve tried to compromise by putting one foot in each of Elsa’s worlds — the old (Top 10 Sources widget) and the new (Astro News RSS). Welcome back, Elsa!

Astrology Mundo Makes Time

I’m in Boulder, Colo., for a wedding, but my friend and astrological comrade-in-arms Christopher just left me a voicemail with the exciting news that Astrology Mundo is quoted in this week’s Time magazine in connection with the Gloucester High pregnancy epidemic. (See my post of June 24, “The Gloucester High Pregnancy Pact,”

Of course, the mention is a little tongue-in-check, but who’s complaining? Here’s the link:,9171,1818191,00.html

Frankly, I’m stunned at the level of interest that mainstream media has shown in astrology lately. There’s still a hardy dose of skepticism and a bit of snarkiness, but it’s nothing compared to the ridicule that self-satisfied reporters heaped on cosmobiology, as our German friends like to call it, until very recently.

I have to look at my AstroCartoGraphy for Denver. (See “AstroCartoGraphy: Your Own Map of the World,”

If I remember correctly, I’ve got Uranus, the ruler of surprises and astrology, on the IC (fourth-house cusp) there. Here’s what’s interesting: I learned about the Time mention minutes after landing in Denver, where I also attended the United Astrology Conference in May. Last but not least, I recently learned that Elsa P., whose Top 10 Sources portal has brought this blog so much traffic, is based in the Denver area.

So in my chart, at least, Denver brings astrology home (IC).