Meet, Elsa P’s New Baby

Well, Elsa of Elsa’s Top 10 Sources and Elsa Elsa Astro News, the godmother of astrology bloggers, has a new aggregation site. It’s called It’s pretty jazzy-looking, too.

Here’s the link to Elsa’s blog explaining the 411 on AstroDispatch.

I’ve got to introduce Elsa to my Internet millionaire friend so she can monetize her baby. Thar’s gold in them thar stars, Elsa!


Has Kerry Theory Taken Over Elsa Elsa Astro News?

A blog called Kerry Theory seems to have taken over Elsa Elsa Astro News. I’m not a techie and I don’t know how RSS feeds work, but all of a sudden a dozen posts from Kerry, the latest which is dated Sept. 15, are up at Elsa’s place.

Elsa does the astrological community a great service by providing a variety of blogs on her site, and far be it from me to bite the hand that feeds me since Elsa posts stuff from Astrology Mundo.

I’m just wondering what led to many posts from the same blogger appearing in a row. I hope money has crossed her palm :), because I’m all in favor of bloggers getting rich.

Wait a minute. Now there are a dozen posts from The Know It All Astrologer listed consecutively at Elsa Elsa Astro News. Maybe this is a technical issue.

I sent Elsa an e-mail and she was kind enough to send me a link to a post explaining what’s happening at her site. She says the problem will be fixed in about 24 hours. As suspected, it’s a technical issue. Thanks for the feedback, Elsa!

Mercury is definitely going retrograde, folks.

Astrology Mundo Loves Denver

Maybe I should move to Denver. Here’s why:

Until the record was broken on Sunday, I got the best traffic on my blog during the United Astrology Conference in Denver in May.

Elsa, the Queen of All Astrology Media, lives near Denver and has been very good to Astrology Mundo.

When my husband and I flew to Denver for a wedding in June, I learned that Astrology Mundo had been quoted in Time magazine.

On Aug. 24, the day before the Democratic National Convention started in Denver, I was all excited because the number of hits on my blog broke 700 for the first time. That record was shattered yesterday, when I got 1,492 hits.

Today, traffic is back to normal, but I still love Denver. Maybe Pamela Cucinell and I need to broadcast our weekly astrology talk show AstroChatter Radio from the Mile High City. Denver rocks!

The 700 Club

Some people fantasize about joining the mile-high club. Me? I’ve been waiting for the day when I would be a member of the 700 Club. No, not the one founded back in 1960 by religious broadcaster Pat Robertson.

No, the one where your astrology blog gets at least 700 hits in one day. And I just became a member of the club, thanks to you and Joe Biden.

I want to take this opportunity to express my continuing thanks to Regina at Gastriques, who has tipped me off to everything from a new birth time for John McCain to the Barack Roll video. Nobody covers the Web like Regina.

Also, thanks to Elsa at Elsa Elsa Astro News, for persevering through her technical nightmare and continuing to provide a great service to astrological bloggers and surfers alike. Elsa, you’re the best! The soldier is one lucky guy.

The generosity of fellow bloggers never ceases to amaze me. I’ve been searching for community my entire life and I truly feel that I’ve found it.

Last, I’d like to thank my husband, who has patiently sat through dozens of conversations that begin with the words “Guess how many hits my blog got today?” That’s right up there with “Guess what my golf score was today?” And it’s a question that he never asks me.

I promise to refrain from this kind of self-aggrandizement until I hit the next milestone. I have, however, stopped sending e-mails to my entire Yahoo! address book begging for traffic. So I am making progress, I guess.

Elsa’s Top 10 Sources Returns!

Elsa’s Top 10 Sources is back, and I’ve reinstated her colorful widget above my blogroll. If you’re looking for Elsa’s individual blog, that’s in the blogroll. I’m also running an RSS of Elsa Elsa Astro News at the bottom of the right column. Just click on any of the headlines and you’ll automatically be taken to the story.

Given that Top 10 Sources has been so unstable, Elsa says in her comments below that she’s putting most of her eggs in the new Astro News basket. However, I’m having trouble getting her new widget to work. I’ve tried to compromise by putting one foot in each of Elsa’s worlds — the old (Top 10 Sources widget) and the new (Astro News RSS). Welcome back, Elsa!