On the Road Again

I found myself driving Route 17 toward Binghamton, N.Y., last night for the second time in a week. My husband and I are in the Finger Lakes for a wake and funeral in his family so I’ll be offline the next couple of days.

If you ever find yourself in Skaneateles, N.Y., not far from Syracuse, don’t miss Doug’s Fish Fry. Doug’s is a Finger Lakes institution and uses peanut oil to deep-fry. It’s healthier, and the fried scallops, haddock, and shrimp come out tasting lighter than usual.

The steamers are also awesome. Last night my husband said, “I don’t know if it’s the steamers I like so much or the melted better.” Ditto.

He was in seventh heaven last night because when we walked into a restaurant in Auburn, N.Y., a picture of his high school basketball team was hanging on the wall, next to head shots of Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio. No one seemed to know how the 1967 Mount Carmel High School men’s basketball had earned such a a hallowed place in the establishment’s sports hall of fame.

No doubt a picture of Michael Phelps will be up on the wall soon after the Olympic swimmer won yet another gold medal last night. Like many of our national heroes, Phelps is a Cancer. Since the sign of the crab also rules food and sustenance, I’m getting a chuckle out of all the publicity the swimmer’s massive caloric intake — between 8,000 and 10,000 calories a day — is getting.

Julie Bain over at Reader’s Digest has a very funny post on what we all could eat each day if we consumed as many calories as Phelps. You can read Julie’s post here.

Speaking of food — with a Cancer Moon, it’s a main topic for me — I’m very excited because I get to go to Wegmans for the second time in a week. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no better supermarket in the world. Evidently Fortune magazine agrees with me, having several times named the Rochester (N.Y.)-based grocer one of the nation’s best places to work.

I’ve never worked at Wegmans so I can’t attest to Fortune’s ranking. What I do like about the store besides its produce is its lighting, which isn’t harsh the way it is at the Price Chopper I visited later in the day.