Astrology Mundo Loves Denver

Maybe I should move to Denver. Here’s why:

Until the record was broken on Sunday, I got the best traffic on my blog during the United Astrology Conference in Denver in May.

Elsa, the Queen of All Astrology Media, lives near Denver and has been very good to Astrology Mundo.

When my husband and I flew to Denver for a wedding in June, I learned that Astrology Mundo had been quoted in Time magazine.

On Aug. 24, the day before the Democratic National Convention started in Denver, I was all excited because the number of hits on my blog broke 700 for the first time. That record was shattered yesterday, when I got 1,492 hits.

Today, traffic is back to normal, but I still love Denver. Maybe Pamela Cucinell and I need to broadcast our weekly astrology talk show AstroChatter Radio from the Mile High City. Denver rocks!


Astrology Mundo Makes Time

I’m in Boulder, Colo., for a wedding, but my friend and astrological comrade-in-arms Christopher just left me a voicemail with the exciting news that Astrology Mundo is quoted in this week’s Time magazine in connection with the Gloucester High pregnancy epidemic. (See my post of June 24, “The Gloucester High Pregnancy Pact,”

Of course, the mention is a little tongue-in-check, but who’s complaining? Here’s the link:,9171,1818191,00.html

Frankly, I’m stunned at the level of interest that mainstream media has shown in astrology lately. There’s still a hardy dose of skepticism and a bit of snarkiness, but it’s nothing compared to the ridicule that self-satisfied reporters heaped on cosmobiology, as our German friends like to call it, until very recently.

I have to look at my AstroCartoGraphy for Denver. (See “AstroCartoGraphy: Your Own Map of the World,”

If I remember correctly, I’ve got Uranus, the ruler of surprises and astrology, on the IC (fourth-house cusp) there. Here’s what’s interesting: I learned about the Time mention minutes after landing in Denver, where I also attended the United Astrology Conference in May. Last but not least, I recently learned that Elsa P., whose Top 10 Sources portal has brought this blog so much traffic, is based in the Denver area.

So in my chart, at least, Denver brings astrology home (IC).

Maybe Jupiter Transits are Overrated

The last time transiting Jupiter was on my Sun, in 1996, I got a dream job writing about the business of independent film and covering the world’s major film festivals — Cannes, Sundance, Toronto, Berlin, New York.

I had an expense account that I used to buy breakfast, lunch, and dinner for indie film directors (that’s my Moon in Cancer at the Midheaven, feeding the world). I dressed up and hob-nobbed with stars at film premieres and glossy afterparties five nights a week. I know, you’re getting tired just listening to the hectic schedule of fun.

Given Jupiter’s last bit of bounty, I was hoping for something really fabulous this year as the Great Benefic passes over my Sun for the first time in 12 years. The second of Jupiter’s three conjunctions to my Sun was exact on May 30.

What did I get? A free cross-country airplane trip that was remarkably hassle-free, especially compared to my last go-around flying standby as a “nonrev” (that’s airline jargon for nonrevenue passenger). That’s certainly something to be thankful for.

In the month of May, I gained all the weight back that I had lost since the beginning of the year. Thanks, Jupiter! I really needed that extra padding to keep me comfy in those cramped airline seats.

Now, I still I have another pass of expansive Jupiter, later in the year, so maybe the big manna is yet to come. In the meantime, I’m back in Beacon, my working-class, crafty, diverse, tree-hugging gentrified mill town in the Hudson Valley. Sounds very Saturn in Virgo to me, maybe with the exception of the adjective “diverse.”

Guess what? We have a library that is within walking distance to our house. Who cares if gas goes to $5 a gallon? There’s nothing like summer to get me into the cool, prowling the stacks. I found a good book on Edison, Westinghouse, and Tesla, the fathers of electricity, Empires of Light by Jill Jonnes.

I’m on a Tesla kick, as readers of this blog know. I got hooked after hearing astrologers at the United Astrology Conference in Denver last month talk about a breakthrough in energy that’s likely to come when Uranus goes into Aries. (See “The Return of Nikola Tesla,” filed under Cancer in the categories listed at the right.)

I still have a job, a car, a house, and a husband (I think I do, though he’s high on Palm Springs and the 130 or so golf courses in the area), so I’ve got a lot to be thankful for. I was reunited with our cat Bogey today and with Freddy, our beloved handyman, a Taurus who can fix anything on this circa 1900 brick cottage.

When I called him, he came right over to mow the lawn, which had been overlooked during the four months that I was gone. My old-fashioned push mower wasn’t going to topple 18 inches of grass, so I had to expand my carbon footprint a little by using a gasoline-powered model owned by a friend of Freddy’s. Mea culpa, Mother Earth!

With innovative Uranus in Pisces sextiling my Jupiter, I’ve suddenly got a blog and a new group of new astropals in the blogosphere. That counts for a lot, I know. But sometimes it doesn’t feel tangible enough for this ole Capricorn Sun.

I’m afraid the Internet is going to disappear one day, the way the Twin Towers did on Sept. 11, 2001. Apologies to my international readers who are tired of Americans whining about 9/11, but I’ve got a good excuse. A former employer of mine was having a conference at Windows on the World, a restaurant on the 106th and 107th floors of the North Tower, that fateful day, and I knew some folks who didn’t make it out.

In fact, I helped recruit one of the editors who died that day — David Rivers, a currency trading expert from Dow Jones. David was a fitness nut who always dressed in tight white designer jeans, an even tighter white designer T-shirt, and white sneakers (I think these were Converse, not Calvin Klein)– even in the middle of a New York City winter. If angel apparel comes from Marc Jacobs, David was dressed perfectly for heaven, where he most certainly is right now.

Here’s a link to a 9/11 Memorial Web site with a picture and tributes to David. (He’s wearing his trademark white outfit in the picture.)

As you can see, with Jupiter on your Sun, you start thinking about the Big Picture. With Jupiter transiting my fourth house of home and family, a new nephew of mine will be making his entrance into the world any day now. My husband’s nephew is getting married later this month in Colorado and that will bring us together with lots of friends and family. Maybe Jupiter’s gifts don’t always come tied up in a big red bow or with an American Express Corporate Card attached.

The 2008 United Astrology Conference: It’s a Wrap

One of my favorite things about WordPress is that you can see the sites and search terms that are generating your traffic. Right now, most of my readership is coming from people searching for news about the United Astrology Conference in Denver.

If you’re looking for my complete coverage, please go to Categories on the right-hand side of the screen and scroll all the way down to UAC Denver 2008. There, you’ll find all the articles I wrote about the Denver conference in one place.

Thanks for stopping by! After making my bid to reach 500 hits in one day, I made it to 650 yesterday, mostly based on the interest in UAC.

Crude Oil at $144 a Barrel?

Given that oil hit a new high of $130 a barrel this morning, I’ve put a new top on one of my posts of last week.

One of the more interesting predictions emanating from the United Astrology Conference in Denver came from financial astrologer Ray Merriman. Considered by many to be the “dean” of financial astrology, Merriman thinks oil is headed for $144 a barrel, give or take $8, most likely by the end of this month. He thinks the Jupiter sextile Uranus aspect of May 21 could produce the new eye-popping high.

However, he expects prices to decline $30 to $40 by the fall. The reason isn’t likely to be consumer restraint during the summer driving season. Merriman says oil prices are heavily influenced by conflict in the Middle East, and “when it’s 120 degrees outside, guys don’t like to fight.” The war will continue during the summer but not at the same level of intensity, he says. And that should help bring oil prices back down some (emphasis on the word “some”).

The Word at UAC in Denver: The Dollar is Toast

Most of the people reading this blog have grown up during a time when the American dollar was one of the most sought-after commodities in the world. For those of us who remember parity, when one dollar was worth one euro, it’s tough to come to terms with the beaten-down dollar, which now equals .63 euros.

Don’t count on a rebound in the greenback any time soon is the news coming out of the United Astrology Conference in Denver. In fact, the downhill descent hasn’t even begun to pick up steam, according to the astrologers gathered at the Sheraton.

Now, the general public may think of astrologers as doom-and-gloomsters, but I can cite plenty of evidence to the contrary. For instance, when I attended the UAC in Crystal City, Va., in 1992, prior to the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn, the forecasts were relentlessly upbeat about the opportunities for technological innovation to transform the business world.

I remember one astrologer telling me around that time that I was going to make money in the future by writing for “a screen.” That’s impossible, I told her, because I write for print publications and I’m not a screenwriter. Well, in retrospect I see that her prediction was anticipating the advent of the Internet, which has brought me a new source of income, though none yet from my baby blog.

What I’m trying to do with this preamble is to establish some credibility for the crowd of stargazers from all over the world who periodically assemble under UAC’s umbrella. As a rule, they are not gold bugs, they are not survivalists, they do not believe in Armegeddon.

However, they do believe the U.S. is headed for hyperinflation very soon, and that the once-mighty greenback could go the way of the Reichsmark, Germany’s currency during the Weimar Republic, which became so worthless that people burned it in their stoves to keep warm.

The thinking is this: The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction on the U.S. Moon, which I’ve written about in my post “The Coming U.S. Depression,” will bring about hyperinflation and the extreme devaluation of the dollar, ultimately leading to its demise.

Anyone who has spent time in Brazil realizes this is not an unusual occurrence in the Third World. For the record, Brazil has moved out of the league of developing countries into the higher tier of emerging markets, while the U.S. is moving in the opposite direction. Since 1970, Brazil has used the cruzeiro, cruzado, cruzado novo, cruzeiro real, and the real as its currency. My source is this link..

In his May 19 talk on “Politics and Financial Markets through 2011-2013,” Austrian economist Manfred Zimmel, who is a graduate of the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, predicted complete destruction of the U.S. dollar during 2012-13. “It’s terrible to see a currency destroyed,” he observed. No kidding, especially when it’s that of your own country.

Zimmel made some other dire predictions for the U.S. and Japanese economies, but I want to limit the frame of this post to the dollar. I left his lecture feeling quite depressed, but also consoling myself that maybe his downbeat outlook was yet another example of European schadenfreude, taking pleasure in others’ misfortune. You know, those Euros want to see Yankee ingenuity go up in smoke, I told myself.

Then today I basically heard the same downbeat dollar story from Shelley Ackerman,  a tell-it-like-it-is astrologer from New York City with a theatrical background. Although Ackerman lacks Zimmel’s economics credentials, her forecast seemed so down to earth and grounded in astrological precedent that it resonated with me.

She thinks hyperinflation could be coming sooner than Zimmel. In her wide-ranging lecture on “The Outer Planet Dance of 2008-2012 and Beyond,” Ackerman pointed out that the transiting Jupiter/Neptune conjunction of July 10, 2009 basically takes place on the U.S. Moon in the so-called Sibley chart for U.S. independence, which I also use.

This aspect could bring about a lot of illusion, confusion, and even airborne illness, Ackerman says. But she thinks inflation will go “crazy” and the dollar will be dead as a currency by 2012. “Have you noticed that many New York stores are already accepting euros?” she asked the audience.

How do you protect yourself against a declining dollar? Zimmel says commodities and stocks are good investment vehicles. The idea here is that the massive expansion of the U.S. money supply under the Bush Administration will not harm shares, which will continue to rise along with profits and inflation. Of course, for foreign investors, buying stock in U.S. companies isn’t a good idea since the dollar will be declining and U.S. stocks are denominated in dollars.

Ackerman recommends buying euros. Even if you don’t have the minimum required to open an online bank account or CD denominated in euros, you can buy American Express traveler’s checks in euros and put them under the mattress. However, she did express fear about what would happen if the U.S. economic scene gets so bad that American Express does under.

I think that scenario is highly unlikely. Even if AmEx runs into trouble, investors from the Mideast would be likely to step in and provide it with an infusion of capital, as they have recently done for many troubled U.S. financial institutions, including Citibank.

This next point wasn’t mentioned in either lectures, but as a student of economics, I realize that hyperinflation benefits debtors by reducing the value of the money they owe. Perhaps inflation will be a deliberate strategy by the Federal Reserve to get individuals, corporations, and the U.S. government itself out of debt.

The Astrology of Gay Marriage

As California goes, so goes the nation? The California Supreme Court’s May 15 decision to uphold same-sex marriage could be a harbinger of things to come for the U.S. as a whole, according to astrologer Matt Carnicelli.

Carnicelli sees the current passage of Pluto through Capricorn as leading to the “deconstruction of the tyranny” of governmental and corporate institutions. He says it’s not surprising that the transit ushered in the legalization of gay marriage in the Golden State.

However, Carnicelli isn’t a proponent of marriage per se. He envisions a time in the not too distant future when civil unions will become the norm for couples, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Marriages would still be performed in churches and synagogues, but they would not be the business of the government, the astrologer said.

Carnicelli made his comments in response to a question following his May 18 presentation, “The Unfinished Work: America, A Mercury Retrograde Phenomenon” at the United Astrology Conference in Denver. The talk explored how it took a while for the Founding Fathers’ notion that “all men are created equal” to be extended from white men to black men and then to women of all colors.

He notes that whether astrologers use a July 2 or July 4, 1776 birth chart for the U.S., Mercury is still retrograde in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect has often led to a “nativist” way of thinking, where anyone not born in the U.S. or not of a WASP background has faced discrimination, Carnicelli says.

This xenophobia was captured brilliantly in Martin Scorsese’s film Gangs of New York, when New York was inflamed by the Civil War draft riots of 1863 and Irish immigrants were persecuted, he noted.

Carnicelli plans to post his PowerPoint presentation, which includes charts from key events like the inception of the women’s suffrage movement in Seneca Falls, N.Y. on July 20, 1848 at 11 a.m., at

Live from UAC in Denver: It’s Astrology Mundo

I just want to let everyone know that I will be blogging from the United Astrology Conference, billed as the “world’s largest gathering of astrologers.” It will be held in Denver from May 15-20. Here’s the link:

The last UAC I attended was back in 1995, in Monterey, Calif., when I was writing my daily astrology column for Knight-Ridder Financial. I couldn’t really work what I was hearing in Monterey into my column, but this time I will be able to have an outlet for all the predictions and analysis served up in Denver.

Did I mention that I’m really excited? I’m viewing this as opportunity to have a de facto astrological news service. Evangeline Adams (I know, I’m flattering myself with this comparison) meets the Associated Press!