Amen to Arianna Huffington!

I’ve blogged about Cancer media tycoon at Astrology Mundo before, but I have to give the Greek transplant a shout-out for her brilliant piece on the U.S. credit card industry in her blog aggregator Huffington Post.

Where has the financial press been on this issue?

As most folks know, Huffington was a big Obama supporter and she fails to point the finger at Vice-President Joseph Biden in her otherwise excellent piece. Biden was one of the architects of the bankruptcy reform law and a recipient of campaign contributions from MBNA, the big credit-card issuer now owned by Bank of America.

Incidentally, Michael WolfStar’s got an interesting piece up on BofA over at Star IQ.

Hell Hath No Fury Like Jude

Jude over at Jude’s Threshold is pretty worked up about Delaware Senator Joe Biden’s ties to the credit-card industry and the chances that an Obama Presidency will be more of the same for America’s struggling middle class and Iraq’s suffering children.

Check out her post here.

Good stuff.