Barack Obama’s 2008 Solar Return

Barack Obama will celebrate his 47th birthday with a fund-raiser tonight in Boston, but where will he be this morning at 9:50 a.m.? That’s when the Sun returns to the exact place where it was when he was born, allowing astrologers to calculate his “solar return” or chart for this birthday year.

A little background for non-astrologers: The aspects between the planets remain the same, no matter where the chart is set. It’s the house cusps and the placement of the planets within the houses that change according to location.

I did a little digging and reports Obama is giving a speech in Lansing, Mich., this morning at 11 a.m. Of course, he could be in an airplane or a bus at 9:50, but I’m going to assume he’ll get to his destination a little ahead of time.

Thanks to the Daily Kos, we have the official proof that Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on Aug. 4, 1961 at 7:24 p.m. Here’s his solar return, cast for Lansing.

I’m sorry to see that this chart has Moon/Mars in Virgo on the Ascendant opposing Uranus in Pisces. What does this mean? That Obama and the women (Moon) in his life are going to be subject to attacks or accidents (Mars/Uranus). This doesn’t mean that they will necessarily be physical attacks, but they will be attacks nonetheless.

Here’s what Reinhold Ebertin has to say about Moon/Mars equals Uranus in The Combination of Stellar Influences: “Quick irritability…a sudden experience in a woman’s life.”

But here’s some good news for Obama supporters: Ebertin says Moon/Mars on the Ascendant is “the taking over of leadership.”

Other highlights of Obama’s 2008 solar return:

Pluto in Sagittarius trine Venus in Leo. Issues about parentage could be coming out. I don’t think Obama has a love child, but we could see some interesting allegations about love and sex. I’ve learned since first writing this that the tabloid The Globe is peddling an Obama love child story this week. Strange days, indeed!

Mars conjunct Moon in Virgo. Possible disagreements with his wife Michelle. Perhaps she’s accusing him of selling out or going too mainstream. Big problems involving health care if he is elected President.

Sun conjunct Mercury in Leo on the Nodes. Obama’s connecting with the public in a big way.

Pluto on the World Axis: Welcome to the Inferno

Now, I know it wasn’t 96 degrees in the shade everywhere yesterday, and I’m sure not everyone’s corporate communications network collapsed. However, I’m definitely feeling Pluto as it crosses the world axis at 0 degrees of Capricorn, as it prepares to move back into the fiery sign of Sagittarius from June 13 to Nov. 26.

Civilians may ask: “What’s the world axis?” It’s a good question. The world axis is 0 degrees of the cardinal signs — Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn — and is considered a powerful position. So when planets move through this area, astrologers pay attention.

With Pluto in Cap here for the next few days, I’d say there is a greater than normal chance of a financial crisis or global banking disaster. Of course, we’ve been experiencing that nearly all year, and the stock market seems to have taken it in stride. But this event may be unexpected. Friday the 13th may turn out to be bad luck indeed for some bank presidents.

In terms of Pluto’s retro back into Sag, here’s a good macro take on it: I’ll have more to say about Pluto’s last pass through Sagittarius in the coming days.

On a micro level, I’ve got Mars at 29 degrees of Sag, and I can already feel the intensity being turned up. Natally, Mars sits in my third house and rules my seventh house of partnerships. We’re suddenly down two people at work just as vacation season is starting and I took on some extra work that is due this Friday.

Oddly enough, Reinhold Ebertin in the classic midpoint guide The Combination of Stellar Influences, says Mars/Pluto can be “piecework,” which is a good description of the kind of publishing jobs I do. With Pluto heading back to my Mars, everybody wants their work done immediately.

A speaker at one astrology conference I attended (can’t remember who or when) said that if he could have only one astrology book, it would be COSI (the acronym for Combination of Stellar Influences), and I’ve come to feel the same way. The version I have has a violet cover, which makes it easy to locate on the bookshelf.

My social life is suddenly heating up now that I’m back on the East Coast, but many of the invitations seem to fall on the same day, putting me in a state of conflict. There’s a good Mars word for you.

All of this is by way of an apology for ignoring my blog, which I’ve worked so hard to cultivate. Maybe you’re dealing with Pluto problems yourself. Certainly, it’s felt as if we were living in the realm of the underworld the last few days on the East Coast, with the heat wave we’ve been having.