Dark Days and Knights for Christian Bale

There are so many things that I want to write about today, I don’t know where to begin. Being the Capricorn snob that I am, I like to get my celebrity gossip from upmarket sources like The Guardian of London.

Anyway, yesterday’s Guardian reported that The Dark Knight star Christian Bale was arrested by London police for allegedly assaulting his mother and sister the night of the film’s premiere. My first question: Where’s Dad?

Yahoo! (not as posh as the Guardian, I’ll admit) has a followup today, with the Welsh star of the latest Batman installment asking reporters in Spain, where the record-breaking film is making its local premiere, to respect his family’s privacy. Here’s the link: http://movies.yahoo.com/mv/news/ap/20080724/121691112000.html

Here’s the quick and dirty on Bale. With his natal Jupiter at 21 degrees of Aquarius, I’m not surprised that Dark Knight is a blockbuster. Neptune, which rules film, and the North Node, which governs contacts with the public, are transiting that natal Jupiter.

However, Pluto in Sagittarius is back on Bale’s South Node, and is not far from where it was when Dark Night co-star Heath Ledger died on Jan. 22, 2008). Pluto, the god of the underworld, is bringing up all kinds of stuff from Bales’ unconscious mind, no doubt with the aid of drugs and alcohol, because of the transit from Neptune to his natal Jupiter.

Bale, an Aquarius born Jan. 30, 1974 at an unknown time, had better be careful or he’ll end up in the slammer. Rehab may also be a distinct possibility. Here’s the chart, courtesy of Astro*Zoom, which uses Java, which not everyone has loaded on her computer: http://www.astrozoom.com/celebrity/Christian_Bale.html

Passages of outer planets like Pluto and Neptune can be quite disorienting and difficult to process without guidance. To quote Shakespeare, “Get thee to a nunnery” or some other safe venue to explore your demons, Christian!

All reader comments welcome on this one, folks. I’m just scratching the surface.