Pamela and Monica Ponder the Vice-Presidency

I called in to Pamela Cucinell’s BlogTalkRadio show last night to talk about potential vice-presidential candidates. You may recall that Pamela has her own blog, AstroChatter.

Here’s my theory in a nutshell: With Saturn opposing Uranus moving to an exact aspect on Election Day, each ticket will have a Saturnian (conservative, safe) and Uranian (surprising, groundbreaking) element. So look for trailblazer Barack Obama (even if his politics aren’t radical enough for some folks, he’s a pioneer by virtue of his race) to pick someone “safe” such as Delaware Senator Joseph Biden.

Nancy over at Nancy’s Blog thinks Biden would rather be Secretary of State than hold the No. 2 job. Here’s her analysis of the “veepstakes.”

On the other side of the aisle, I expect Old Man John McCain, who could serve as the poster boy for Saturn, to get jiggy with it and pick a woman — someone like Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine or Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Another female veep possibility, though a long shot because of her lack of political experience, is former Hewlett-Packard Chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina, who has played a key role in the McCain campaign. Even if Fiorina doesn’t end up on the McCain ticket as veepee, she could garner a cabinet job for her efforts.

The blogosphere is buzzing with speculation that Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, a former Democrat who is now an independent, could end up as McCain’s vice-presidential candidate now that he has agreed to speak at the Republican National Convention.

That would be one for the record books — running as a Democrat with Al Gore and then as a Republican with McCain. Some people will do anything to live in the Admiral’s House!

McCain adding Lieberman on his ticket would fit the Uranian part of the Saturn/Uranus equation. If you can bear with some technical difficulties, click here to hear Pamela and me speculate on the vice-presidential derby.