The Birth of Trig Paxson Van Palin: What Do the Stars Say?

Have you ever thrown a stick of lit dynamite? That’s what I feel that I’m doing with this post. But since we’ve been on the subject of birth certificates for the Presidential candidates, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama, I feel obliged to address why one hasn’t turned up for Trig Paxson Van Palin, the son of GOP Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

According to newspaper reports, Trig, who has Down syndrome, was born Apr. 18, 2008 at 6:30 a.m. at Mat-Su Regional Hospital in Palmer, Alaska, one month early. However, columnist Andrew Sullivan says the hospital won’t release the details of Trig’s birth even though two other births are displayed in a public registry for that day.

The idea that Trig is the grandson of Palin and the son of her 17-year-old daughter Bristol Palin, who is currently pregnant, has been dismissed as a liberal smear job. Still, if you want to trawl the Net, there are plenty of You Tube videos and Web sites dedicated to the topic. Sullivan has done a comprehensive job of piecing together the story of Trig’s birth. Some blogs these contain comments asking people to refrain from investigating Trig’s birth, lest Bristol Palin be pushed to the breaking point.

As I note in my “About” section, I’m quite sensitive to the issue of teen mental health since my best friend in high school killed herself at 16.

As an astrologer, I decided to run Trig’s chart with the idea of looking for clues about his life and heritage. Because of where he was born, you get a strange-looking chart that has nearly three signs occupying both the sixth and twelfth houses, regardless of what house system you use, be it Placidus, Regiomantus, etc.

Normally a house might span parts of two signs at the most.

Looking at the chart, we can see that Trig has an out-of-sign conjunction between Sun in late Aries and Mercury in Taurus rising. Other prominent features of the chart: a very tight grand earth trine involving Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn, and T-square that involves Jupiter in Capricorn, Mars in Cancer, and either the Sun in Aries or Venus in Aries, or both, depending on what orbs you use.

You can see Trig’s chart, courtesy of Astrodienst here.

What do you astrologers out there think this chart says about Trig’s life and heritage? I’m looking solely for astrological interpretations here. Other comments will not be approved. Yes, it’s tough love day at Astrology Mundo. We’re staying on message.

Let’s approach this chart from an analytical standpoint and leave politics at the door. Thanks in advance for your interpretations.

Geena Davis Will Play Sarah Palin in the Movie

Somebody else in the blogosphere may have noticed this resemblance, but after watching Sarah Palin’s speech last night at the Republican National Convention, it suddenly dawned on me who she reminded me of.

No, not Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality, as suggested by New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd. No, not Saturday Night Live’s Tina Fey, as noted by StarIQ’s Michael WolfStar.

I think Sarah Palin is a dead ringer for fellow Aquarian Geena Davis, who played Mackenzie Allen, the first female President of the U.S., in the short-lived ABC TV series Commander in Chief, which ran during the 2005-06 season. According to the Wiki, Allen becomes commander-in-chief after her boss dies in office from a sudden cerebral aneurysm. Are you listening, John McCain?

Born on Jan. 21, 1956, Davis is nearly a decade older than McCain’s vice-presidential pick Palin, but is surprisingly youthful. What they both share is a toothy grin, a no-nonsense manner, and a square between an Aquarian Sun and Neptune in Scorpio (nearly exact in the case of Davis.)

You can look at Davis’ chart here.

Commander in Chief started off on a high note, and was the No. 1 rated TV show on Tuesday nights until it got knocked from the top spot by American Idol, according to the Wiki. After last night’s triumphant speech by Palin, Davis should get her agent on the phone to Disney, which owns ABC, and try to revive Commander in Chief.

But maybe life will imitate art and Palin will lose steam the way that Commander in Chief did. As numerous commentators have pointed out, Palin’s got transiting Neptune on her Aquarius stellium of Sun/Mars/Saturn, so her dreams could dissolve.

I’ve seen some provocative photos of Palin on the Net, including one where she’s wearing a tight T-shirt that says, “I may be broke, but I’m not flat busted.” This particular snapshot is being disseminated by a leftie friend of mine. For some reason, many liberals have decided that women are cheating in the battle of the sexes if they flaunt their femininity.

I’m amazed that the Madonna/whore schism is still alive and well in this country. I’ve got Moon quincunx Venus in my chart so reconciling the many faces of Eve is part of my life’s work.

With all my Sag, I can laugh at bawdy T-shirts, but I wonder whether there aren’t some racier pics or videos of the former beauty pageant contestant floating around since her natal Neptune (film) in Scorpio (sex) squares her Aquarius (Internet, collective) stellium. Still, French First Lady Carla Bruni has that issue and it hasn’t hurt her popularity.

Sarah Palin has brains, beauty, and brawn (she was nicknamed “Sarah Barracuda” for her aggressive basketball moves in high school), and she’s not afraid to use all three to get what she wants. What’s wrong with that?

I don’t share her views that abortion shouldn’t be permitted even in cases of rape and incest and that creationism should be taught in public school but not sex education. In my view, all of these beliefs surrender feminine power to a patriarchal father figure, which is consistent with Palin’s Jupiter in Aries.

This is the same aspect, incidentally, that prompted Palin to declare that U.S. troops are in Iraq on a “task that is from God.” Funny, that’s the rationale that Islamic terrorists use for their jihad against the U.S. Isn’t it great that God is on everyone’s side?

Whatever surfaces about Palin’s past, we must keep in mind that her Sun/Mars/Saturn triple conjunction in Aquarius falls on the U.S. Moon. She’s going to force us to examine our stereotypes about the role of women and highlight the contradictory beliefs about female sexuality held by conservatives and liberals alike.

What we saw last night in Palin’s speech emphasizing small-town roots and family values is the presence of her North Node at 10 degrees of Cancer on the U.S. Sun. Her message resonated with the American people.

Like the audience at the feel-good film Juno a couple of years ago, we want everything to turn out O.K. for Bristol Palin, Sarah’s 17-year-old daughter who is five months pregnant. Let’s hope Bristol gets a happy ending the way the teenage mom did in Juno.

As Maureen Dowd and others have noted, Sarah Palin is a modern-day Cinderella — a hockey mom active in the PTA who ends up as the GOP’s vice-presidential candidate. What’s not to love? I can hear my husband in the background doing his imitation of Bill Murray in Caddy Shack: “It’s a Cinderella story…”

As an astrologer and a follower of Carl Jung, I revel in mythology, symbolism, and Hollywood plots. Life does imitate art and vice versa. That’s why Frank Rich’s pedigree as a theater critic makes him such an insightful political columnist for The New York Times.

But we must not get so wrapped up in the story line that we lose sight of the 299 million extras in this larger-than-life drama — the man struggling to find work after his factory job got outsourced to China, the seniors forced to choose between paying for expensive medications or heating the house this winter, and the single mom who is raiding the piggybank to buy school supplies for her son.

We can’t afford to leave them on the cutting room floor.

Wall Street Weather is My New Favorite Blog

I linked to Wall Street Weather when Hurricane Gustav was approaching Louisiana last week. I just read such a great post on how the Republicans are exploiting Bristol Palin, the pregnant daughter of Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, that I must link again for the second time in less than week.

I was struck by how tired Bristol looked carrying her baby brother last week. She has been forced to assume extra responsibilities since her younger brother, who has Down syndrome, was born in April and her mother quickly returned to work.

Wall Street Weather makes the same observation in this post.

Eric Francis at Planet Waves has an excellent post on the Palin follies, too. Check it out here.

Too bad David Brooks of The New York Times doesn’t read the astrology blogs. I was amazed how he blithely dismissed the tragedy of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy at 17 in his Sept. 1 column. Brooks wrote: “…most Americans will understand that this is what happens in real life…”

If you’re a conservative, you might argue that Bristol would not have gotten pregnant in high school if her mom were home and watching over her instead of serving as governor of Alaska.

If you’re a liberal, you might posit that Bristol wouldn’t be expecting if she had taken sex education in high school, had easy access to contraceptives, and had been raised by a mom who encouraged her to protect herself against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

If you’re an advocate for the rights of young women (and men), you might agree with my contention: Bristol wouldn’t have gotten pregnant if she had a plan for her future and parents who were actively involved in helping her fulfill her hopes and dreams.

David Brooks may characterize children raising children as “what happens in real life,” but it doesn’t have to happen.

Is Sarah Palin in It for the Long Haul?

I’ve been doing a little more work on Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s chart today, especially in light of the revelation that her 17-year-old daughter Bristol Palin is pregnant. People like Rush Limbaugh have been speculating about a baby in the White House next year, but I don’t think this is what they had in mind.

Given the downbeat start to the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis because of Hurricane Gustav, I’m going to run something up the flagpole: I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Alaska governor gracefully withdraw as McCain’s running mate because of family obligations.

In addition to having to spin the media coverage about her pregnant daughter, Palin is also being dogged by the “Troopergate” allegations, part of another family soap opera.

The New Moon that heralded her candidacy took place on her natal Uranus. Transiting Saturn is nearby, so she got the call from Old Man McCain and she said yes. But with Uranus in the picture, she could also back out.

Neptune is on her Sun, so she’s confused. She might not know if she really wants to do this.

Palin’s got a Sun/Mars/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius so she works hard and she can meet any challenge that comes her way. She also has Jupiter conjuncting her Aquarius stellium next year, which will increase her visibility in the world.

But if Palin does change her mind, it’s a win/win situation for everybody. Palin’s become a household word overnight and McCain and his supporters get to pat themselves on the back for nominating a woman. Good job, guys!

Here’s Palin’s natal chart, birth time set for 4:40 p.m., a time that is circulating among astrologers, and transits and progressions set for Aug. 29.

I’m not making any predictions here. I’m just saying Uranus sometimes leads to sudden flipflops, that’s all.