They’re Playing Our (Campaign) Song

Huffington Post is reporting that the band Heart has asked the McCain camp to stop playing Barracuda as Sarah Palin takes the stage on the campaign trail. Evidently, John McCain isn’t listening.

Even though Barracuda is about your typical heartbreaker dude (reminds me of a Pisces with a seventh house Sun and Pluto rising who slipped off my hook), the song is ostensibly supposed to remind voters of Palin’s old high school basketball nickname “Sarah Barracuda.”

You lying so low in the weeds
I bet you gonna ambush me
Youd have me down down down down on my knees
Now wouldn’t you, barracuda?

Not exactly what you want in a vice-president.

Still, a barracuda is a good representation of transiting Neptune to Palin’s Sun/Mars/Saturn triple conjunction in Aquarius.

While I do some work at my day job, check out this Canadian article about the American tradition of the campaign song.

It was written while Hillary Clinton was still in the Presidential race, so it’s a bit outdated, but there’s great historical background, from Ross Perot’s Crazy by Patsy Cline to Bill Clinton’s Don’t Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow) by Fleetwood Mac.

Talking about the right song for the right moment: Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely as the Obama daughters came out to hug their mom after she delivered her triumphant speech at the Democratic National Convention.

I linked to this way back when, but this song by Katrina survivor Tina Marie of Arlington, Tex., really is moving.

When you get to Tina Marie’s MySpace page, make sure you click on Mr. Obama. For some reason, the site now opens to Are You Old Enough to Vote, another song by the artist. After a few seconds, you get to pick the song you want to hear: Mr. Obama.