Olympia Rising

As readers of this blog know, I’ve been having fun playing with the name asteroids that are now available on Astrodienst. Given that the Beijing Olympics begin this Friday, Aug. 8, at 8:08 p.m., I decided to see if there is an asteroid named Olympics or something close and where it’s transiting right now.

Sure enough, there is an asteroid named Olympia and it’s at 17 degrees of Scorpio. Olympia is squaring the North Node, now at 18 degrees of Aquarius. The aspect will soon be exact because the Nodes move backwards. In Uranian astrology, which I’m a fan of, squares and oppositions basically are read as conjunctions. So we’ve got the public (Nodes) focused on the Olympics (asteroid Olympia).

Then my brain started doing its pinball thing — that little silver ball of thought bouncing off the sides of the machine, setting off bells and whistles and triggering lights. Are there any other things or people with the name Olympia? Perhaps they will also be in the news.

Interestingly, the asteroid Olympia was conjunct filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl’s North Node when she was filming her epic picture Olympiad at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Here’s Riefenstahl’s chart with transits for Aug. 1, 1936, if you’re interested. It took Riefenstahl nearly two years to finish Olympiad. The film made its world premiere on Apr. 20, 1938, Hitler’s birthday.

More recently, we saw the powerful effect that a name asteroid can have during May, when we had the Indianapolis 500 race and the new Indiana Jones film making its premiere as the asteroid Indiana traveled with the North Node and Neptune. Something else happened that didn’t get much press: The U.S. government held a big nuclear disaster test, which is also consistent with Node/Neptune, just outside Indianapolis in mid-May.

Here’s my theory: Based on the asteroid Olympia’s transit right now with the Nodes, I think we’ll be hearing about Olympia Snowe, the respected Republican Senator from Maine, as a possible vice-presidential candidate.

Don’t automatically assume that her name is being bandied about only by GOP Presidential candidate John McCain’s camp. On the political blogs, Snowe has also been mentioned as a possible veep for Democrat Barack Obama. Now that would really be shaking things up, but Snowe is considered a “Republican in Name Only” because of her support for gay rights and abortion, among other issues that are anathema to the conservative right wing.

Let’s look at her chart, courtesy of Astrodienst:

What’s interesting about Ms. Snowe is that transiting Jupiter in Capricorn will make a powerful station on her natal Venus in early September, during the Republican convention. Sorry, Carly! Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina has been campaigning for McCain in what many people believe is an effort to be designated the Arizona Republican’s vice-presidential candidate.

A name asteroid transiting the Nodes and a beautiful Venus/Jupiter conjunction can’t guarantee Snowe the No. 2 spot on either ticket. But this I will guarantee: We’ll be hearing a lot about Snowe, a Pisces born Feb. 21, 1947 in Augusta, Me., during the next month or so.

Here’s what one blog, The New Republic’s The Plank, is saying about her. All hail Olympia!