Mars Oppose Uranus: Explosive Times

Angry Mars in Virgo is moving to an opposition with electrical Uranus in Pisces. The explosive aspect won’t be exact until Aug. 6, but we’re already starting to see some of its manifestations.

Today, a terrorist attack by an Islamic separatist group in Western China killed 16 policemen. The Chinese government has stepped up security in and around Beijing in anticipation of the Summer Olympics, which begin Aug. 8, but areas outside of the capital appear to be vulnerable. Here’s an AFP story.

Yesterday, in India, a stampede at a temple set off by rumors of a landslide killed 145, according to Reuters. The blog Aquarian Solutions connects the deaths at the temple to the Mars/Uranus opposition in a post here.

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but over the next two days, watch out for explosions, accidents, broken bones (particularly involving feet, which are ruled by Pisces), destructive storms involving the sea, chemical fires, and earthquakes. Did I forget anything? Oh yeah, shark attacks, like the one that allegedly hurt Ryan Seacrest, since Pisces rules fish. On a less dramatic note, there could be an outbreak of salmonella traced to tainted fish.

Since Virgo rules work, look for labor-related disputes or strikes in the next few days, particularly involving civil servants or health-care workers.