Saturn Oppose Uranus: Recycling the Revolution

Yesterday, I bought a T-shirt at Wal-Mart with a peace symbol on it that was made out of recycled Coca-Cola bottles. It cost $5.

Take a moment to ponder that. It blew my mind, as they used to say back in the day.

A friend of mine recently told me she thought the energy crisis spelled the end to the green movement. However, I don’t think she’s quite right. I think economic woes may put ecological concerns on the back burner for a little while, but they’re not going away.

Still, I understand that when people are “locking in” heating oil prices that are more than twice what they paid last winter, they sometimes forget to bring their hemp shopping bag to the store.

Nevertheless, the Saturn/Uranus opposition, which is exact for the first time on Election Day, is going to bring about revolutionary changes in this country that were first proposed by the counterculture of the Sixties, which wanted to “get back to the land.”

Saturn is the Establishment — Wal-Mart and Coca-Cola — while Uranus epitomizes revolution, in this case, the cry for peace in a world struggling with war, and the desire to save the earth by recycling.

As anyone who lived through the Sixties and early Seventies knows, multinationals are adept at merging the counterculture with capitalism to sell more stuff. I grew up with Peter Max posters for 7-Up on my walls and happily chirped, “I’d like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company.” You can watch the commercial on YouTube here.

Having said that, given the influence that corporations wield over our lives, I think they need to be congratulated when they are doing something valuable for society. So kudos to Wal-Mart for those new bins where you can deposit plastic bags for recycling and hats off to Coke for making T-shirts out of plastic bottles.

In the mid-Sixties, Saturn in Pisces opposed Uranus in Virgo, which was moving toward a conjunction with Pluto that became exact in 1966. As transiting Pluto moves backward in Sagittarius in the sky right now, forming a T-square with Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces, we’re going to get a blast from the past. So get out your needle and thread and start embroidering your blue jeans!

The square between these planets doesn’t become exact until they change signs. However, the Sixties redux window that I’m looking at is between Election Day and Thanksgiving Day, when Pluto moves back into Capricorn.

As most students of astrology know, we’re going to have a Saturn/Uranus/Pluto T-square in 2010 that echoes the one we had in 1931. But that’s a different vibe — think Grapes of Wrath. This Saturn/Uranus/Pluto lineup is more of a Sixties thang. So, as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young once sang, don’t be afraid to let “your freak flag fly.”

With this kind of astrological picture, don’t be surprised to see a conservative elected to the White House that we all get to rebel against. Somebody has got to play Saturn in this equation. I can’t take credit for this theory; Ray Merriman has been talking about it for a while.

On a personal level, watch closely this fall to see whether you decide to take the role of Saturn, the taskmaster, or Uranus, the revolutionary. As I said, Pluto is part of the picture too, which has the potential to add a deadly element to the picture. We could see the return of revolutionary groups like the Weathermen or the Black Panthers. These groups didn’t want to work (Saturn) for change (Uranus) within the system. They wanted to blow up (Pluto) the system.