Neptune Direct and the Fort Hood Shootings

I recently commented at Stars Over Washington that the Nov. 4 Neptune station of Aquarius so close to the U.S. Moon would produce an event that would bring sorrow to the American populace. I think we’ve seen this with the shootings in Fort Hood, Tex.

This tragedy galvanized my family because my nephew left Mosul, Iraq, about two days ago, heading to the center in Fort Hood where the violence occurred. My sister has received an e-mail from a military liaison assuring her that her son is safe, but we still are not 100% certain.

I myself am at a loss for words, but feel ready to dive back into the astrological pool (Neptune). So I leave you with Planet Waves’ “War Comes Home.”


Mars Conjunct the North Node: Cannon Fire in the Backyard

I was born with Mars in Sagittarius square the North Node in Virgo. Medieval astrology says this aspect leads to “death by fire,” which may be why I’ve always gravitated toward aisle seats in movie theaters, auditoriums, and other crowded venues.

Today, Mars in Virgo is conjunct my North Node and it’s also squaring transiting Pluto in Sagittarius. Mars/Node contacts frequently bring contacts with large groups of men involved in martial activities. I grew up on army posts and forts and attended countless military parades, Boy Scout jamborees, and other Mars-oriented pageants. I’ve even completed a couple of marathons and attended a Winter Olympics opening ceremony (in Lake Placid, in 1980), which are constructive uses of my natal Mars/Node square, I believe.

Earlier this week, I was wondering what transiting Mars conjunct my North Node was going to bring. A military funeral perhaps? I attended a wake and a funeral this week, but the man wasn’t a veteran.

This morning, I got the answer to my question. My husband and I were awakened by the sounds of cannon fire. We’re staying in Vermont in a house that sits in the shadow of the Bennington Monument. Today, men dressed in Revolutionary War costumes are re-enacting the Battle of Bennington, which took place on August 16-17, 1777.

My natal Mars in Sagittarius rules horses, and my husband and I were talking about going to the racetrack in Saratoga Springs today. But it turns out that a martial spectacle came into my life without any planning on my part.

Unfortunately, many people in the world today have real war in their backyards, not just a colorful tribute to history.

As my nephew prepares to deploy to Iraq, I’m counting my blessings and praying for a time when mankind will beat swords into plowshares. Like John and Yoko sang: “War is over, if you want it.”

Leaving Iraq in 2010?

Earlier this year, when I posted on the death toll in Iraq and predicted that we wouldn’t be leaving that troubled country until 2010, a few people got upset with me.

Now it looks like there’s something to that 2010 date, which I came up with because of the transits to the invasion chart. The newswires are reporting that the U.S. and Iraqi negotiators are close to a deal that calls for the U.S. to withdraw in October, 2010 (I had predicted May, 2010, by the way), with the last troops out three years later.