The Amazing Calvin Borel

Nobody likes a Monday Morning Quarterback, but I can’t resist weighing in on the Kentucky Derby, which took place on Saturday, May 2.

I’m a huge Derby fan from way back, but I decided not to watch this year. I got seriously spooked when the filly Eight Belles, who placed second last year, was euthanized immediately after the race.

Readers of Astrology Mundo may recall that I picked jockey Calvin Borel, who won the Derby two years ago, as part of my trifecta for last year. Borel didn’t disappoint; he ended up placing third, riding Denis of Cork.

Imagine my surprise when I opened Sunday’s paper to discover the Louisiana native had won this year’s Run for the Roses, riding Mine That Bird, at 50-1 odds.

Borel’s a Scorpio, with the Sun conjunct Venus, and has a stellium in Virgo. He was born Nov. 7, 1966 in St. Martinsville, La. You can see his chart with transits of May 2 here, courtesy of Astrodienst.

The time of birth is unknown, but I’m wondering if his Midheaven or Ascendant isn’t picking up the transiting lineup of planets in late Aquarius — Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron.

Also, the transiting North Node in Aquarius is opposing Borel’s Jupiter in Leo, a nice signature for winning (Jupiter) in front of a large group (North Node).

Denis of Cork Came through for Me at the Derby

Clearly, I have a lot to learn about picking winners of horse races. Of my box trifecta forecast for the Kentucky Derby, only one of the horses delivered — Denis of Cork came in third.

Long shot Denis of Cork was ridden by Calvin Borel, who won last year’s Kentucky Derby with Street Sense. As you’ll see from my post “Astrology and the Kentucky Derby” (May 2), I like Borel’s transits over the next few days. He’s got the New Moon in Taurus conjuncting his natal North Node. Even if he didn’t win the Derby this year, he’s on the right track. Maybe he’s finally marrying girlfriend Lisa Funk.

My predictions of glory seemed to coincide more with post positions than with actual finishes in the race. (I did my analysis before reading about post positions.) Cool Coal Man wasn’t the winner of the race, but he was in the No. 1 post. Likewise, Tale of Ekati was No. 2.

One of the things I found troublesome about the transits to the charts of the jockeys, including Kent Desormeaux, who led favorite Big Brown to victory from the outside, was yesterday’s Neptune/Node in Aquarius conjunction. To me, that spelled disappointment.

Well, disappointment did occur for everyone who participated and watched the Derby as the filly Eight Belles had to be instantly euthanized when she collapsed after placing second. Spectactors who saw Desormeaux after the race said he didn’t look like someone who had just won the Derby. Wire service reports said he looked “solemn.”

There was a mixture of joy and sorrow in the air following the Derby yesterday, as word spread through the crowd about the fate of Eight Belles. The folks watching TV knew immediately what had happened, but there was no announcement in the stands at Churchill Downs. Here’s what the AP had to say:

Here’s the chart for the 2008 Kentucky Derby, courtesy of Astrodienst:

You can see the Chiron, Neptune, and North Node in Aquarius in the fifth house, which rules horse racing. Neptune can be suffering, the Node involves the public, and Chiron is the wounded healer. The stellium is being squared by the Sun in Taurus in the eighth house of death and other peoples’ money. There was definitely a lot of money at stake yesterday.

This was a collective event that saw a horse breaking her ankles to win a race and then having to be put down. I think the chart reflects that.

Of course, hindsight is 20/20 vision, but as a student of the stars, I’m looking for symbolism, not 100% results. Of course, it’s nice to be right. It’s too bad I didn’t put $10 on Denis of Cork to show. That bet would have yielded $116.00.

I hear the revelers at Gastriques’ annual Kentucky Derby party were consulting my astro tip sheet. Glad to know I was there in spirit!

Astrology and the Kentucky Derby

I picked Kansas as the winner of the NCAA Final Four using astrology. Can I do the same thing for the Kentucky Derby? I don’t know the birth dates of the horses, but using, I’ve checked out many (but not all) of the birthdays of jockeys scheduled to ride the favorite horses.

Based on names alone and the transits in the sky, I like Cool Coal Man, because I think the name reflects the ongoing grand trine in earth signs involving Saturn in Virgo (a worker), Pluto in Capricorn (coal), and Venus in Taurus (cool, as in sexy or admirable, not cold). But as my husband will attest, I hardly ever win at the track when I make my choices based purely on names that appeal to me.

I like the fact that the Mars/Ascendant line of Frenchman Julien Laparoux, who’s slated to ride Cool Coal Man, runs not far from Louisville, Kentucky, where the Derby is being held. That means he’ll be put to the test and is capable of performing heroic deeds at Churchill Downs.

He’s a Cancer born July 15, 1983, and he’s getting a nice boost from the Mars/Jupiter opposition right now. Here’s his chart from Astrodienst with a noon birthtime:

But it will be hard to beat Calvin Borel, who’s riding Denis of Cork. What sells me on Borel is that he’s got the North Node at 16 degrees of Taurus. The Sun will be close to Borel’s Node tomorrow and will be right on it on May 7. Transits to the North Node can bring strong connections with the public. If Borel wins, he’ll be basking in media glory for several days after the event and presumably enjoying speculation about his chances for a Triple Crown.

Borel won last year’s Kentucky Derby with Street Sense, but I don’t think his winning streak is over yet.

He’s a Scorpio with a big stellium in Virgo that’s getting beneficial aspects all around from the Jupiter/Mars opposition in Capricorn and Cancer. Here’s his chart from Astrodienst, set for a noon time of birth, with tomorrow’s transits around the outside:

I think Borel’s got a good shot at bringing home the roses.

The third member of my box trifecta is Tale of Ekati, based on the horoscope of jockey Eibar Coa, who is supposed to ride him. The town in Venezuela where Coa was born isn’t in Astrodienst’s ephemeris so I ran the chart for Caracas. The astrologers out there know that the location isn’t very important if you don’t have the time of birth, which I don’t. Coa’s chart is set for noon.

Here it is:

Now, Coa was born with the North Node conjunct his Aquarius Sun and is basically having the transiting North Node conjunct his Sun on May 3. I like that a lot, but transiting Neptune in Aquarius is in the picture, traveling with the North Node right now and sitting close to Coa’s Sun. If he were a musician or a minister, I’d be very optimistic about his chances on May 3. But such a prominent Neptune in the chart of a jockey could spell confusion, a downpour at the track, even allegations of illegal drug use by him or his horse. I hope I’m wrong.

I think the Neptune/Node aspect will play out with “close, but no cigar.” Coa’s name will be in the news, but there will be disappointment because he won’t come in first.

One astrologer is working the birthdates of the horses, not the jockeys. I will note that the Moon is in Aries on Derby Day, which might favor horses born under that sign. Check out the post on Aries horses here:

As much as I love the ponies, I can’t imagine that with Jupiter conjunct the horse’s Uranus, you’re going to seem him celebrating his unexpected win! I know, he could kick up his heels. Animals are people too, especially under Saturn in Virgo, but there’s only so far you can go in anthropomorphizing (there’s a $5 word for you!) horses.

If you pressed me for a real trifecta, I’ll say Denis of Cork, Cool Coal Man, and Tale of Ekati. Keep in mind that my predictions for the horses don’t work unless they are ridden by the jockeys I’ve specified. Don’t bet the farm on this forecast and send me a mint julep if you win! If I hit pay dirt with my predictions, I’m going to get more systematic about this.