Look Ma, No Hat!


If you’re following the comments today, you’ll see that Aaron has pointed out that John F. Kennedy wore a hat to his Inauguration. Indeed, he did. But JFK took off his top hat shortly after his arrival on the White House steps.

He gave his famous Inaugural speech — “My fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country — without a hat, as the picture above from the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. demonstrates.

I’ve tweaked my previous post so it reads that JFK delivered his speech bareheaded. Hats off to you, Aaron, for clearing up this issue!

Hold on to Your Hats!


This isn’t the time to discuss the relative merits of FDR’s New Deal and fears of another Great Depression in this country. There will be plenty of time for that after the Inauguration. What strikes me about this caricature of Barack Obama as FDR on the cover of this week’s Time magazine is that he’s wearing a hat.

President John F. Kennedy sounded the death knell for hatmakers by not wearing one during his Inaugural address in 1961. What if Barack shows up wearing a topper on Jan. 20? Happy Hat Days could be here again. Hats off to a hat revival, I say!

The Last Days of Pluto in Sag

I don’t know about you, but I’m counting the days until Pluto leaves Sagittarius on Nov. 26. Of course, my Mars is at 29 degrees of Sag and with Pluto sitting on it, I feel like I’m literally under the gun.

Speaking of guns, evidently there’s been a huge increase in sales of firearms and ammunition since Barack Obama was elected. Here’s an article from a newspaper in Elmira, N.Y., about the surge, which merchants attribute to fears that there will be new restrictions on gun ownership.

Sagittarius is the sign associated with the cowboy, so I think it’s fitting that folks are stocking up on guns and ammo in the last few days of Pluto’s transit through the sign. I know, cowboys carry a lasso, not a gun. I guess I saw too many movies about the trigger-happy Wild West when I was growing up.

Another Sag archetype is the pirate, and today it was reported that Somali pirates hijacked $100 million worth of Saudi oil.

I think we’ll be hearing more about cowboys and Indians during the next few days as Pluto takes his last ride in Sag before moving into the sober sign of Capricorn.

Any other Pluto in Sag sightings? Let Astrology Mundo hear about them.

How Twentysomethings Influence Collective Destiny: The View From Brazil

Here’s the latest post from Gian Paul, Astrology Mundo’s “Brazil bureau chief.”

It’s not easy to be certain exactly how astrological mechanisms work, or collective destiny, for that matter.

Astrologers study transits, ingresses of planets into new signs, and the geometrical aspects between planets. But that does not really explain much about the forces at play. To drive a car, one does not actually need to know how a crankcase functions.

I can imagine that astrological influences work somehow like “cloud computing,” which is the latest fashion in information technology, so much so that even old IBM has jumped on board.

I wonder if in the “astrological cloud,” the hardware is not actually the whole of humanity. Sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists, and many other students of human nature have a notion that there are “vintage years.”

To verify my hunches, I looked up various generations over the past 100 years, astrologically, that is. In an effort to be brief, let’s consider two important historical events of the last 100 years: the recent Presidential elections in the U.S. and the Great Depression of the 1930s.

My premise is that the people “who count,” i.e. the collective ferment of any society, are those who are aged 23 to 29, approaching their first Saturn return. It was this group that was behind the revolutionary uprisings in 1968 in Paris and Prague. Even though students get credit for fomenting the rebellion, they were actually the followers.

In the case of the recent U.S. elections, twentysomethings voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama and changed the course of history. In light of this fact, I have examined the demographic cohort born between January 1980 and the end of 1985, and discovered the Plutos of this group range from 20 degrees of Libra to 7 degrees of Scorpio. Natal Neptune for this Class of ’80 to ’85 is placed between 21 degrees of Sagittarius and 4 degrees of Capricorn.

From my calculations, these people represent 10% of the active, decision-making population, leaving out children, adolescents, and the infirm. They have recently experienced or are about to have Pluto conjunct their natal Neptune.

They are also experiencing collectively a square of transiting Uranus to their natal Neptune and a trine of Neptune to their natal Plutos.

Pluto conjunct Neptune restricts dreams and ease of comfort. For anyone with natal Neptune in Sagittarius, life is more than having a nice house. It’s about an exciting job, travel, fun, and aspirations.

When Uranus squares Neptune, dreams will be shaken up. Things won’t be “normal” anymore for quite some time. Happy hours may occur at odd times of the day, or not at all.

A trine of Neptune to natal Pluto should leave people’s hope intact, especially now that Neptune is in Aquarius. But there will be surprises, very Aquarian, for certain.

Now, to turn our attention to the Great Depression: People who were between 23 to 29 in the early 1930 had natal Neptune between 17 and 28 degrees of Cancer and natal Pluto between 19 and 28 degrees of Gemini.

On Jan. 1, 1930, Pluto was conjunct Neptune for a large segment of the age class in question. That’s identical to what’s the case today. Time will tell what the future holds for the latest group of twentysomethings, but there is no doubt that they hold great influence over our society today.

Editor’s note: My question for Gian Paul is: Isn’t there always a generation of twentysomethings who are about to get Pluto on their Neptune, regardless of what’s happening in the world? The fact that this is happening now and did before at other times in history cannot possibly indicate any causality, can it?

The Financial Future Foretold?

As I’ve said before, I’m not a great believer in conspiracy theories because sh** happens. However, I will admit to being spooked by an article I found on the Web that was published in late March by an Australian news site about a closed hearing of Congress on Mar. 13, ostensibly to discuss surveillance.

The report says the hearing included a discussion of a “September 2008” financial crisis that will precede a complete meltdown of the U.S. financial system in February 2009. It makes you wonder. You can read the chilling article here.

Like I said, I’m not one of those New World Order folks. Having said that, the fact that back in March legislators were discussing a September crash, which came to pass, is pretty darn scary. I don’t believe everything I read on blogs, but this appears to be a legitimate news site from Down Under.

Obama and Biden on Inauguration Day

In light of Barack Obama’s victory last week, I’m repubbing a post I first did on Aug. 23 called “Obama and Biden on Inauguration Day.” It’s below:

So much for Senator Joseph Biden telling the crew from ABC News, “No, no, no, it ain’t me babe, it ain’t me you’re looking for.” Well, the Democratic Senator from Delaware probably didn’t quote Bob Dylan, but you get my drift.

Now that Barack Obama has chosen elder statesman Biden for his vice-presidential candidate, astrologers around the world are slicing and dicing the data. Jude’s Threshold has had a post on Biden since 7:54 a.m. this morning! You have to get up pretty early to beat Jude on breaking news.

I’ve run a progressed composite with transits of Obama’s chart and Biden’s chart (Nov. 20, 1942 in Scranton, Pa. at 8:30 a.m., according to AstroDataBank) for Jan. 20, 2009, Inauguration Day. Assuming the birth times for both charts are correct, the thing to watch in the progressed composite is the moon. In this chart, it’s at 5 degrees of Sagittarius on Inauguration Day.

The progressed Moon is 4 degrees or four months (the progressed Moon moves roughly a degree a month) past a conjunction with progressed Sun. That means roughly four months or so before Jan. 20, a progressed New Moon will have occurred, signifying an important new beginning in the relationship.

Interestingly, the progressed Moon in the composite leaves Scorpio and moves into Sagittarius, the same sign as the Sun, during next week’s convention. But the New Moon doesn’t occur until Sept. 30.

I believe the change of moon signs in the progressed composite and the conjunction of the progressed Moon with the progressed Sun means the duo has a good chance of being elected President and Vice-President, respectively.

One of the most compelling aspects in this composite is the winning trine between Jupiter in Aries and Pluto in Leo, which is also conjunct the public-oriented North Node. I think this team has the power to go the distance. If Obama is elected, he will be our nation’s first President with Pluto in Virgo.

Of course, I haven’t seen the composite between Republican Presidential candidate John McCain and his vice-presidential choice, which he has yet to announce. Now that Obama has made a safe choice that the Establishment can live with, watch Saturn poster boy McCain do something radical. Will he pick a woman, or Joe Lieberman? Who can say?

But mark my words, he will fulfill the destiny of the Saturn/Uranus conjunction that will be exact on Election Day (See “Pamela and Monica Ponder the Vice-Presidency”).

Pamela Cucinell, my BlogTalkRadio collaborator, points out at AstroChatter that it probably won’t be smooth sailing for Obama and Biden, given that the announcement of the vice-presidential candidate took place under today’s Venus/Uranus opposition.

Nancy: The Astrologer Who Predicted Obama Would Win

We astrologers have taken some ribbing from commenter Carmelo and others for changing our predictions of who would win the U.S. Presidential election according to which way the political winds were blowing.

Let’s set the record straight: At least one astrologer has been saying Barack Obama all along, and that’s Nancy at Starlight News.

Congrats to you, Nancy, for getting it right, and thanks for leading us through the wilderness during the past eight years. Those reams of graph paper paid off!

All Hail Arianna Huffington, Queen of All Media!

Gian Paul, Astrology Mundo’s “Brazil bureau chief,” had predicted Nov. 4 would be a great day for Republican John McCain and conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

Given that Democrat Barack Obama won the Presidential election, the media titan who is sitting pretty this morning is Arianna Huffington. She runs the liberal news aggregator, The Huffington Post, that has been pro-Obama throughout election season.

Huffington has been the subject of profiles by Astrology Mundo, Star IQ’s Michael WolfStar, and Vanity Fair. I called the Greek immigrant a modern-day Betsy Ross.

WolfStar, top-notch investigator that he is, learned that there are two birthdays reported for Huffington: July 7, 1950 and July 15, 1950. He likes the latter, and it’s available, thanks to his calculations here.

Dixville Notch Has Spoken: Obama Wins!

In the New Hampshire hamlet called Dixville Notch, where voting began at 12:01 a.m. today, Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama won with 15 votes, vs. six for Republican John McCain.

According to media reports, it’s the first time the town has voted Democratic in 40 years. That would take us back to 1968, when Republican Richard Nixon was elected. The Saturn/Uranus opposition of the mid-1960s was no longer exact in Pisces/Virgo on Election Day in 1968, but the two planets were still broadly opposed in Aries and Libra.

Over at Astrodienst, Obama’s personal horoscope for today reads: “You are inclined to make big plans and set long-range goals under this influence as well as to examine the goals you already have. The advantage you have now is your ability to see the whole picture and to think in terms of large structures.”

For McCain, Astrodienst has this to say: “Your energy level will be high, perhaps too high if you are not careful. Watch for signs of irritable impatience with others whenever things do not go exactly as you planned.”

Who do you think will win the election? I’m still canvassing for votes in the official Astrology Mundo Presidential poll so I can compare the political leanings of astrologers to the nation at large.

We’ve had some comments lately about Dixville Notch. Also on the comments front, I accidentally deleted two that I know of — one from Sasha about the death of her Little Bear and another from Jude at Jude’s Threshold. Many apologies!

The Neptune Station and Palin’s Phone Call from ‘Sarkozy’

Well, we’re still waiting for the Oslo (Norway)-based Web site African Press International to release the tapes of a phone call that it claimed was made by Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Instead, on yesterday’s Neptune station, a French-Canadian deejay released a tape that shows how he “punked” Sarah Palin by calling up the GOP vice-presidential nominee and pretending to be French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Evidently, Palin didn’t think it was strange that Sarkozy was talking to her about having sex with his famous wife, model/singer Carla Bruni.

Shortly after Palin was selected by Republican Presidential nominee John McCain, I speculated that some revealing videos might surface as Neptune moves over her Aquarius stellium of Sun/Mars/Saturn. In that post, I noted that porn videos hadn’t hurt Bruni’s popularity. But instead of video that showcases Palin’s physical attributes, we’ve gotten a sexy radio spoof that exposes her intellectual shortcomings. Merde!

Everyone in the U.S. knows most of our comedians hail from the Great White North. Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, and Dan Akroyd are probably the most famous, but there are others. Here’s an extensive list of Canadian comedians. I think Marc-Antoine Audette may have a great future in the U.S. based on his recent stunt.

Wait a minute. It turns out the reliable Montreal Gazette is reporting that Audette’s partner, Sébastien Trudel, was the one on the phone with Palin. The pair is known as Justiciers Masques (the “Masked Avengers”). You can hear their phone call with Palin here.

All rise for the Canadian national anthem. Let’s hoist a Labatt’s Blue to Audette, Trudel, and the other Canadians who make us laugh. It’s a great country, eh? I bet you can even see Russia from there.