Michelle Obama’s Moment to Shine

A lot has been written about Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle, and most of it hasn’t been very nice. Furthermore, the photographers who seemed determined to make Hillary Clinton look pear-shaped like to catch Michelle Obama in a pout or a scowl.

Well, tonight I think she’s going to positively shine at the Democratic National Convention. There will be no stopping the Democratic candidate’s wife, as transiting Venus and Mercury in Virgo trine her Capricorn Sun. With the Virgo emphasis, I think Michelle will make inroads with female working-class voters who supported Hillary but haven’t yet jumped on board the Obama bandwagon.

Here’s Michelle’s natal chart (no time of birth), courtesy of Astrodienst, with transits for today.

Transiting Neptune is on her natal Saturn tonight so I think she’ll be able to soften her hard-nosed image, and it’s traveling with the North Node and Chiron, so I think she’ll strike a chord with the public.

There might be some technical disruption as transiting Saturn is sitting between her natal Uranus/Pluto. Will she face a TelePrompTer malfunction the way her husband did in Bristol, Va. on June 5? I wouldn’t be surprised. But I predict whatever happens, she’s going to come out smelling like a rose.

Rush Limbaugh (my birthday twin but not the same year) is speculating that Michelle is pregnant and that she’ll mention it tonight in her speech. Interesting that both Limbaugh and Michelle are Capricorns. If Michelle is indeed expecting, it would be a good reflection of the Moon/Mars on the Ascendant opposing Uranus on the Descendant in her husband’s solar return.

In my post on Obama’s solar return, I noted that Reinhold Ebertin’s The Combination of Stellar Influences says Moon/Mars equals Uranus can be a “sudden experience in a woman’s life.” That prompted commenter Mandelay to predict that Michelle would have a baby in the White House the way that Jacqueline Kennedy did.

Maybe an Obama pregnancy is what the Democratic candidate needs to show voters that he’s got cojones.

The Death of a Democratic Superdelegate

I thought I was paranoid, but check out what Eric Francis at PlanetWaves has to say about the untimely death of superdelegate Stephanie Tubbs Jones at age 58 a few days before the Democratic National Convention.

The first black woman to represent Ohio in Congress, Tubbs Jones was an outspoken critic of the Iraq War. Here’s what’s troubling Hudson Valley astrologer Francis: Tubbs Jones had switched her allegiance from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama. Well, so did I after Hillary conceded. Nevertheless, Francis’ post makes for fascinating reading.

Here’s the New York Times obituary on the Congresswoman if you want to know more.

Barack Obama’s 2008 Solar Return

Barack Obama will celebrate his 47th birthday with a fund-raiser tonight in Boston, but where will he be this morning at 9:50 a.m.? That’s when the Sun returns to the exact place where it was when he was born, allowing astrologers to calculate his “solar return” or chart for this birthday year.

A little background for non-astrologers: The aspects between the planets remain the same, no matter where the chart is set. It’s the house cusps and the placement of the planets within the houses that change according to location.

I did a little digging and CNN.com reports Obama is giving a speech in Lansing, Mich., this morning at 11 a.m. Of course, he could be in an airplane or a bus at 9:50, but I’m going to assume he’ll get to his destination a little ahead of time.

Thanks to the Daily Kos, we have the official proof that Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on Aug. 4, 1961 at 7:24 p.m. Here’s his solar return, cast for Lansing.

I’m sorry to see that this chart has Moon/Mars in Virgo on the Ascendant opposing Uranus in Pisces. What does this mean? That Obama and the women (Moon) in his life are going to be subject to attacks or accidents (Mars/Uranus). This doesn’t mean that they will necessarily be physical attacks, but they will be attacks nonetheless.

Here’s what Reinhold Ebertin has to say about Moon/Mars equals Uranus in The Combination of Stellar Influences: “Quick irritability…a sudden experience in a woman’s life.”

But here’s some good news for Obama supporters: Ebertin says Moon/Mars on the Ascendant is “the taking over of leadership.”

Other highlights of Obama’s 2008 solar return:

Pluto in Sagittarius trine Venus in Leo. Issues about parentage could be coming out. I don’t think Obama has a love child, but we could see some interesting allegations about love and sex. I’ve learned since first writing this that the tabloid The Globe is peddling an Obama love child story this week. Strange days, indeed!

Mars conjunct Moon in Virgo. Possible disagreements with his wife Michelle. Perhaps she’s accusing him of selling out or going too mainstream. Big problems involving health care if he is elected President.

Sun conjunct Mercury in Leo on the Nodes. Obama’s connecting with the public in a big way.

AstroCartoGraphy: Your Own Map of the World

Last night, I was going through my old astrology files from the early Nineties and I found my AstroCartoGraphy chart. Also known as location astrology, this field was popularized by the late Jim Lewis in the 1970s.

Here’s a link to a helpful site: http://www.astrocartographyinfo.com/

You can see your own AstroCartoGraphy (ACG), which imposes your planets and aspects on a map of the world, for free if you register at Astrodienst, which is on my blogroll.

If you’re looking for a better definition of AstroCartoGraphy, here’s one from the ACG site above. The field of location astrology involves taking “the chart from the heavens, lay[ing] it over a mercator map of the world, and draw[ing] lines showing the places on earth where each planet of the chart achieves maximum angularity.”

Given the brouhaha over Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s choice of advisers among the Cuban-American community in Miami (see my June 22 post on Elián González), I thought it would be interesting to look at Obama’s AstroCartoGraphy to see if his Mars (anger) or Pluto (intensity) lines are running through Florida and Cuba.

It turns out that the controversy in Southern Florida might not be all bad for Obama, if ACG is to be believed. If you click here, you’ll see Obama’s Sun/IC line runs through the area: http://www.astro.com/cgi/aclch.cgi?cid=41laaaa19347-s971800598&lang=e&btyp=acm&nhor=232&smap=namerica&go.x=17&go.y=9

According to Astrodienst, the places where your Sun and IC lines intersect “lend themselves to the preparation of new tasks, as well as to exploring the depths of your psyche.”

I just want to stop here and thank Astrodienst for its generosity in making so much valuable information available to the astrological community for free. It’s just amazing!

Despite anxiety about Obama’s safety in the U.S., most of the potentially dangerous crossings (Mars/Descendant, Mars/IC, Uranus/Descendant, Uranus/IC) do not occur in the U.S. (I’m only looking at North America here, by the way.) His Pluto/Descendant line is activated in San Francisco, but it’s mitigated by a Venus/IC crossing.

Unfortunately for someone who wants to be an effective (emphasis on “effective”) U.S. President, Obama’s AstroCartoGraphy doesn’t look so good for Washington D.C. In the nation’s capital, he’s got Moon/Ascendant activated.

According to Astrodienst, in Washington, Obama appears “softhearted, sentimental, and vulnerable.” The message to the would-be President continues: “At times you seem irrational and unpredictable. You change your mind quite easily, and your sense of self-worth may suffer under this inconstancy and moodiness.”

Well, President George W. Bush has his Crawford (Tex.) ranch, and President Richard Nixon had the “Western White House” in San Clemente, Calif. Obama’s beneficial Jupiter/Midheaven line runs essentially parallel to the Mississippi River. Any place along the Mississippi would be good locations for Obama to “climb the social ladder and succeed professionally,” according to Astrodienst.

Should he be elected, perhaps Obama should establish his getaway White House not in his adopted hometown of Chicago, but in New Orleans.

Don’t Pass Up Passing Strange

Readers of this blog know that I like to go out on a limb and make predictions. Some come true (Jayhawks to beat Tarheels in the NCAA Final Four, Kansas to win the Final Four), others don’t (Tiger Woods to win a Grand Slam in the same year, David Archuleta to win American Idol).

Tonight, I’ll have my fingers crossed for a Leo named Stew, the star of Passing Strange, the Broadway show that has been nominated for seven Tony Awards. Back in April, I predicted that Stew and Company would take home at least one Tony. (See “Stew, Meet Tony,” April 17, 2008, https://astrologymundo.wordpress.com/2008/04/17/stew-meet-tony/)

Even though I have been talking up Stew in previous posts based on his favorable transits of tonight, II hadn’t actually seen his show, a musical meditation on what it means to be black in America, until yesterday. And boy, it knocked me out!

To discover his blackness, Stew travels to Amsterdam and Berlin and poses as a refugee from the ghetto, when in fact he has grown up in a comfortable African-American neighborhood in Los Angeles.

It’s a wild, rollicking ride with first-rate performers. This show hasn’t caught fire, but I still think it will (if not here, then overseas), given Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s meteoric rise on the U.S. political scene. (The use of the word “hopeful” is intentional. Although Obama has surpassed the number of electoral votes needed to clinch the nomination, he will not actually be the Democratic Party’s nominee until after the August convention.)

Stew is a light-skinned black who goes to live among Northern Europeans, while Obama’s mother was white. Both have asked themselves the question: What does it mean to be black?

Black entertainers, from blues singers to Motown’s greats to today’s rappers, have helped define American values and style. But the de facto segregation of whites and blacks in this country has allowed powerful media figures to define black identity, whether it be through blaxploitation films like Superfly and Shaft in the Seventies to the black sitcoms like Martin and Living Single that were hits on Fox TV before it went white (http://fun.familyeducation.com/television/african-americans/35259.html).

A case in point: While everyone was celebrating Michelle and Barack Obama’s playful victory bump of fists, I found myself asking: Is this their secret handshake or is this a black thing that I wouldn’t understand? The truth is, I don’t know the answer. Maybe if I were a regular watcher of Oprah, I would.

The fact is even though I work at the same company and live on the same street as African-Americans, our worlds rarely intersect. In my life, I’ve had a couple of good black girlfriends (especially back in the days of the Jackson Five), but not since college.

Until I moved to New York, I could have made the same statement about gay people. But through media and astrology, I’ve made some close gay friends. That’s what I love about astrology. It brings together people of different persuasions, all searching for the truth. Maybe my cosmic pursuits will bring me some black friends too.

Stew’s musical journey in Passing Strange raises some deep issues. I left the show, which essentially is a tribute to his mother, wondering: Who is Stew’s father and why is he never mentioned, not even in passing? As is the case for Obama and many other black men, it appears that Stew was raised by his mother, who devoted all her love and attention to her son.

Though it appears Stew’s Mom helped form his character (clearly this is a self-made man in many ways), astrologers and psychologists know that even when a parent is dead or no longer participating in the family, he or she still exerts a powerful influence.

Interesting that on Father’s Day, my ode to Stew turns into an essay on fatherhood.

I visited my Dad last month in Santa Fe. He makes his home in the veterans’ national cemetery there, though my medium Gretchen Clark in Lily Dale, N.Y., informs me that he’s happily eating popcorn and watching movies in the afterworld, a fitting pastime for a Pisces. We miss you, Dad!

Daily Kos Publishes Obama Birth Certificate with 7:24 p.m. Time

Thanks to commenter Cynthia and e-mailer Regina at Gastriques for bringing to my attention the publication of Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Both provided links to an image of the certificate that was first published by the Daily Kos. It shows a birth time of 7:24 p.m. on Aug. 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Here’s the link.

Here’s the chart, courtesy of Astrodienst, with the official time, and transits for Jan. 20, 2009, Inauguration Day.

This is slightly different from the 7:11 p.m. time that was announced by astrologer Joni Patry in Denver last month at the United Astrologers Conference, but not by much. Nancy, are you listening? Nancy’s Blog has been all over the new Obama birth time. Until the Denver conference, it was thought the Democratic Presidential hopeful was born around 1 p.m.

Patry has an interesting post over at Galactic Center about the response when she revealed the 7:11 time in Dallas.

The 7:11 p.m. chart produced an Ascendant of 14 degrees Aquarius, as opposed to 18 degrees for this one. This latest chart is being parsed by astrologers over the world as I write this, so I’m a little intimidated to weigh in.

Here’s my two cents, though: Obama’s stellium of Uranus, Pluto, and North Node in Leo falls in the seventh house of partnerships and alliances. Interesting that with the electrical Uranus, intense Pluto, and the public-oriented Node that Obama’s friends and foes alike have mobilized the Internet to an extent never seen before in a Presidential campaign.

Speaking of the Net, Cynthia, you rock! I haven’t been in this blogging game too long, and sometimes I lose faith in myself. What am I doing here? Then you get a comment like this, and it’s all worthwhile. What are we doing here? We’re trying to find and spread the truth!

If the blogosphere can shake loose Obama’s birth certificate and Cindy McCain’s 2006 tax return, how about a verified date of birth for Cindy (see my post, “Will the Real Cindy McCain Stand Up?”) and a military birth certificate for McCain?

The Stage is Set for Stew to Win a Tony Award

I’ve been on the road in New Mexico so I’m just catching up with the nominations for the Tony Awards, which were announced May 13.

I was gratified to see that Passing Strange garnered 7 noms, including best musical, best original score, best book of a musical, and best performance by a leading actor in a musical. Last month, I wrote that Stew, the Leo star of Passing Strange, and his collaborator Heidi Rodewald have a good shot at taking home a Tony or two (“Stew, Meet Tony,” Apr. 17, 2008). You can find the story under African-Americans, to name one category where it’s stored. 

There’s no question that the competition is keen. In the Heights, another funky musical, scored the most Tony nominations (13), while the classic musical South Pacific earned 11 noms. The Tony Awards ceremony will be broadcast on June 15. Whoopi Goldberg will be the emcee of the event. For more information, click here: http://www.tonyawards.com/en_US/index.html 

I like the fact that Whoopi will be hosting the awards. Stew’s powerful Leo stellium falls in her seventh house, where she has got a powerful Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Leo. Sure, her stellium in Scorpio squares Stew’s Leo lineup, but squares can be quite dynamic. Maybe Whoopi will be Stew’s good luck charm! Here’s her chart:


Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s Bully Pulpit

Well, you’ve got to give Reverend Jeremiah Wright credit: I haven’t heard this much discussion about race in America since the O.J. Simpson trial. Before the firestorm dies down, I want to put up a chart for Reverend Wright, who was recently denounced by his former congregant, Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

While I’m surprised that Reverend Wright has chosen this moment in time for his closeup, I’m not stunned by some of his “outrageous,” to use Obama’s word, theories. I’ve had black friends who wouldn’t put their money in the bank because they were sure they were going to wake up one morning and it would be gone.

Guess what? That’s basically what happened to Jews who lived in Nazi Germany. And, as South Africa proved for years with its apartheid system, it’s possible to have state-sanctioned racism. Some would argue that Israel falls into that category with its treatment of the Palestinians, but I don’t want to stray too far from my topic into even more incendiary areas.

While such allegations by Reverend Wright that the U.S. government may have been involved in creating and spreading AIDS may not constitute racism per se, his paranoia highlights the fears, justified or not, of the “black church” about the white Establishment.

Lest we forget, racism is a two-way street. There’s suspicion of whites among African-Americans just the way there is discrimination against blacks, Latinos, and other people of color by whites. What’s always amazed me is the preferential treatment that light-skinned blacks get within the African-American community, perpetuating the discrimination based on skin tone begun by the oppressors.

When I traveled in India, I couldn’t help but noticing that the folks born into lower castes, the so-called untouchables, usually had darker skin than those further up the Hindu food chain, i.e., the Brahmins.

In parts of Asia such as India and the Philippines, the cosmetics companies do a brisk business in creams that promise a “fairer” (lighter) complexion. It goes without saying that discrimination based on skin color is a worldwide problem, not just a U.S. one, despite what the America-bashers would have you believe.

Here’s Jeremiah Wright’s chart, courtesy of Astrodienst. He was born Sept. 22, 1941 in Philadelphia. We don’t know what time he was born, but even if he were born close to midnight, he’s still a 29 degree Virgo. Maybe after all those years of service (Virgo), he decided it was time for his moment in the sun. He certainly doesn’t seem to care about the effect of his inflammatory remarks on Obama’s Presidential prospects.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the last degree of a sign is a wild card. It can’t be controlled. I know, I’ve got Mars at 29 degrees of Sag and have been frequently branded a “loose cannon” despite my staid Capricorn self-image.

As you can see, the transiting Jupiter/Mars opposition in Capricorn/Cancer has been forming a grand cross with Wright’s fiery Mercury/Mars opposition at 22 degrees of Libra/21 degrees of Aries. You know what happens when there’s a cross around? Someone gets crucified.

Here’s the link to Jeremiah Wright’s natal chart, set for noon on Sept. 22, 1941 in Philadelphia because we don’t have the time of birth. Transits of May 1 are on the outside.

I’d feel like a real blogger if someone commented on the chart or looked at the composite chart for Obama and Wright to see what the astrological trigger was for the rupture between the two.

Stew, Meet Tony

You’d think I would be licking my wounds. Tiger Woods came in second at the Masters after I predicted that he would win. No, it’s time to get back on the horse, says my Jupiter in Sag. Yeah, I’m feeling lucky.

Also, the thing about making astrological predictions is that people only remember when you get it right. I’ve gotten no feedback for striking out on my Tiger forecast, but dozens of e-mails from college kids in the Midwest who were amazed that my Kansas NCAA prediction came to pass. No one (except astrologers)  expects astrology to EVER get it right.

Here’s to aiming for the fences when you step up to the plate.  To wit: There’s this quirky musical at the Belasco Theatre in New York called Passing Strange starring a guy from L.A. named Stew. Charles Isherwood of The New York Times loves it, but the show hasn’t caught fire yet. For those tourists who come to town primed to see Wicked, Jersey Boys, or the revival of A Chorus Line, Passing Strange isn’t on the radar.

Stew (he goes by one name alone) and his musical collaborator Heidi Rodewald have cooked up a story that Isherwood has dubbed “a portrait of the artist as a confused young black man,” which the critic hails as “fresh, exuberant, and bitingly funny.” So why aren’t the crowds beating down the doors at the Belasco?

Maybe because they can’t find it. Located at 111 W. 44th Street, the Belasco is farther east than many popular Broadway theaters. But I can guarantee that theater goers will make the trek after Passing Strange, Stew, or both win a Tony.  A bold prediction, you say? It’s a month until the Tony nominations are announced and two months till the awards ceremony. No matter. The ephemeris (a listing of the planetary positions) says that Tony night, June 15, is a red-hot one for Stew.

Nothing’s 100% sure, especially not in astrology, but I’d say at the very least Stew is getting some prime-time TV time. Even in the unlikely situation where he walks away empty-handed, Stew will still have made the aquaintance of all those folks out in TV land.

Stew was born Aug. 16, 1961 in Los Angeles. We don’t have a time of birth. Actually, Stew looks like he should have been playing in a Greenwich Village coffee house that hot August night instead of emerging from his mother’s womb. He has that retro jazz thing going on, à la The Subterraneans. Daddy-o, this cat is cool!

Let’s look at the chart, which, thanks to Astrodienst, you can see here:


Right off the bat, we see Stew is a Leo. He likes to be the center of attention. He’ll steal the show everytime. He commands our attention. More than a mere artist, Stew is a revolutionary who can connect with the public is new and, yes, strange ways (Sun conjunct Mercury, Uranus, and North Node in Leo). Stew is an original.

But he’s kicked around a bit and fame and fortune are taking their time to find him. Why? That Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in the last degree of Capricorn. Talking about waiting around! That’s O.K. because if Stew takes care of himself — doesn’t eat and drink too much and watches his weight — he could end up like B.B. King and be the granddaddy of a musical movement (I’m not sure of the exact term to describe Stew’s “brew,” as Playbill dubs his oeuvre). The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction trines Mars in Virgo, giving him staying power. He could also end up pretty well-off, if he hangs in there.

Stew’s transits are fantastic on Tony night. The transiting Sun/Venus conjunction in Gemini sextiles his natal Leo stellium. Plus, transiting Pluto will have moved back into Sagittarius the night before the awards show, forming a nice trine with Stew’s natal Leo lineup. In addition, transiting Mars in Leo will be lighting up Stew’s Mercury and all those other Leo planets.

Now, Mars can be anger, as well as action, so I hope Stew won’t have to quote Spike Lee and say “We wuz robbed” come Tony night. I’m going to be an optimist and predict that Stew will be howling for joy.

Transiting Neptune in Aquarius is with the South Node and Chiron on Tony night, opposing Stew’s Leo stellium. Neptune, to be sure, can bring disappointment and disillusionment, particularly with the South Node in the picture.  But since Neptune rules music it could be beneficial for Stew. 

I’m going to view this Aquarius lineup as the possibility of too much partying after the show or some issues about credit. Maybe there will be some hard feelings if star of the show Stew doesn’t give Heidi Rodewald her due. You know how touchy folks get about not getting props in awards speeches. Nevertheless, pass the word —Passing Strange is destined for glory!

Could Carmelo Anthony be the New Allen Iverson?

In the spirit of disclosure, I must confess I graduated from Syracuse University, so I’m not exactly an impartial observer of Carmelo Anthony, who led the men’s basketball team to its first NCAA title in 2003. 

Carmelo’s victory was a vindication for long-suffering Orange fans like me. I have many happy memories of screaming at the top of my lungs in Manley Field House before men’s basketball moved to the Carrier Dome. I was in Manley for the very last men’s hoops game in 1980, when Georgetown ended a 57-game home winning streak for the Orange.

To be sure, it hasn’t always been easy being a Syracuse hoops fan. It was a real heartbreak when the Orange lost the NCAA championship, 74-73,  to Indiana, in 1987. In my house, the TV ended up on the floor — though thankfully in one piece — after Keith Smart hit a 16-foot jump shot in the final seconds of the game. 

But all was forgiven in 2003, when Jim Boeheim finally took the Orange all the way and Carmelo Anthony was king of the court. I loved watching Carmelo play and even drove up to Syracuse in the middle of winter to do it. What won me over was “Melo’s” sheer joy while playing the game and that beautiful smile, which graced the cover of Sports Illustrated.

I don’t know what time he was born, but I’d guess that Carmelo has a Cancer rising. Why? That moon face and being a self-described Mama’s boy. This lunar countenance could also be produced with a Taurus Ascendant and the Moon rising. If anybody knows when Carmelo was born, please let me know.

No one, except maybe Carmelo’s mother, Mary Anthony, was sadder than me when this young man sucker-punched Mardy Collins of the New York Knicks in December, 2006. Was this the same guy who was a darling of the 2003 NBA draft season?

Now comes the news that Carmelo, 23, was arrested early in the morning on Apr. 14 for driving under the influence after leading the Denver Nuggets to victory over the Houston Rockets the night before. What gives? Is Carmelo the new Allen Iverson?  Iverson, now one of Carmelo’s fellow Nuggets, became synonymous with thug behavior in the NBA during his days as a Philadelphia 76er. Here’s a picture of Melo and bad boy Iverson: http://www.dotspotter.com/photos/76385_Nuggets_Anthony_and_fiancee_have_baby_AP

On Apr. 16, in his first game since being arrested, Carmelo scored 17 points as the Denver Nuggets beat the Memphis Grizzlies, 120-111. It’s the first time in two decades that the Nuggets have won 50 games in a season.

O.K., so Carmelo’s run-in with the law didn’t hurt his team — this time. But it’s definitely hurt his fans, his family, and Syracuse University. The school is building a brand new sports practice facility with Carmelo K. Anthony’s name on it. What’s next? The Carmelo K. Anthony School of Drunk Driving?

What kind of example is Carmelo setting for the college kids up in Syracuse by being arrested? Maybe those multimillion sports contracts should have morals clauses the way the Miss America pageant does. If you don’t behave, you get dropped, and the next hopeful gets his chance. 

Note to Carmelo: You wanna party after the game? No problem — have a limo or a taxi take you home. It was reported by Denver police that Carmelo’s fiancée LaLa Vazquez refused to come pick him up after he was arrested. However, she later released a statement to the Rocky Mountain News contradicting these reports: “I want to make sure the public understands that I fully support my fiance, Carmelo Anthony, and stand by him through this ordeal. I will always have his back and never refused to pick him up from the police station. In fact, they offered to bring him to me,” she told the paper.

Mmmm. Sounds like there’s a little trouble in paradise. A new baby has changed the dynamic. He was born on Mar. 7, 2007 and his name is Kiyan.  Like his dad, Kiyan Carmelo Anthony has a great smile. Here are some pictures: http://hiphop.popcrunch.com/first-photos-of-carmelo-lalas-son-kiyan/

Carmelo certainly isn’t the first guy to start acting out when he becomes a father. Fatherhood is a big responsibility, no question about it. Becoming a parent can bring up all kinds of unresolved issues from childhood. (By the way, I know Carmelo had a little drama in his life, courtesy of LaLa, back in 2004. But I was willing to cut him a break then because he was new to the NBA, the big bucks, the hip-hop crowd.)

Let’s look at Carmelo’s chart. He was born May 29, 1984 in New York. He’s a Gemini, which is symbolized by the Twins. We all know about the evil twin. With Gemini, he really does exist. He’s the one who thinks it’s O.K. to drive buzzed. He’s not the good guy at the charity fund-raiser. (When Carmelo got to Denver in 2003, he chose Family Resource Centers, a Colorado organization dedicated to family and children’s services, as his community charity.)

Since I don’t have a time of birth for Carmelo, I’ve cast the chart for noon. Here it is, courtesy of Astrodienst:


When Carmelo led the Orange to the Final Four championship on Apr. 7, 2003, his progressed Sun and progressed Venus were conjunct within a half-degree, at 26 degrees of Gemini. What a winning combo! And it was making a nice trine with Melo’s natal Pluto, which is at 29 degrees of Libra. In terms of transits, the North Node in Gemini was close to his natal Venus/Chiron conjunction.

My interpetation? Melo redeemed himself that day along with Boeheim’s Orangemen, who had never gone all the way to a national championship, as well as the city of Syracuse, which doesn’t have a pro sports team and has been economically depressed along with the rest of Upstate New York, for years. Chiron, as you astro folks know, is the wounded healer. The presence of the North Node made the healing a group experience.

Right now, Melo’s progressed Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in the very early degrees of Cancer (interesting that he’s recently become a parent) and transiting Pluto in Capricorn is opposing that, while sitting on his natal Neptune. Obviously, there is a lot of wealth and beauty surrounding Carmelo, but he’s confused and overwhelmed by it all. With the arrival of the new baby, there’s lot of pressure to settle down, but I don’t think this young man is ready for that. 

He’s got transiting Saturn squaring natal Venus so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Carmelo and LaLa part ways quite soon. The pregnancy may have been an unconscious — or conscious — desire to pin him down. Isn’t it always? With all this Neptune around, Carmelo could benefit from a spiritual adviser of some kind. Someone older and wiser needs to give him some guidance before he spins out of control.

With the NBA playoffs on the horizon, Nuggets fans are willing to forgive Carmelo. Me? I’m worried this is the beginning of a downward spiral. Dude, get some help! You’ve got so many great years ahead of you; don’t mess them up by getting drawn into a gangsta lifestyle.