Royal Wedding on April 29, 2011

I know everyone who reads this blog is probably getting tired of my fascination with the wedding of Prince William, but back in March 2008, I predicted May 21, 2011. I was 22 days off. Close, but no cigar! Still, it’s in the ballpark.

Some commenters have asked why this wedding resonates with me. If truth be told, I covered the first Royal Wedding as a foreign correspondent for my hometown newspaper. I didn’t get into St. Paul’s Cathedral, but I was around the corner with a group of CBS correspondents. I also got to attend all the press conferences. A lot of fun for a girl who was working as a nanny!


3 comments on “Royal Wedding on April 29, 2011

  1. Far from disrespecting your romantic memories of nany cum reporter at Royal British weddings, and knowing that you know Michael Bloomberg, why not get involved in the real world of fixing the problems in the Middle East?

    As I said on this (your) blog before (under Bloomberg), that man could fix it. By offering a credible solution to the problems in that area of the world, he will gain the next US presidency, the world some stability in the price of oil, currencies, economic melt-downs etc. etc.

    So, for the good of so many people, I suggest that you better deploy your skills (and you have plenty), dear Monica, to address the problems of today rather than some nostalgic past century royal stuff.

    • GP — You could always call up Mayor Bloomberg yourself and let him know your ideas. His telephone number is listed in the Manhattan white pages and he’s known to answer his own phone. — MS

  2. can you tell me when i’ll get married? i’d love to know. how do i go about getting an astrology reading from you? i’d love to… you seemed so accurate.

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