Venus Retrograde and the Foreclosure Freeze

About a month ago, a fellow astrologer and I were talking about the possible macro implications of Venus going retrograde in Scorpio, which occurred Oct. 8.

My idea was that some financial issues (Venus ruling desire, Scorpio ruling corporations and joint finances) would be revisited big time. Well, this morning it dawned on me that the freeze on home foreclosures by several large US banks as a result of allegations of fraud and shoddy paperwork is a perfect manifestation of this transit.

Even though some have called for a foreclosure freeze of as long as six months — an idea that has been rejected by President Obama and Wall Street, those supposed enemies — I have a feeling things will get sorted out by the time Venus turns direct in Libra on Nov. 18.

5 comments on “Venus Retrograde and the Foreclosure Freeze

  1. Monica, nice analysis for Venus (R) in Scorpio, “other people’s money” as Scorpio/8th house indicate and you point out. You may just be a bit too optimistic with Nov. 18th. These things take time, a lot of time. There are now probably thousands of bureaucrats involved (including their President, sidetracked, once more) and the big banks. All evidently resisting, as they expertly do with credit cards and so many other things. Makes for even more angry Americans, for certain!

    America ever more is ruled by lawyers. Their entanglement in everything affecting your lives turns out to be a CANCER.

  2. Monica! You’re back? That’s super!!!

    My thoughts have been similar to yours yet perhaps Venus moving past her shadow degree the 3rd week of December will drag mortgage issues on a while…improvement for the US by Dec 25 would be a very nice gift though!

    So glad you’re back, Jude

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