Mike Bloomberg for President?

The news wires are buzzing over a New York Post Page Six item today that says President Obama is looking at New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a possible replacement for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Mercury is retrograde so I won’t get too excited about this story. However, I’ve been keeping an eye on Bloomberg’s chart as we approach the 2012 Presidential elections. Here’s the cranky Aquarian’s chart, with transits for Nov. 6, 2012.

A quick observation: The North Node at 26 degrees of Scorpio on Election Day squares Bloomberg’s natal Sun. In Uranian astrology, which I’m a fan of, that’s as powerful as a conjunction. Also, his natal Sun makes a conjunction with the U.S. Moon in Aquarius.

I know that Bloomberg, a self-made billionaire, isn’t running for President, but in true Uranian fashion, he’s a wild card who can’t be ruled out of the game. He’s liberal on social issues and conservative on fiscal issues, and his friends (and his mother!) know that he has a secret desire to be the nation’s first Jewish president.


8 comments on “Mike Bloomberg for President?

  1. Bloomberg adored your post, he said. He even suggested that I should reply and help get the ball rolling with astrologers as well.

    What we both find incongruent are the rumors to dispense of Geithner now, also confirmed by your analysis. Geithner has performed exceptionally well, the market is awash in liquidity and it’s up and up and up.

    If the tandem Bernanke/Geithner needs some adjustment, there is plenty of time for that, and it should not be Obama doing it. Had he not fired GM’s CEO, they would have reimbursed even earlier what the government had advanced to them. Bloomberg’s message is quite clear, isn’t it?

    I did personally not get the point about Bloomberg’s mother. Him being Jewish, I presume that she is as well. But what’s the point?

    • Charlotte Bloomberg, who will be 102 in December, would love nothing better than to have her son become the first Jewish president of the U.S.

  2. If his mother is 102 now he really needs to speed up. Imagine, should he get elected Potus by Nov. 2012, she’ll be almost 104! Would indeed be a nice birthday present. Wishing her well!

  3. Obama’s Uranus being at 25 Leo then being opposite Bloomberg.

    Recall how during ’08, it was all about the Uranus – Saturn opposition, with Obama coming out as the firm responsible choice and McCain/Palin as the unpredictable erratic campaign?

    At first look, I want to say that Bloomberg becomes Obama’s VP choice for 2012.

    The frontrunners for the GOP are Romney winning the nomination and his choosing a CA Governor Meg Whitman for VP.

    Quite the ticket culturally, A black man with a jewish vp vs a morman with a woman as vp.

    I could see Bloomberg silo, but I just don’t believe he’s going to get traction with his closeness to Wall St.

  4. If Bloomberg comes out with some credible suggestion (and being Jewish himself he can) that he will put in what needs to be done to defuse the Israeli/Arab conflict – he will be the next Potus. And that’s something far more deserving than just becoming the “first black or the first Jewish President”.

    In that sense (and many others) Obama can go.

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