The BP Oil Spill and the Sibly Chart

I’ve been having my own Neptune issues lately so I haven’t taken the time to study the chart of the BP Oil Spill closely, but my off-the-cuff observation is that the out-of-control gusher provides compelling evidence for the Sibly chart for the birth of the U.S. This chart uses a 5:10 p.m. time for the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia and was originated by Ebenezer Sibly (which is often mispelled as “Sibley”).

In the Sibly chart, the U.S. Moon is at 27 degrees and 10 minutes of Aquarius. On April 20, 2010, the day the BP oil spill occurred at 9:50 p.m. near New Orleans, La. (data courtesy of Jude’s Threshold), Neptune had just hit 28 degrees of Aquarius.

Since most astrologers use a July 4 date for the U.S. chart (one notable exception being Michael WolfStar), there is agreement that that the U.S. has a freedom-loving Moon in Aquarius. As Neptune has moved through Aquarius to conjunct the U.S. Moon, there has been a lot of speculation about what kinds of Neptunian (read “confusing,” “deceptive,” or “disappointing”) events would transpire that would involve the U.S. public. I for one expected the swine flu epidemic to be much worse than it was.

This is one of those discussions that is the astrological equivalent of Talmudic debate, but I’m positing that an oil spill that defies the attempts of man to stop it and that endangers the fishing and tourism industries in the Gulf of Mexico qualifies as a major Neptune event. Although it happened nearly a degree past the position of the Moon in the Sibly chart, it’s all the confirmation I need.

9 comments on “The BP Oil Spill and the Sibly Chart

  1. Its gonna be a long year, that aspect gets hit multiple times this year to the end. And wow, have you looked at Obama’s chart with this placement of Neptune? Conjunct his south node– oil undoing or a radical letting go of the past.

  2. Oh Monica, you’re back Hurrah!

    Your blog’s New Look is excellent, very streamlined, and I’m happy you’ve returned even if without daily posting.

    Thanks for the ‘BP oil spill’ link but i should say that it was rising Hidalgo’s time that determined the 9:50 pm chart of the oil platform “blowout”/explosion which was stated to have occurred shortly before 10 pm.

    (i get tired of the ‘shortly before’ or ‘shortly after’ news reports of important events, don’t you?)

    Be that as it may: Hurrah for Astrology Mundo!

    Your friend in GA, Jude

  3. It needed an oil-spill of major proportions (rather then trivia about some movie actor) for Monica to get back into “helping the environment”. Her refreshed blog is nice too. Although I personally preferred the dark-blue/yellow colors of the first one. But then the blue/yellow/green are the colors of the Brazilian flag, where I choose to retire…

    Talking of Brazil, there is a lot of risky offshore drilling going on around here – and at considerably deeper levels than in the Gulf of Mexico. This had lead me, before even the BP mess occurred, to invent an absolutely ecological solution to prevent this type of thing to happen. A patent is pending, but given the urgency now, especially that some (even Obama I heard) think of some nuclear explosion to kill off that leak!!!), I contacted the most competent companies in this field to give my invention a try. Its not exactly cheap to test such a thing at 5000 feet below sea-level. We shall see, as the British, whom by the way I still like, tend to say.

    Astrologically speaking, the ongoing “messy situation in the Gulf” (Obama’s Catherine?) has the following transits on not the Sibly chart, but the one I always use for the US, July 6, 1775, 11 am, Philadelphia: These heavy transits are, for me at least, sufficient proof of the validity of the chart I am using – have a look:

    Today, after yesterdays presidential speech and today’s encounters between the President and BP top management,
    Neptune opposes natal N. almost exactly at 28 degr. 37 and 28 degr. 40 Aqu/Leo axis.

    Pluto(R) today at 4 degr 19 Cap is quasi-exactly conjunct with itself. It was at 4 degr. 08 at the Philadelphia conspiracy which gave origin to the USA.

    Minor transits (they always come along, obeying the big cycles): Mars almost conjunct Mars , 4 degr. 59 and 5 degr. 50 Virgo, Venus 2 degr. 40 and 4 degr 40 Leo, and even the Sun, 25 degr. 40 and 22 degr. 40 Gemini on the Philadelphia chart.

    It’s all “celestially planned”. Like it or not, folks!

    PS. Having spent some sleepless nights on my invention – and other thoughts which always come along on such occasions, one of these thoughts was along these lines: if a spill (now about 10 times bigger than initially thought) did happen, it’s that “someone” may be provoking mankind to consider the limits of exploration of available resources. If that is the case, my invention has little chances to become a commercial success. It would encourage more offshore drilling. So we shall see…

  4. GP — Welcome back to our Brazil bureau chief, who turns out also to be an inventor. My question to you is whether you’ve been polishing your English during your sleepless nights. This is one of your best-written posts yet. All the best, Monica

  5. It’s only with hindsight that it occurred to me that the significance of the heavy transits I mentioned on the chart of the “Philadelphia -conspiration” may actually have much more to do with the relationship between England and it’s former brake-away colony America than with the oil spill.

    If liquids come into the picture (Neptune) its crude oil for tea, not much more than that. What’s dominating is Pluto on it’s cyclical return on itself in the Philadelphia chart.

    And without too much indiscretion (I hope), Monica puts her natal Pluto (5 degr. 51 Virgo) on Mars of the conspiration chart where Mars was at 5 degr. 50 Virgo. So does Obama, or almost, with his natal Pluto at 6 degr. 57 Virgo. And Mars is transiting there today, exactly. Always thought that I have some sort of special interest in the man. Why otherwise should I have landed this post today, having by chance (?) seen the transit a short while ago? And why would Monica have created a post on the spill?

    Historically speaking, BP is a symbol of today’s England. The company’s now proven record of recklessness in it’s operations (exploring and refining), in the US at least, is appalling. Is the end justifying the means? Churchill (and not the Luftwaffe) sunk what was left of the French Navy in the Mediterrenian, hiding in Tangers, Morocco, to finally get De Gaulle going and help the Brits fight the Nazis.

    I said it before, l like the Brits, they e.g. have a way nobody else has to “suffer pain in style”. As now another piece of their pride is under attack, in my opinion one should abstain from “rubbing salt into their wound”. After all they have always been very loyal to the USA. In Iraq and Afghanistan lately, and so they might be again in the future!

  6. Hmmm. Not sure about this. I checked the date and transitting Neptune went conjunct the US Moon at 27 Aquarius 10 on the 14t of March.
    Five weeks difference between the conjunction and the explosion?
    I would have wanted something much closer to verify the Sibly chart.

    • You sound like you know what you’re doing. How would you rectify the Sibly chart based on the explosion? What time would you use? I favor Sibly, but I’m not sure it’s exact.

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