New Moon in Taurus: Smell the Roses!

The new, improved Astrology Mundo is more streamlined than its serious predecessor. With Saturn/Uranus/Jupiter squaring my impatient Mars in Sag, I don’t have the focus to do the math these days. So my Sagittarius stellium in the third house of communication is taking a seat-of-the-pants approach to the stars these days.

Having been duly warned, here’s my take on tonight’s New Moon in Taurus. It’s sextiling Uranus in Pisces. You could have some sudden breakthroughs about your flower beds. I kid you not! Excite (Uranus) yourself with sensuality (Taurus). The New Moon is also being supported by a newly direct Mercury in Taurus so you may want to take out a notebook and draw your new vision of the garden.

Other commentators have noted Mars squares the New Moon. The orb isn’t tight enough for me, but you may want to rein in impulse purchases. Oh, and one other thing: Breathe! The smell of newly mowed grass never smelled so good.

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