Mind Your Step, NYC!

One of my favorite charts in the whole world is the incorporation chart for New York City’s five boroughs (Jan. 1, 1898, 12:01 a.m., New York). It has a lovely Venus/Mars conjunction in Sagittarius, which picks up my own Mars.

This weekend’s accident on the Staten Island Ferry got me thinking about how the current Saturn/Uranus opposition is making New York very prone to accidents until May 26. So if you live or work in the Big Apple, look both ways before you step into the crosswalk.

Of course, I’m going to read this post out loud and look into the mirror. I’m looking out for the other guy more than usual these days.

2 comments on “Mind Your Step, NYC!

  1. Thanks, but NYC, my home of 23 years and where my heart will always be, has definitely been a city to rise from the ashes. We can handle it ;).

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