Neptune Direct and the Fort Hood Shootings

I recently commented at Stars Over Washington that the Nov. 4 Neptune station of Aquarius so close to the U.S. Moon would produce an event that would bring sorrow to the American populace. I think we’ve seen this with the shootings in Fort Hood, Tex.

This tragedy galvanized my family because my nephew left Mosul, Iraq, about two days ago, heading to the center in Fort Hood where the violence occurred. My sister has received an e-mail from a military liaison assuring her that her son is safe, but we still are not 100% certain.

I myself am at a loss for words, but feel ready to dive back into the astrological pool (Neptune). So I leave you with Planet Waves’ “War Comes Home.”

4 comments on “Neptune Direct and the Fort Hood Shootings

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  2. As usual, when I had a look this morning on who else is “watching the stars and commenting” I read what Elsa posted re. Monica’s “Neptune Direct”.

    Not only is Moon transiting as of my writing Pluto in Cap, square Saturn in Libra, to which Elsa refers, but as she states “we the people” (should say “you the poor people, in empathy, as always), have Neptune conj. Moon in your country’s map. Its all a bit confused indeed. Another transit worth noting today is Mars on Uranus of the NYSE. Whatch out, sell fast what is ready to be cashed in for profit. And remember me on Thanksgiving or so…

    Regarding the Freemaçons, whom Elsa and other conspirational theorists appear to adore, I would say (one of my grand – fathers was one, so guided by some truth I heard from my grand – mother after his death, I feel entitled to comment): It’s more hocus – pocus then really the devils outlet or special turf, but then you have the believers, as always…

    For the latter one can expect that the “next conspiracy” already broiling will be Palin/Beck (or the other way round). From what it appears, both like each other’s “geometry”. And that’s one of the major tenets of the Freemaçons, isn’t it?

    PS. Brazil investments are turning chique, exclusive: saw that to by Brazilisan ADR’s you now have to pay 1,5 % tax (in N.Y. that is, in São Paulo anyway)? Toll tax, so to say, as in ancient Portuguese, colonial times!

    PPS. There are now not less than 5 official technical “explanations” for the serious blackouts we recently had down here. None is convincing when one knows that the money went to Zurich or Geneva instead of into the needed powerlines etc.

  3. Big one this year for very late Sag and 1 Cap’s:

    December 21: Total eclipse of the Moon This eclipse will be fully visible from North America. The moon enters penumbra at 12:28 A.M. EST on December 21 and leaves penumbra at 6:06 A.M. EST on December 21.

    Ohhh, a Cancer one close to the US Sun:

    July 11: Total eclipse of the Sun This eclipse will not be visible from North America. It will be visible only from the South Pacific Ocean and parts of South America.

    Thats 2010, the 2009 December 31st eclipse fell right along my node access. Should be an interesting 4th-10th year.

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