Gone Apple Pickin’

The Saturn/Uranus opposition has been wreaking havoc on my life. As a result, I’ve been finding it hard to focus on astrology and this blog. Thanks to all those who have inquired about my welfare and who have also commented on other blogs that I contribute to. I miss you guys, too!

My plan is to get back on track when Saturn goes into Libra on Nov. 1. I’m hoping that planetary shift will provide me with the focus and discipline needed to write a blog. See you soon!

6 comments on “Gone Apple Pickin’

  1. Be reconforted, we all (astrologers, diletantes, non – astrologers), are constantly in “renovation”, up to our last breath! The planets wont’ let us go to rest before. Besides, enthropy is not permitted in nature. Verboten. Saw Angela in Germany winning the elections? She is not Claudia Schiffer, but has humour. And deserved her victory.

    You mightily stimulated our curiosity towards what’s coming “after renovation”. Wish you plain sailing!

  2. Monica, So glad to hear you’re alive and kicking–have missed your perceptive and unique commentary–see you in November, I hope!

  3. Olympic Renovation (or when the wrong guy cried in public for the right reasons…)

    In a recent correspondance Monica referred to Lula as “my friend”. He is not exactly that but I respect him for his “intuitions”. Even more so now that he showed his true emotions and intentions after Rio de Janeiro was elected to host the Olympics in 2016.

    Lula was so overhealmed that Rio made it and not Chicago that he cried for joy in an interview in Copenhaguen. (Who should have cried, for the contrary reason, we all know).

    I just “recovered” from a party I organized for friends and neighbours. The main subject of discussion, coincidentally, was the Rio-Olympics. Here what my Brazilian friends are saying (not all agree, but most are very happy):

    “Lula got it all right, even if the promised bullet train between Rio and São Paulo will never be ready by 2016”.

    “Now Brazil needs to develop other athletes then just soccer players”.

    ” The politicians and their friends will again just fill their pockets”… (My view as well).

    Lula in his immediate patriotic enthousiasm promised that by 2016 all “favellas” (shantytowns) in Rio will have disappeared. To the contrary. My and the analysisis of several of my friends: they will AUGMENT! Here is why: inoumerous Brazilians, living in misery somewhere in the North-East will rapidly join their relatives already living in one of the favellas in Rio. Now it’s really business! And for the girls, they will have to learn some manners and English as well before the games start. And for that you need to live in Rio…

    So, “renovation in Olympics” is what we will have around here for quite some years.

    If the Olympics in China were all “faked by the Communist Regime”, the Rio Olympics promise to be much more of a genuine, truly popular event. And more fun than in the recent past. Even anticipating London in 2012.

    Is it Saturn opposing Uranus or Pluto in Capricorn bringing more truth to events, even the Olympic games?

  4. While Monica is still waiting for “her transits” to reactivate her blog, “gone apple picking”, as she so nicely says, I wonder if anyone involved in this astrology business of our common interest has already thought of calculating the day, even hour of his/her coming death?

    According to numerological calculations, I, for example, should already have “gone to greener pastures”. But that’s why I prefer astrology. The predictions there (at least the ones I came across), are less drastic. Que sera, sera, …The future is not our’s to see… .

    Or am I wrong? Can we see the time of our own death?

    PS. Professional astrologers may be able to do that, but then they probably will not tell their client, for fear of loosing him or her. Which, if the prediction is right, would anyway occur, but possibly some time (or a few hundred dollars) later only…

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