The Jupiter/Neptune Conjunction and Celebrity Deaths

I haven’t been tending my blog quite as well as I should be, but I wanted to put up a quick post about how today’s celebrity deaths of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson are triggering a period of national mourning of sorts, fueled by the Internet and social networking.

Depending on what time you use for the U.S. chart, the current Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is either conjunct or quite close to the U.S. Moon, which signifies the people of the nation.

Today, the Moon is in Leo, which often coincides with accidents and surprises, and this is opposing the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in the collectively-oriented sign of Aquarius. We’re getting upsetting news about celebrities (Leo), who are the closest thing the U.S. has to royalty.

I’d be happy for any other astrological-based comments on the situation.

6 comments on “The Jupiter/Neptune Conjunction and Celebrity Deaths

  1. good points, Monica… also Ed McMahon for the Pluto in Cancer generation…

    It’s also interesting these people were all “victims” of a lot of negative press, making it very hard to know who they truly were as humans (Neptune).

    I have an article in the works… hope to post tomorrow!

  2. Monica is unbeateable: “Celebrities being the closest thing the US has to Royals”…

    Is it “poor Royals or poor US”?

    Anyway, what is most interesting astrologically speaking, is that Michael Jackson had Uranus/Venus in Leo, and Moon transits today exactly there. Moon being the public and by this transit drawing the poor man back into fame!

    Useless to look up other transits (e.g. Saturn squaring itself in his map) to know the cause of death etc.

    If there was a “King” or close to it in the U.S. it was RR. Had he not only been famous as an actor – hence fitting Monica’s definition – and from there he then also ruled the Nation? And with quite some humour…

    P.S. Jackson, according to the press, “exited the house” leaving some 4 or 600 million in debt. I dear mention that as I once had to deal with a client in a bank in Geneva who was an associate of Michael Jackson in a Canadian Gold Mine. It turned out to be a hopeless case, certainly Jackson had lost a shirt or two, and I had to turn that defaulting client over to the attorneys of the bank. So true to what Monica said and confirming twice, Royals (or American artists) are not very expert at managing their finances.

  3. Me too!

    Monica, what do you think about this run of the Saturn-Uranus opposition, the 3rd of 5, any different than the first two? What I don’t get is how such a major opposition seems to just come out of the blue and blindside. I guess that’s the subconscious outer planets manifesting into the seen reality.

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