The Moon in Capricorn and Chrysler

Just as the Moon moved into Capricorn at 3:59 p.m. Eastern time today, where it’s close to a conjunction with Pluto and a trine with Venus and Mars in Taurus, investors got a bouquet from Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

What’s interesting is that Justice Ginsburg only had until 4 p.m. to make her ruling.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but I’m not surprised that Ginsburg ruled to delay the sale of Chrysler to Fiat, a deal that put unsecred creditors ahead of secured creditors.

Justice Ginsburg obviously doesn’t take the sanctity of contracts lightly. Her ruling came in response to an appeal by Indiana teachers, police officers, and other civil servants. Let’s hear it for the Hoosiers!

This is not a final ruling, however. The ultimate decision on the deal can be made either by Ginsburg alone or the full court.


4 comments on “The Moon in Capricorn and Chrysler

  1. Monica: you may want to post this as a “View from Brazil”, otherwise let it run as a simple comment.

    “Why Professor Hussein (Obama) may be out of office before ending his first term”

    Obama by profession , officially, is a professor of Constitutional Law. Basic and therefore quintessential US right.

    Since his taking office, several occasions of “arm-twisting the standing US law” have already occurred. The latest being the Fiat/Chrysler deal (all in favour of the UAW). Next to come is the “ressurection of GM”. Whatch out!

    Then we have the Geithner/fixing-the-markets or /and bank’s balance sheets and many other distortions. Not to mention the so to say successful G-20 achievements (Obama/Geithner’s).

    I am not out on a limb, I think, by deducting from Obama’s current planetary transits, that the entire US is in for a big surprise, something “like never seen”. It’s not socialism (or an American Perestroika as Gorbatchov recently predicted), but utter failure to deliver on promises and so many more promises.

    If anyone reading this believes like I do that in horary astrology the position of the Moon “tells everything”, as of my writing Lua is sitting on Obama’s Saturn (R), Mars opposes his Neptune and Neptune/Jupiter, conjunct (in the heavens) continue opposing his Uranus (in fall in Leo). Also Saturn, now direct, will soon transit his natal Mars.

    I admit having serious misgivings about your present President. Its not personal, but his way of “evolving” in today’s world leaves many much more important people then me “baffled, if not alarmed”. Or at least inclined to continue to “wait and see” but with increasing scepticism. (According to the European Press Merkel and Sarkosy, to cite two).

    To finish on a “kind note”: The US from much circumstancial evidence has or is peaking out as a dominant influence in the world. For certain it can not control world events the way it could for some (short) years after the demise of the Sowjet Empire. That actually corresponded to the rapid (and so ephemeral) decupling of wealth in your country.(Which since then has been corrected)

    If Obama’s “experiment in teleprompting the world into a better world” should not succeed as hoped by so many, we may be going back to basics again. As the peasant said: “can not continue dreaming forewer”. Need to plant and tend and then collect.

  2. Beth — I’m only in California for a week more and still am legally a resident of New York. I’ve blogged a little at Astrology Mundo about the nasty effects of Saturn on the California Sun. Nancy at Nancy’s Blog has done a very fine piece. To answer your question: My Cancer Moon at the MC thinks anything that hurts women and children is bad. But the Saturn in Capricorn that opposes that Moon is also realistic: I think Proposition 13 is a failure and the two-third majority required to pass anything in Sacramento both need to be scrapped. — Monica

  3. Ahmadinejad’s Victory: Since this is a unique Mundial-astrological-events blog, I must complete my recent predictions about Obama’s difficult times to come, and thus add the following:

    First an astrological photograph of two maps: Israel’s and the one of Iran (I use the moment of the Great Ayatollah’s touch-down at Teheran Airport on Feb. 1. 1979, 09:00 local time).

    Israel (14.5.1948, 16:37, Tel Aviv) is receiving on its birth map at present the following transits: Sun conj. Uranus in VIII, opp. it’s natal Jupiter (R) in II. A strong resistence “not to give up on possessions” . Bibi is the right man in place for that (and Obama will hear more pretty soon…)

    Moon/Jupiter/Neptune conj. in the heavens oppose Israel’s Mars. Quite explosive, Mars being prominent in Israel’s X. The so far rumored conditions Bibi will stipulate regarding a possible Palestinian State already point in that sense.

    Mars in transit squares Israel’s Moon/Saturn and Uranus squares it’s Jupiter. No comfortable situation, but for Israel’s Right the Iranian popular vote at least goes in a clear-cut direction: “Will have to defend ourselves, with or without America’s consent”.

    Iran: On the Khomeini ” happy landing map” there are presently only two important transits: 1) Iran just completed it’s Saturn return, 30 years later and 2) Uranus squares it’s Venus, exactly conjunct the MC. (Did the Ayatollah chose his return in function of Venus that day being exactly on the MC at the moment of his landing? There are indications that the hostage taking of Americans was similarly planed, and then the Carter losing his second term elections with the helicopter debacle…).

    The map I am using for Iran appears to be a very significant one, iron-clad, so-to-say.

    And here an interpretation of today’s Iranian transits: The completion of it’s Saturn return indicates that the cycle Iranians have lived for 30 years has just been “relaunched”. Will obviously not be exactly the same, but so is live under Chavez in Venezuela, similar but not the same as the years go by. Some famous (conservative) American journalist wrote the other day: The CIA is now a club of bureaucrats, so dont expect any action from that side anymore should Ahmadinedjad be re-elected.

    It’s now definitely Obama’s turn, and Hillary’s to “show the world what they can…”

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