Well, I Was Wrong About the Nuggets

Just remember folks, it’s not astrology that gets it wrong; it’s the astrologer. This is an art, not a science.

5 comments on “Well, I Was Wrong About the Nuggets

  1. Monica, if you were wrong about the Nuggets it’s that you “had to be wrong”…

    You may formulate it which-ever way you want, astrology being an art and not a craft etc. I have done that myself repeatedly. Fact is that you gambled against the table.

    There is an ancient knowledge still hovering around which says in essence: Original Sin (i.e. having eaten the apple, not the apple itself), was what turned Adam in. And we are all Adams (or Evas).

    Astrologers are constantly tempted to turn what “THEY SEE” into a hopefully “smashing prediction”. And it’s by far not a question of ego (also if the prediction turns out to be wrong some egos may get hurt), but much more a question of having “used astrology respectfully or not”

    I can only talk of my own experience: Being fascinated by this thing “astrology” , I have used it in investments, advising “important people” and (fortunately) also helping simple people in need of advice. It was always in an amateur way, but when it needed to be “right” it was usually tenfold so to say! And never was it my part in the deal, it always was the destiny of whom needed to know some element of the future.

    So one can wonder: Is the important to predict, or to bring some sort of sensitivity about “what rules the world” to whom cares to pay attention?

    In that sense you can be totally tranquil in erring in your future predictions, the “purpose of the exercise” may and will be quite different from what was imagined at the outset.

  2. My own horoscopes are frequently “wrong” in the sense that events turned out in ways incongruent to celestial movements. It is a mistake to see ourselves as in error, it is more likely that our predictions can and will come about but in unforeseen ways. Keep the faith

  3. Sports is one of the most pure expressions of astrology that can be found, and the playing field illustrates beautifully the celestial drama. The most valuable part of making predictions like these is what we learn in the process. I like to make similar predictions of who will be victorious in a game, and then deconstruct my argument afterwards and find what I missed. In this way, i am always learning more about astrology.
    If you take a gander at Kobe Bryant’s chart, you will find that he is getting a very powerful trine from transiting Pluto to his natal Sun, right now, and he is in a no-nonsense, take- no- prisoners, sort of mode. Kobe will not be denied.

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