Why the Nuggets Will Win

As readers of this blog know, I’ve got a mixed record as a forecaster. Who doesn’t? However, I’ve been lucky with my NCAA basketball picks in the past. Now, I’m going to try my hand at the NBA.

I’m going to make this short and sweet. Here’s why I think the Denver Nuggets are going to beat the Los Angeles Lakers to win the NBA championship. The New Moon in Gemini made some fabulous aspects to Nugget Carmelo Anthony’s natal chart, including lighting up a Sun/Node/Venus conjunction.

O.K., Carmelo’s just one player but he’s going to be pretty happy over the next few days and I’m going to guess it’s because his team wins.

Also, Saturn is sitting on the sun of the California state incorporation chart and I can’t imagine there’s going to be much joy in the Golden State over the next few months.

3 comments on “Why the Nuggets Will Win

  1. Just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for a Lemmy (Lemonade Award). It’s supposed to be for great attitude/ gratitude, which I think is something behind any great blog; yours is interesting and insightful. Further participation on your part (your own top 10, links, logo, and so on) is entirely optional; my goal was to send as many readers as possible, who hadn’t already heard of you, your way.

  2. Here’s to hoping you are right and the Nuggets can force a game 7 in LA. Carmelo could use a little planetary help, as you noted, and Teammate Chauncey Billups is getting supportive transits from the big lineup in Aquarius to his Libra planets. Kobe would like to end it tonite, as transiting Pluto is trine his natal Sun.

  3. Carmelo called this loss a terrible birthday present, but I could get used to playing on my birthday. Anthony’s horoscope is very dynamic and has Uranus in high profile, illustrating the up and down nature of his game.
    It’s interesting to watch how athletes perform on their birthdays. Carmelo was slightly below average, with 6 of 17 shooting.
    But he wasn’t as bad as Carolina Panthers quarterback, Jake Delhomme was on his birthday, when he threw 5 interceptions in a playoff loss to the Arizona Cardinals , in January.

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