The Internet Giveth and the Internet Taketh

I would assume that Gian Paul, our Brazil bureau chief, would have better things to look at down in Brazil than the stats on Astrology Mundo. But perhaps it isn’t bathing suit season right now.

In any event, Gian Paul has correctly observed that about 12,000 of my “hits” have disappeared from the site meter. I was getting pretty excited about hitting 150,000, but now it appears that will take a little longer than I expected.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll go back up to 148,000 and change after Mercury goes direct. I don’t have the energy to complain to WordPress about this, that’s for sure.

Thanks, as always, Gian Paul, for your observations.

2 comments on “The Internet Giveth and the Internet Taketh

  1. Oh well, Monica. You better include in your 10 predictions for 2010 a series of brakedowns of the net, GPS (my initials…) and of businesses relying heavily on net services. Possibly Murdoch is right to hang on to hard – cover, printed press as well.

    Why this electronic mess?

    Underinvestment (certainly here in Brazil),or being taken by surprise by the demands for Twitter and what have you. But it’s the same, it’s human failure to imagine what’s next.

    And then they poke fun at us “unserious” astrologers…

  2. Monica, there seems to be more of that going on here as well. Thousands of pvs have disappeared of late and i have no idea where they’ve poufed to so i tally up the same pv #s over and over.

    Good thing blogging isn’t only about stats or we’d be in a pretty pickle, wouldn’t we? ;p jude

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