12 comments on “Lavender Moon on Saturn Direct

  1. If Beverly at Lavender Moon (makes one dream of Southern France, end of summer, fragrences of the Provence) has it right, and it appears to be, her “Quality in-Quality out” on the solar plexus is indeed a great thing.

    Various ancient philosophies and even religions still functioning today are cognisant of same or similar phenomena.

    In our Western civilization what mostly creates obstruction is “Garbage in-and consequently garbage out”. And very much due to the “Judeo-Christian guilt complex”. Suffice to look at the emotional mess e.g. the CIA/Pelosi/waterboarding or abortion, gays- pro or con – issues are creating. That’s on a collective level.

    Individually, we all who are familiar with astrology and the effects the planets can have on our lives, know too well that in most cases where “things went differently from what we had hoped”, there was in truth no other choice. As simple as that. But then there comes often some “garbage-idea” which wants to tell us the contrary.

    Saturn going direct (and I have experienced other planetsas as well), can be very LIBERATING in the sense of recognizing what is garbage and needs to be thrown where it belongs.

    Thanks to both Monica and Beverly for offering this type of consideration on a say “mundane” blog.

  2. Hey Monica!

    I’ve nominated you for a Lemonade Award! This is something which was passed on to me and I will pass on to you. It’s given out to blogs who express either great Gratitude or Attitude! I just like your predictions and insights.

    You have to go to my blog to see what this is all about and to see if you want to participate!

  3. As Saturn went direct, Wolfram hits the net (Wolframalpha.com). And during Saturn stationary in recent days, Google had some serious technical problems, worldwide. Now this Wolfram (Stephen, British but operating out of Illinois, USA), is giving it a serious kick! Finally we may see the end of the silly game Microsoft/Google have been playing on their clients!

    Not only is he visibly a smooth operator, but he is FUNDAMENTAL. That is scientifically speaking. Google now faces serious competition. That Wiki-thing Google relies on appears a thing of the past, unless they clean up the garbage they carry on their system.

    It’s to be hoped that Wolfram (it’s a tough metal as well) will resist the temptation of being “comercially infiltrated”. Chances are he will not be. As of this writing Saturn (now direct), has also seen the opposition of the Moon for one month.

    And next month, when Moon opposes Saturn again, Mercury will be direct. (Who owns Google shares, better lightens up…)

    PS. Comet’s A (Or Out of…) needs to be applauded: The L.A. quake took place, let’s hope it’s just that and not the beginning of more serious stuff! But it’s probably prudent to avoid elevators in that part of the world, anyway better for your health.

    PPS My english errors must be increasing, somehow my “corrective dictionary device” (is it Google?) ceased functioning. Sorry for that.

  4. Monica — I had the impression that your blog had passed well over 140’000 hits, now it shows 136’000. Accounting error? Best GP

    • GP — Indeed, I thought I was closing in on 150,000, but I’m back down to 136,000. However, Mercury is retrograde. Thanks for your observation. Best, Monica

  5. Hi Monica,
    Thanks for helping people find my LavenderMoon site. I’m an Energy Alchemist and always look to see how an energy can be put to good use. In my natal chart, Saturn (on the Midheaven) is trine my Moon in Capricorn so learning to use Saturn energy to my benefit instead of my demise has been very helpful. Thanks again for linking in.

  6. Earth’s SECOND MOON! As Saturn went direct the other day and Wolfram (see my coment above) hit the net for the public at large, I discovered, thanks to this Wolfram (WWW.Wolframalpha.com) details about the second Moon orbiting earth (and our Sun with it).

    What’s intriguing to me is that ancient traditions (of Sufi origin, related by Gurdjieff) already mention this second Moon.

    Now the modern scientific elements available so far (in my quick survey) are: An object orbiting Earth/Sun was sighted in 1986. Since then it’s orbit has been calculated and appears to have a kidney/bean shaped form. It’s astronomical appelation is “3753 CRUITHNE”. The reason of the irregular kidney form of the orbit being the respective attractions of our earth and sun “playing it out on the poor fellow…”

    The orbit is visible on Wolframalpha. So far we have to my knowledge no astrological use/interpretation for this second Moon. But who knows, with Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron conjunct in Aquarius some super-intuitive insight may surface during these interesting days we are living!

    • GP — You are an amazing resource! Being a lunar type myself, I’m quite interested in this second moon stuff. Must do more digging on my own. But in the meantime, thanks very much for passing news of this discovery along and for all your other observations. — MS

  7. Monica, this is a PS I forgot on the previous coment:

    Science&Health today published an article: “Spooky Universal Pattern Captivates Math Experts”:

    Resumed: A city’s infrastructure, sewers, gasoline stations etc, grows at 0.77 power of it’s population. Methabolic needs of mammal growth (humans included), are in proportion to body-weight at 0.74 power.

    I gave a look at Saturn (the one who measures and limits): It’s at the 0.75 power rate (inversed) that he retrogrades and then progresses again, at average.

    And if one thinks, our 80/20 rule (e.g. in terms of learning curve ) is not far off neither.

  8. I don’t know If I said it already but …Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,)

    A definite great read….

  9. Thanks so much BloggerDude, I’m glad you found me too. And coming from a seasoned blog reader as yourself, I really appreciate the compliment and the encouragement!

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