The Amazing Calvin Borel

Nobody likes a Monday Morning Quarterback, but I can’t resist weighing in on the Kentucky Derby, which took place on Saturday, May 2.

I’m a huge Derby fan from way back, but I decided not to watch this year. I got seriously spooked when the filly Eight Belles, who placed second last year, was euthanized immediately after the race.

Readers of Astrology Mundo may recall that I picked jockey Calvin Borel, who won the Derby two years ago, as part of my trifecta for last year. Borel didn’t disappoint; he ended up placing third, riding Denis of Cork.

Imagine my surprise when I opened Sunday’s paper to discover the Louisiana native had won this year’s Run for the Roses, riding Mine That Bird, at 50-1 odds.

Borel’s a Scorpio, with the Sun conjunct Venus, and has a stellium in Virgo. He was born Nov. 7, 1966 in St. Martinsville, La. You can see his chart with transits of May 2 here, courtesy of Astrodienst.

The time of birth is unknown, but I’m wondering if his Midheaven or Ascendant isn’t picking up the transiting lineup of planets in late Aquarius — Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron.

Also, the transiting North Node in Aquarius is opposing Borel’s Jupiter in Leo, a nice signature for winning (Jupiter) in front of a large group (North Node).

6 comments on “The Amazing Calvin Borel

  1. Enjoying your very cool website, particularly this post as sports astrology is my strongest interest. I like to call the transiting Node the “horseshoe factor” as the symbol is reminiscent of a horseshoe and it seems to dispense luck or success as it contacts natal planets. a brief perusal of this jockey’s transits to his noon chart reveals very little indication of the type of success he enjoyed on this day outside of the tight transit from the Node to Jupiter. Of course, I would expect to find more indications of success if we knew his time of birth and could study how the angles of his chart were affected.
    Keep up the Great Work!

  2. Thanks for the reporting Monica. I didn’t watch this year either because of Eight Belles.

    I think Borel is so Virgo/Scorpio. He’s a finisher. He knows how to stay in the background until the last stretch and then, if he can analyze a path, he pulls way up in front. It must be his talent because this horse, amazing beast that he is, wasn’t winning much before the race.

  3. Calvin Borel’s pre-natal lunar eclipse at 5 Taurus was activated by the April 24 New Moon at 5 Taurus just before he won the Kentucky Derby.


  4. I am trying to find contact info for Monica since I am an avid horse player and want to use astrology as the basis for my picks. How do I contact her?

    • Catherine — I’m really just a novice at using astrology to predict winners. I’m still getting my feet wet. Evidently, there’s a whole breed (pun intended) of astrologers who specialize in the ponies. Good luck at the track! — Monica

  5. Would sure like to hook up with some of them. So if anyone here knows any astrologer who is playing and predicting the ponies, please have them contact me. Thanks!

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