Swine Flu and the Neptune/Jupiter Conjunction

Government leaders and public-health officials around the world are taking the threat of a swine flu epidemic, which began in Mexico City and has spread to other countries including the U.S., quite seriously, so they don’t need an astrology blog to tell them this could be a pandemic.

What is driving me to say this? The fact that Jupiter in Aquarius is quite close to a conjunction with Neptune in the same sign and that it’s moving toward the U.S. Moon. Jupiter is the expander and Neptune rules contagion. The Moon is the public in a nation’s chart.

The Moon also rules women, and I think an epidemic or a quarantine would send many working women back home. After all, if schools were closed, someone would have to be at home taking care of the kids.

Yes, it’s conceivable in some progressive families that the husband and wife would alternate between staying home and going to work, but in most cases, the duty of staying home would fall on Mom’s shoulders. And, of course, many households are headed by women so there’s no dad to pass babysitting chores along to. I’m not trying to lob a grenade in the ongoing culture wars; I’m stating a fact.

By the way, an epidemic was one of Astrology Mundo’s Top 10 predictions of 2009.

14 comments on “Swine Flu and the Neptune/Jupiter Conjunction

  1. Monica, according to the Wikipedia article on Mundane Astrology Moon is also simply related to the “public mood” and “national security needs”, which makes the conjunct even more telling. In addition, any idea of the role Chiron, which is actually even more strictly conjunct with Neptune than Jupiter for the moment, might play in this ? I think that the conjunct with the “Wounded Healer” combined to the very strict Mercury square active on Friday when the news first broke might indicate while there’s a concrete threat, there are a lot of oveblown, unfounded rumours that may effect the public mood.

  2. Had a routine visit with my cardiologist. She not only is pretty, but extremely intuitive, having Neptune on her M.C.

    Swine Flu: In her opinion the only available drug at present (but not exactly specific) is Tamiflu (Roche/Glaxo) and may have at least some placebo-effect. (Is that the reason Swiss airlines put it in their medical kitty on long distance flights?…)

    But another piece of thought the pretty lady gave me and which I wish to report,( she is of Sirian/Lebanese descendance, inclined to believe in traditions): “In the Middle Ages, when the pest was roaming, there were always people (and we know that Nostradamus, a doctor, was one of them) who could care about the infected (no antibiotics then, of course) without being hurt themselves.” And ” There may be an explanation exactly in the fact that the unfrightend are just more resistant”. (As in so many other matters).

    According to Dottora Silvia, the state of mind plays an enormous rôle in most infectious diseases. Not dissimilar to a placebo effect. But who constantly is worried about “impending desease” is so to say “calling for it”.

    I do not think that her intention was to say not to take the necessary precautions (she is a modern lady), but also to “close all possible breches where this type of illness may enter one’s body”.

    Well, on my way home, I bought some Tamiflu, at least for its placebo-effect!

    PS. Talking health matters: Poor Lula is having a difficult time: His “candidate to next-president of Brazil”, Dilma Rousseff, now happens to have lymphatic cancer. Its curable of course, but Dilma presently undergoes Uranus square Uraus and Saturn coinjunct her natal Moon/ Venus and also square her Neptune, on a more terrestrial level, the poor lady is now undergoing 4 months or so of chemical torture.

    Lula himself has Saturn square his natal Uranus and Venus/Mars opposite his Neptune/Venus/Chiron/Jupiter stellium. And the economic downturn here is starting to really bite…

    PPS. Everybody now saw Mel Gibson’s happy smile while being accompanied by his Russian crash? Braveheart indeed, having lost the type of bundle he lost.

  3. Regarding the immunity to certain diseases, I’m interested in genetics, among many other things. There is a lot written about CCR5-Delta32 gene variation that seems to impair the ability of HIV to enter white blood cells. It seems that the same variation may have given certain people an immunity against the plague. So, as much I love the idea of being fierless and thinking positive keeping the diseases away, I really think that the people who came in contact with people carrying plague, but didn’t catch it regardless the horrible hygienic conditions and the lacking medical knowledge probably had their genetics to thank for.

  4. Genetics may have worked better then, genes and viruses of people, swine , birds, corn and what have you were not constantly all mixed up and disoriented by the constant abuse of antibiotics. But who can prove it?

  5. Thank you, Candela, for that bit of sense. When AIDS first arrived, I asked a literate friend if they knew a good book to read about The Plague. “I Promessi Spossi,” he said. “The Betrothed,” by Manzoni, the great 19th century Italian writer for whom Verdi wrote his Requiem.

    This is what I learned. It seems that everyone was exposed to the plague when it swept through Europe on its various journeys over the centuries, and about two-thirds of the population died. Among the survivors, about another two-thirds got sick with the disease but survived while the remaining third remained completely asymptomatic. And yes, it had everything to do with what mom and dad had given one by way of genetics at birth. That didn’t stop people from coming up with all kinds of theories, including murdering people who looked suspicious around churches because they were Anointers. In other words, they were thought to be demonic carriers of the disease who would purposefully infect the communion rail or chalice in order to bring havoc.

    We have no idea yet how lethal this new flu is going to be. As I read recently, ALL flus are lethal to some people, particularly the young, elderly and otherwise vulnerable. And my hope is this latest version follows a 1% or lower mortality rate (which so far it has) rather than the 1919 version or the bubonic plagues before it.

  6. Since it’s unlikely to be possible to prove if those people who resisted the plague did so because of genetics, luck, bravery (or a combination of the 3), I prefer sticking with the literary side of this flu (or flu scare at least):

    G. Manzoni’s piece (600 pages or so, I read it in Italian, had to at school), is truly quite someOpus! If SFmike read it entirely – even if translated, I think that either he must be of Italian descendance or a romantic person. Congratulations anyway!

    Incidently, the area where Manzoni located his drama is where Bratt an Angie were supposed to get married also. If I am correct that marriage also never really took place, and now it seams they are already separated…

    Another recomendable lecture in this respect (and its only 200 pages), “La Peste” by Albert Camus. Definitely less romantic than Manzoni, but deep thinking indeed.

    PS. For fun: Did your V.P. Biden tell his family to avoid public transport to be able to show that he is fearless and resistant and can himself ride the train to go home? Or he also wants to be in the press, a little bit at least!

    PPS. There are astrologers out there warning re. the coming Jupiter/Neptne conjunction on May 27. I looked it up, last time the two fellows were conjunct was on Jan.9, 1997 at 27 degr. 9 minutes Capricorn. In my memory nothing hapened then, but now the two are in Aquarius and Saturn, by sign at least, is opposing.

  7. As many flu experts have pointed out, this outbreak could have a boomerang effect and resurface again in the fall, perhaps in a mutated form. I’m not an hysteric, but I think we have to be realistic about the possible manifestations of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction near the U.S. Moon.

  8. Some time ago I mentioned on Monica’s (always varied blog) that I was expecting the visit of a friend, British, a gentleman farmer ( his speciality: pigs) but living quite far away from his animals, retired in Spain.

    Well, he came last week-end , I went to pick him up at the airport, and, for a moment, I thought that he was ill, even that he had caught the flu!

    The reason of my alarm was that he arrived “sustained” by two airline personnel. But the mistery was then quickly resolved (and for the better), when one of the helping hands explained (in Spanish, my friend was on Iberia), that he was about as difficult to get off the plane a Boris Yeltsin in his happier days.

    James, that’s my friend’s name, has fully recovered since and must by now already have reached his Argentinian destination, next on his tour.

    The reason of my lengthy explanation is not concern with the flu, but with alcoholism. As Jupiter presently conjuncts Neptune and Chiron, at this moment receiving a trine of Luna, I thought it worthwhile giving some closer look at this problem:

    In Britain 25 % of the adult population (starting age 18), is alcooholic. The ratio must be similar in most other non-islamic or buddhist/hindu countries. Although Japan appears more on the boozing than the buddhist side…

    Here in Brazil the 25% is largely surpassed, even their President and many other politicians contributing.

    There exist various astrolological interpretations for “a tendency to appreciate more than just one drink”: Water signs predominant, Moon in a discontrolable position, by sign or planetary aspects, Neptune exposed (my friend’s case as Mars opposes his N.).

    I myself also sometimes drink more than what my doctors think is reasonable. My “problem” being Mars opposing my Moon. But as the pastor in the village where I was born had said: Jesus was an expert in turning water into wine. So much for an early childhood “example”.

    So, happy that with my visiting friend James it was not the flu, and consequently no risk for others he met here (and me) neither, I still have to think of why did he not come with his (lovable) wife? She for sure would have told him on that 10- hour flight to go more slowly on drinks.

    But than I also know that every man (and woman I suppose) from time to time “needs to do things alone”. Even at the risk of going a little bit over – board!

  9. this flu is not only bcse of neptun-jupiter and chiron.saturn in virgo is very important placement.saturn in virgo and was located virgo-pisces and aquarius decant.(14-15-16 degree virgo)
    another interesting thing is’chiron is far from aries 0 degree.in the year 1976 was same flu.and chiron was 34 degree apart from 0 degree aries;like now.

  10. Some “amateur-input” will give your so far interesting study some additional perspective:

    By mid November 1918 Neptune stationed at 9-10 degr. Leo – opposite where Jupiter was on March18, 2009, about when the Swine-flu was officially discovered in Mexico.

    By mid September 1919 Neptune (after retrograding) reached that point @ 9-10 Leo again, this time being conjunct (!) Jupiter (in the heavens)…

    Want one more “parallel”: today’s Swine flu is biologically a parent of the Spanish Flu. And a personal detail: I was told that in 1918/1919 three of my grand-uncles died of that flu.

    PS. It’s more probable than not that the present epidemic started well before the official date of March 18, 2009.

    Here in Brazil where I live it was “inexistent” until two months ago. Now there are officially already over 40 dead and rapidly spreading, to the point were shools and universities have postponed re-entry. And the macabre joke is that it may be till past next Carnival…

  11. I’ve got it! There is no doubt, after passing 3 nights sweating, hot and cold fever, suffering in all my limbs, (ski accidents long forgotten), my cardiologist (Dra. Silvia, already mentioned in this blog, confirmed, judging from my very painful symptoms).

    It’s not anymore academic, “in vitro”, now it’s real! What did my pretty Dotora Silvia say exactly: 2 alternatives, one I go to her hospital, lay in bed there and wait for things to improve. At this stage, she thinks, too early to take Tamiflu, will augment my pain and stress and as a cardiac person, it’s better for me to recover slowly. When I asked if she will attend me personally, she was not coming forward. So, I concluded, that they would put me somewhere isolated in “the basement” and wait as well…

    My decision? Since I am not contaminating many people where I live, I stay at home. And wait for things to improve. At least Dra. Silvia told me one thing I liked: “You can have a drink or two a day”. According to the British saying “feed your cold, and then starve it”.

    But this flew is no fun, anyone catching it I petty!

    PS. Speaking astrology: Yesterday Moon was conjunct Jupiter/Neptune. I hope it was the peak of my sufferings!

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