The Sun Shines on Helio

Good news for Brazilian race car driver Helio Castroneves: A Florida jury has acquitted him of tax evasion charges.

Along with his sister and his lawyer, Castroneves could have faced jail time.

A Taurus, Castroneves was born May 10, 1975 in Sao Paulo. The time of birth is unknown. You can see transits to his natal chart here, courtesy of Astrodienst.

Clearly, today’s Venus direct was good news for Castroneves, who has excelled on the dance floor on TV’s Dancing With the Stars as well as at the racetrack.

2 comments on “The Sun Shines on Helio

  1. I knew that Helio (a smart Brazilian) would get out of that tax problem, I even believe I said so on this blog some months ago.

    I am very happy for him and his sister.

    Now, very seriously, if he continues with car racing, I think he is on the wrong track, if its speed, endurance etc.

    What will count for the future is not speed anymore. The politicians having decided that now its ~going to be electrical~bowing to ecologist wishes~ the races (predictably boring of course) of the future will be who gets most miles out of say one battery charge.

    What is very suspicious at this moment is that e.g. the British Government promises 5000.- pounds to whom (by 2011) will buy a hybreed or electrical car. And that is tax payers money for something that has not yet proven to be economically viable!

    The Chinese stated that they will inundate the world markets with electrical vehicles. Well, if you ever bought a Chinese electrical tool, now even from Black & Decker (they have factories there) you will know that these type of Chinese wonders dont last for more than 6 month, if even as much!

    My point: I do not believe that the technology for electric vehicles is ready “to fly”. Unless scientists have a real brake-though in e.g. hydrogen technology, all the rest is ” mere dabbling”.

    Besides Helio, there is another smart Brazilian worth mentioning: Eike Batista. Fortune recently declared him being the richest Brazilian, worth some 5 billion $.

    To have usefull batteries for the “car of the future” one needs lithium. All else is to heavy or not functional enough. Now this Eike has secured the world’s largest deposits of that rare metal in Bolivia. There is at this stage no other place in the world disposing of similar reserves.

    My prediction: after gobbling up Chilean copper now instead of US Governme bonds, the Chinese will find a way to monopolize Bolivian Lithium. It’s getting a bit complicated, but someone will make money for sure…

  2. Want to hear about a third smart Brazilian? It’s my computer wizzard. He is the only one I know in a radius of about 100 Km. But he is smart. When I told him about the constant difficulties to access the net etc. (and it’s not Google at fault but who else who put the money in some Swiss bank acct. instead of upgrading the provider equipement around here), he gave me a simple typ: Log into a Brazilian sexy site, they show attractive pictures of girls, mostly in Rio. The local internet provider, as soon as you wish to see some site with only pictures, upgrades your request for access in the broad-band. And, so to say as by magic, your access to all the other sites improves as well. I tested it and it works! Regretably I have no time to look at all those girls. But it solved my problem. For now at least.

    PS. The Latino Summit:a flop. Not even the Castros got a deal. Chavez even less so and Lula had to stay in the back.
    But whatch out now for the Chinese: they have entered a sort of currency swap/barter with the Argentinians, avoiding the US – Dollar. Lula will be shortly in China and we expect a similar deal for Brazil. Chile already has one going, there it’s all about copper (instead of US Government bonds).

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