Happy Birthday, Gian Paul!

Today is the birthday of our celebrated Brazil bureau chief, Gian Paul, who has singlehandedly kept this blog going with his spirited comments and his longer posts under the banner The View From Brazil. Thanks and many happy returns, GP!

Unfortunately, today was also the day that a dear high school friend of mine passed away. I also still need to push the button on the California electronic return on TurboTax.

4 comments on “Happy Birthday, Gian Paul!

  1. Happy Birthday Gian Paul! Isn’t it also Leonardo da Vinci’s Birthday?

    My condolences about your friend, Monica.

  2. It is Leonardo’s birthday indeed. Before I even knew that mine coincides with his (it’s not me who chose the dates), I had studied and visited what’s available. Palazzo Sforza in Milan, the chateau in the Loire, where he spent time with Catherine de Medicis, etc.

    Those were “new times” then, the Renaissance. And interesting in astrological terms, the 500 year cycle (+/-). Soon thereafter the Americas were discovered etc.

    What annoys me with Leonardo is that many of his writings and drawings are in private hands, and worse so of the British Royalty. Unlikely that they will go broke one day, so no chance of any auction sale of Leonardo`s legacy.

    Question. A comet`s tale is actually what preceedes the comet. So is the Ass in front of it as well…

  3. Already thought the “unthinkable”: if it was in front?

    You must be a fun guy/gal. But comets are sexless, except for the names they receive by some astronomer.

    I actually know a guy here in Brazil (and saw his installation, situated at exactly the equinox of the Capricorn, in a town called Boituva, SP), who put up a real astronomical observatory (telescope, projection cinema underneath it, 40/50 people seated) to whatch the passage of Komet Haley in 1986, if I remember correctly.

    As it turned out Haley’s passage was not as spectacular as expected, and he had invited clients of his firm from Europe and elsewhere for the event, What saved his day, he told me, was that alongside the observatory he also had constructed a small beer brewery. He is of German origin.

    So for sure, when Haley passed, and they could not really see, either because of clouded skies or excess of German/Brazilian beer drinking, it did probably not matter to much if the A. was front or rear.

    What I know is that this original German friend likes A’s, Brazilian style, and Ladies only. He said so and I believe him.

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