The Eyes Have It

Well, this is a strange coincidence. In the past few minutes, I’ve read two political articles that have to do with eye color. The first is about Brazilian President Lula’s remarks to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown about who’s to blame for the global financial crisis.

The second is a profile of a schoolteacher in the Los Angeles Times. The teacher, Jane Elliott, conducted an experiment with her pupils after Martin Luther King’s death to teach them what racism was. For a single day, she treated her students with brown eyes better than those with blue eyes.

Who knew eye color could be such a catalyst for news?


13 comments on “The Eyes Have It

  1. No, eye color has nothing to do with anything. The Brazilian President is being a bigot. The financial systems are set up by the English who are mostly blue eyed because they live in a Northern Climate. Brown eyes probably protect from the Sun. England has the crappiest Weather on Earth and I’d be far more inclined to think that being without Sunlight creates a neurotic tendency to be devious in all kinds of underhanded ways. On the other hand, having lived in California my whole life with a healthy exposure to Latin cultures I have to say that they have a hardy appetite for all things corrupt as well. Thanks for the stupid blog entry.

  2. Agree with Comet’s Ass, not about his last sentence, but the rest.

    What one must understand (also the reason most Brazilians prefer talking socker rather than politics) is that Lula as most latino politicians does not use a teleprompter. I explained why the other day.

    To appear to be sort of a strong – man, Lula, now that Citi is moribund has stopped banging who lies on the floor. So he must have seen in Brown (who by his looks indeed could be a banker), the type of person who deserved to hear with anticipation what’s waitng for them at the G-20. In London Lula will have competition in that sense, there will be the Russians, the Chinese, the Berlusconis poking fun at Obama. So he preferred to steal the the avant-première.

    More fundamentally: Saturn (R) is at the minute precise sitting square to Lula’s Uranus (R) in Gemini. The man recently also is loosing rapidly in popularity.

    And nobody can tell: Lula may have been in one of those “states” which the British know from some of their own politicians (Churchill, George Brown etc. As he now treats himself with more noble stuff than he used to while a union leader, its more difficult to “smell” where he stands at any given moment.

    Some journalists will shortly come out with a book on Lula’s sayings, especially when he is under way in the Presidential Airbuss. If its not going to be a best-seller here, someone will pay for that book either be distributed for free before the next elections or then someone will pay for its destruction. Confirming what Comet’s Ass just said about corruption!

  3. “You are Fortunate Not To Have Blue Eyes”, said the Veterinarian.

    He came to give the usual vaccines to my beloved animals, 5 dogs and cats and I invited him for lunch. The conversation naturally touched politics. My vet (more precisely my animal’s vet, Marco Aurelio, his name makes one dream of Roman times), is blue – eyed. Descendant of Italians, from the North (important detail).

    So, as Dr. Marco Aurelio is also involved in local politics (not Lula’s party for sure), I wanted to know what an educated Brazilian was thinking of G-20 and Lula’s stand in respect.

    Said Dr. MA: If this economic crisis gets deeper ( the assumption here in Brazil, Lula says, is that it will not) but one is permitted to diverge from that opinion) “this time it will turn really messy”.

    Why, and that’s where I understood its good I am not “blue-eyed”:
    According to Dr. MA, this country which never has seen any revolution (besides what is legitimate resistance against a military dictatorship), is about to explode socially, should the economy tank.

    Lula, the demagogue (Dr. MA speaking) has sensed that and to save his and his follower’s positions, he now has to overtly engage the blacks. And they are close to constitute a majority in Brazil.

    It all started with the US electing a first black President. And that also explains (easy with hindsight) why from the beginning Lula was putting so many hopes in Obama. It’s all about saving his own skin!

    PS. Lula just announced that the Government will finance the construction of 1 million popular houses. But its only for major cities. (Where jobless and homeless blacks are a social problem, but also a select electorate, even more so as the vote in Brazil is mandatory).

  4. GP — Maybe Lula should send his friend Obama the blueprints for the “popular houses.” We’re getting tent cities in the U.S., made up of people of all colors who used to be middle class. — MG

  5. Lula probably would send the blue-prints, and for free. Only, my guess, one of those blue-prints , as the cement, plumbing , electrical wiring that goes with those popular houses, will be so overcharged that a non-corrupt Land like America could not afford paying for it…

    One must understand that Lula is only President here. Serving whom has a better idea!

  6. Propaganda and Fact – or Dream and Reality.

    While Sheik Lula is now happy talking more details about the promised 1 million houses for the poor (mostly colored) Brazilians, the city of Rio de Janeiro plans to build over 30 Km of concrete walls around the famous shanty-towns of that city. The reason: to protect the tropical forest, being eaten up progressively by the “favellas”.

    What many do not know, is that the same forest is being eaten up, but coming from the other side, by luxury condominiums (the view is spectacular from there over the bay of Rio). Its after all cheaper for the condominiums (existing and to come) if the municipality builds the walls.

    PS. I always had a liking for Alberto Giacometti, a quite famous Swiss sculptor for his Etruscan – type of sculptures. I actually helped (astrologically and for fun) a German art dealer to time an exhibition, and it was a great success back in the 80s.

    Now, practically 28 years later (Saturn), Giacomett’s sculpture “The Cat” is coming to auction again. In 1975, when it changed hands for the last time, it fetched $130.000.

    Sotheby’s estimates that they will be able to get between $16 million and $22 million on the coming auction on May 5 in New York. And saying that we live in a crisis…

    Alberto Giacometti was born Oct. 10, 1901 in Vicosoprano, Switzerland (a few km from where I was born myself). Time of birth not certain, but I strongly believe he is AS Capricorn. Looking at his map, now that (posthumouslly) “he” will fetch a record price, Pluto in transit is closing in on the artist’s Jupiter at 5 degrees Capricorn. Shows how values can “secretly” evolve with time!

  7. Gian Paul, you raised an interesting point about the financial crisis and the Art World. It actually seems that the Art World could be anti cyclic. Certain investors, who are pulling their money away from the stock market and the real estates on time, are now investing on art. The Yves Saint Laurent art collection that was recently auctioned by Christie’s pulled record revenues. Up here living artist will unanimously tell that they haven’t been affected by the financial downturn, if not positively.

    I’m wondering if this could be interpreted astrologically by Pluto in Capricorn, or Earth signs in general. It could be that under Capricorn Pluto people are looking for very tangible ways to express both their wealth. Capricorn could also enhance the need to turn the unconcious thoughts to tangible forms.

  8. Candela, my perception of values (art, culture, knowledge) is that these values live so to say “of their own right”. And obviously not always at the same rytm than the common values and common people. You mention Yves Saint Laurent/Pierre Bergé. What they collected was a work of love (shouldn’t call that work, but they for sure took it very serious). Much stacked away in Algeria, to appreciate, not to show-off!

    Which makes me wonder: a piece of outstanding art, “inspired by some god or demiurge”, possibly can be the originator (yes) of the artist, and not the other way round. But explain that to the commoners! Actually, it should never be explained. It’s for the select only. That’s why the crisis is one thing, and there are values which are hardly touched by it.

    Your point about Pluto in Earth sign etc. is interesting. But as I just said, art (and who can afford and MERITS TO BE ABLE TO AFFORD it) may be subject to other planetary rules an cycles than the man (or woman) of the street can possibly perceive.

    It’s not so much a question of being “money-smart” but of being initiated, in love or syntony.

  9. Gian Paul, if I understood correctly, your point is that art, culture, knowledge etc. have a value of their own not quantifiable in an economic sense. If so, I couldn’t agree more. But there are times and places when art seems to acquire a greater importance as a denotator of a certain thing it would otherwise have. I’ve previously noticed fashion follows the Pluto cycles, after all it’s the transformation planet. With art things are definitely much more complicated even astrologically, but I’d imagine Pluto could have something to do with the way art is used to enforce and tier down powerstuctures.

  10. Candela, I can not explain better I think my perception of art (not all of it, for certain, but that which survives for generations and sometimes hundreds of generations) must have “a life of its own”, independent of the artist, so to say.

    Michelangelo, when he went to Carrara to chose the block of white marble for his most famous work, Davide, said: I know it was not me who found that impeccable block of marble. “Something” was behind this and Davide was already in that stone!

    Your observation of Pluto being related to fashion makes me think, a legitimate thought, even appreciative: In 1966/67 Pluto was “dancing” in the last decan of Virgo. And Virgo has something puritan about herself. It was then that we were gratified by the miniskirt, and, as if to help a little bit from “other concerns”, the pill was invented about the same time, or became used on a grand scale…

  11. Have to report this one, category “posthumous horoscopes” (as with Giacometti the other day):

    Wladimir Iljitsch Lenin (22. April 1870, Gregorian calendar, 18:28 GMT, Simbirsk), the first non-aristocratic Russian head of state, extremely socialist, to the point Obama looks (so far) totally innocent, has had three of his monuments seriously vandalized in the last 2/3 weeks. On March 23/24 in Piatigorsk and Volgograd, and now on April 1, in St. Petersburg. The last one with a pretty powerful bomb which blew a mighty whole into his (that is the statue’s) belly.

    Looked it up his map: Saturn (R) transiting in exact opposition to Comrade Lenin’s Venus at 16 degr, 52 Pisces!

    PS. The G-20: as expected by many, the usual bla-bla. Financial markets are tired of “worrying all the time”, a new month (and quarter) has begun, Madoff is locked away, his toys of pleasure in government hands and after all, future generations can suffer a bit as well paying more taxes…

    The G-20 helped Michelle O. to be better known and the consensus in Europe already is that she is more likable than her husband, despite her blunder with the Queen. But then, besides the Brits, not many other Europeans bother much about Buckingham Palace’s protocol.

  12. Would appreciate if anyone living in Russia or traveling there or otherwise and reading this blog could report back if Lenin’s damaged monuments were repaired (as they should be), or if the Russian authorities opposed such a move. It’s the only way to get a better idea of who is behind such disgusting vandalism.

    I would stand up to defend the respect of any historic monument except a statue of say Nicolau Ciaoscescu of Romania or General Galtieri of Argentina or Pinochet of Chile.

    Why: If a monument stands, its to inform the public about something important (at least in the past). This is real information, not “Holly or Bolly-wood).

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