Vanessa Redgrave: A Mother’s Grief

The death of celebrated actress Natasha Richardson after a fall on the Quebec ski slopes has brought incalculable pain to her family and her fans.

Her husband Liam Neeson, her two sons, her sister Joely Richardson, and her aunt Lynn Redgrave have all suffered a tremendous loss.

However, as a Moon/Saturn opposition, my thoughts go to her mother, Aquarian Vanessa Redgrave. According to, she was born at 6 p.m. and has a 24-degree Leo rising, which is being opposed by Neptune right now.

I will post more about this amazing woman, but I wanted to put her chart up tonight and say, “Our prayers are with you.”

Any comments or analysis are greatly appreciated.


2 comments on “Vanessa Redgrave: A Mother’s Grief

  1. How things often can happen “in parallel”…

    America lost yesterday Natasha Richardson because of a head injury, Brazil lost Clodovil, a famous fashion designer, equally by a brain hemorrage.

    Clodovil must have been the most cherished of all State Deputies this country has ever had. No politician got ever elected to Deputy in Brasilia by as many votes than Clodovil. His secret: he was gay, tremendously loved by women etc. had his own talk-show on TV, exited the political party which helped him being elected, saying that they owe him and not the other way round. Well quite a character and certainly leaving a vacuum on the scene in Brazil.

    PS. Now something un-parallel: In recent months the world of finance was considering “risk” everything not US Dollar or gold. All the rest, especially the Euro, therefore was “risk”.

    This has been reversed by the stroke of a pen, Bernankes’ or Geithner’s. What now has become “risk”, is the US Dollar.

    To finish on one more un-parallel: a survey just out in this country is showing that a great majority of Brazilians believe as last year after Carnival that next year at the same time their lives will again have improved. A similar survey in the US probably could hardly give the same result…

  2. My first impressions looking at Vanessa Redgrave is the secondary progressed Saturn a degree away in opposition to her natal moon. And her natal moon is in opposition to natal Venus and Saturn… so your Saturn/ Moon instincts are exactly right for how this must feel for Redgrave.

    I am also struck that transiting Hades (transneptunian) is also in this hard aspect Moon/Venus/Saturn mix. This shows an intensity of Redgrave’s sadness, which I can only imagine as being extreme.

    I am reminded of her brilliant portrayal of Isadore Duncan (1968). At the time Uranus/Chiron were transiting her moon. Her daughters Natasha & Joely were young children.

    The poignancy she portrays as Isadore discovers her children have been killed is unforgettable. She certainly drew on her own emotional connection to her children to deliver the image of a mother’s inconsolable loss.

    This very public family is touching many hearts. Loving mothers never want to survive their children, regardless of any Saturn/Venus/Moon aspects.

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