All Nouriel, All the Time

Nouriel Roubini, the Turkish-born economist and New York University professor that the press has named “Dr. Doom,” is grabbing headlines this morning with his downbeat assessment of global economic prospects.

I blogged about Roubini after The New York Times Sunday Magazine did a profile on him. You can see his chart here, courtesy of Astrodienst. He was born March 29, 1958 in Istanbul, time unknown.

You can see that the transiting Neptune/Mercury/Mars stellium in Aquarius (to name just a few planets) is conjuncting Roubini’s Venus in Aquarius, which natally is with Chiron.


6 comments on “All Nouriel, All the Time

  1. With Carnaval passed, reality, that is 2009, has now entered into Brazilian life as well, and so for me. Nouriel Roubini is indeed deserving the utmost press coverage (hence this small contribution).

    Here in Brazil he must have numerous subscribers, Radio, TV, also various economists close to the Brazilian Central Bank and Government. They mention him all the time. (More often then P. Krugman, Nobel Price, after all, and perfectly “in line” with Roubini’s thoughts or the other way round…).

    As he not only is a brilliant economist, but also Aries (by sun – sign), I would like, as I suppose that like me he blogs on Astrology Mundo, to extend a “friendly warning” to him: being Aries myself, I have experienced quite some “capricornian monitoring” by Monica, the otherwise truly genial person driving this blog. This makes me “feel authorized ” to say that as famous as Nouriel now is becoming, he should beware:

    Fire (Aries), as the Orientals say, can be extinguished by Earth, (Capricorn, etc). The other way round, if you want to turn earth into solid structure, you need fire, the result being, for example, “terracotta”. Or much better or noble, the type of stoneware Yves Saint Laurent possessed and the Chinese “buyer” now refuses to pay…

    Beware of the Chinese, as in arts so with petroleum….

    But all that may sound like “alchemy” and gratuitous, considering today’s economic problems.

    Only, following very closely what Nouriel Roubini and his staff are saying these days, I came across a very interesting piece of news today: some Japanese agency was saying that the Chinese, I suppose tired to deal with ” what currency is the best to put their excess reserves”, are now thinking to simply buying oil. As cheep as it now is, one may even suspect that it was Roubini who gave them the idea!

  2. Gian Paul — As a master of many languages, you must realize that the commonly given meaning of the name “Monica” is “monitor.” So it’s my destiny to monitor, no? Glad you’re back, even if you’re just dipping a toe in with Venus about to go retrograde in Aries. We’ve missed the View from Brazil.– Monica

  3. I knew that “Monica” means “monitor”. Monica/Monacus/Monc. Albeit, in the beginning God intended: ” monitor yourself”….

    By extension, as your birth map is fortunately well garnished with Sagitarian goodies, you must, permit me the expression, get a “kick” out of dealing with “matters of distant places”. Brazil is one of the many you know.

    Re. Venus (coming) retrograde in Aries: Churchill (Sir Winston) appropriately said: Things not always are what they appear to be…

    “I for instance got more out of alcohol, then alcohol got out of me…”

  4. One of the best traits about Sagittarians is that they don’t hold a grudge. When they fall off the horse, they dust themselves off, and get back on!

  5. Dear Wassenberg,

    I got the 1958 year of birth for Nouriel Roubini from the Wiki back in 2008. Obviously, a purported picture of the economist’s 50th birthday party is fairly persuasive, though I’m not sure one can believe anything one reads in a blog. I’m with you, “Garbage in, garbage out.”

    Thanks for bringing the new birth year to my attention.

    Will calculate a new chart and post. I’ve been taking a hiatus from the Internet for a variety of reasons

    Best regards,

    Monica Starr

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