Blizzard Hits Big Board

Stay away from the corner of Wall and Broad streets this week, my friends. The New York Stock Exchange incorporation chart is getting hit every which way. Transiting Neptune, Mercury, and Mars are hovering around the NYSE’s natal Pluto, which is at 23 degrees of Aquarius.

The transiting Aquarius trio is also making a square to the Big Board’s natal Sun and Mercury in the late degrees of Taurus. All in all, expect a bloodbath in the U.S. equity markets this week, with the possibility of circuit breakers being activated.

14 comments on “Blizzard Hits Big Board

  1. I’m actually ready to buy. 6500 was my DJX target, and I thought you’d mentioned that too a while back. I’ll have to check.

  2. Jass — Remember this blog is for entertainment purposes only and I’m not a registered investment adviser. Having said that, I’m a buyer at 5,500, not 6,500, and certainly not until right before Venus goes direct on April 17/18. But that’s my position, not yours. Thanks for your continued participation in this blog. All the best, Monica

  3. Watching the financial circus becomes more interesting as the days go by: Obama tells anybody wants to listen to buy stocks, even dispensing from suggesting at which level. (And he is less scrupulous then Monica. He does not warn that he is not a registered financial advisor…)

    Meanwhile, Lula in less-developed Brazil, simply tells consumers to continue spending, implying that that’s what they are there for.

    On top of this, the Brazilian President is publicly rejoicing that Citibank, who in the past used to give lessons to Brazil on how to behave financially, now is moribund, worth some mere pennies.

    So it’s a case of “survival of the fittest”. And Lula may actually have found a better handle on the economic problems of the moment. His advantage is not being an academic!

  4. PS : News just broke that Lula and Obama will meet on March 14. I promise to keep a close eye on that, although I am off sailing around that date.

  5. Jamais deux sans trois (“Never two without three,” as the French say):

    I admit that often I am quite ironical in my observations about Lula. But today, close to coming International Women’s Day on March 8, by coincidence or not, Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva (that’s his complete name) came out with a GREAT STATEMENT:

    He came close to saying that if the Catholic Church wants to excommunicate him, SO BE IT!

    And that in genuine (and generous) defense of two medical doctors who just were excommunicated from the church by a Brazilian bishop. Why? They performed an abortion on a 9 (!)-year-old girl who became pregnant after having been violated by her stepfather.

    We are living in interesting times indeed. In the UK and elsewhere there is mounting concern about the growing number of “child-fathers.” Here in Brazil the issue of abortion, as in the US, where Catholic clinics now threaten to close down, receives growing attention.

    For being a true pragmatist , Lula courageously stuck out his neck, saying that in his opinion modern medicine understands certain issues better than the Pope, including the free use of condoms, abortion, and similar issues. Curious to see what California’s judges will say today regarding gay-marriage…

  6. Blizzard/Big Board – Lady’s Day – Madoff (or “Madoxx) – Brazilian buns- thought it would be of interest if I report a bit about my dinner last night:

    Salim, a friend living in Geneva, was spending, as he often has done in the past because of his (official) involvement in the fashion business, Carnival in Brazil.

    As Moon transited Cancer yesterday, and Salim is Sun – sign Cancer (AS Sag.), I invited him for dinner. Was excellent. No French Wines (after what now happened in a Michelin – star restaurant there and they don’t yet know was it the food or the wine (3-400 people got sick!), but Chilean. It’s excellent, by the way.

    Will “report” more or less in order of our conversation. Salim, for being an even greater “polyglot” then I am (he has 3 passports, I have only one), started off with Carnaval, that I should have come to join him and his friends in Rio etc.

    So I used the opportunity to ask him about “Brazilian Lady buns”. First I had to explain that if I was asking the question it was because of a blogger-friend of mine who is involved with Michelle Obama’s arms and dresses. (Salim does not care about dresses, his line being more bras and bikinis). But he knows about Brazilian buns: said Salim, and that was at the beginning of the our dinner:

    This is all exageration! Rio being what the rest of the world thinks that Brazil is (except for some biologist who cares more about the Amazon), suffers from a “distorted view”: Certain ladies specialized in catering to foreign tourists visiting Rio, especially during Carnival, came to the conclusion that in order to avoid unnecessary conversations it was more expedient to “be just physical”, not even “face-to-face”. And Craig Report having not yet reached the shores of Rio de Janeiro…

    Thinking I better turn the conversation in a more “substantial” direction, I asked Salim if he had some recent news from Geneva. Of course he did, he knows many diplomats living (and one supposes also working) there:

    The “news of the day”: Hillary’s gaffe. According to Salim that idea of using that “re-start button” was pretty bad, from the beginning. Puttin already knew Hillary from Bill’s days. So the “the same Lady again, and ten years later?”.

    I had to agree . Russians have different characters from other people. (Remember Nikita Chruschov and the way he met JFK?)

    So I asked Salim what he would have done (after all he spent a lifetime in marketing): I would have used something, symbolically, really cold. Alaskan perhaps or related to bombers overflying the big north, even Canada. Putin appears to have a taste for that rather then buttons.

    So we changed subject. But better I not report on that. Next I remember was Madoff.

    Salim did so far not know that I had mentioned him on Monika’s astrological blog and even more so because of Madoff. He even appeared slightly concerned. Then I found out. Salim (not Madoff) bought some years ago an apartment for his wife i Boca Ratune. But it’s totally unrelated! (And I put my own hand in the fire: it is).

    The only thing Salim remembers about Madoff, is that I had invited the two for lunch, way bag in 1979, obeying my then bosses instructions.

    What does Salim now think of Madoff? (in 1979 he thought that the man may be a wolf hiding in sheep’s skin, and how right he was!)

    Well, besides for Madoff (or what left of his family) now being “his despicable neighbor” in Florida, the man, so said my Salim, may have to think in counter – suing the N.Y. justice system. (My Iraki friend does not lack humor….). Why? Well with relatively little effort, explained Salim, Madoff managed to occupy the media for about the same number of years then Warren Buffett.

    Now the N.Y. investigators want to diminish his rôle by claiming that its not 50 but only 20 billion of dollars he skimmed off the table. How cruel can the world can be !!!

  7. P.S. Whom do you prefer to believe? Obama/Gordon Brown or Hillary?
    The latter just some hours ago reassured her counterpart, Swiss foreign minister Micheline Calmy-Rey, that the US after all will not be “to hard pressing” on the problem of Swiss Bank Secrecy.

    Is she being just diplomatic or starting to “disobey her boss”?

    Personally I think that the Swiss Banking Secrecy is a true pest dating from two (not one) centuries ago, time after the French Revolution.

    Give you a “live – example”: Being a former executive in various Swiss banks, now living retired in happy Brazil, I am still under Swiss penal law, should I speak up one day about some scandalous things that I happen to know. And its not about some mere “peanuts”. Its big money representing entire hydroelectric plants (never invested, went strait to Geneva or Zurich) or Petroleum Research (the deeper the better because more costly), having never “touched any other ground than Swiss”…

    Gosh, hopefully the “Era of Aquarius” is rapidly becoming reality! Who desires to continue living with today’s type of politicians, their lies and mass-media-stupidity and for how much longer?

    This is a long story, too long to go on continuing here. For who wants to join me in it for further discussion, always with Monica’s kind permission, please E-Mail me on, or, more simply, if possible, with her hopeful cooperation, on Monica’s blog.

    “Either we do something, or we let the Tzar continue” ( thats very young Lenin wrote home from abroad, from Geneva, to be precise).

    Cirio to you all , lets keep hoping for the better, always, G.P.

  8. Since I am on the go today (and Monica) permitting, here comes one more thought:

    Striking how some ideas travel fast, even between fixed signs (Scorpio-Lula and Leo-Obama):

    For weeks Lula tells his folks (and his approval rate after almost 10 years in power, despite the crisis, is still over 75 % with visibly no tricking) : “Its not now that you can stop consuming. You have a duty to fulfill to the nation your co-workers, your children etc. Besides it’s good owning a car, a frig, isn’t it?”

    That’s a type of clear language, no question. Would even be in “evolved” America.

    And reading Time/CNN, they came out saying that Brazil is “the only country that might avoid recession” . (Well, typical for Turner owned news, they already are wrong in as far as there will be other countries managing to do that (China, the Philippines, Peru, Chile etc.)

    Another type of language, as reported by HuffingtonPost, were Obama’s recent pronouncement to the public carried very “front”, so to say::

    1) “The crisis is a great opportunity…”
    (Who just lost his job or is fearing loosing it may have difficulties believing, even after having voted democrat…)

    2) “Americans should not stuff their money in their mattrasses and not suddenly mistrust their financial institutions”

    What to make out of that? First, it’s a Leo talking down to people (after all now HIS people). Second, “the great opportunity” turns suspicious to his adversaries. Read what Buchanan, Gingrich and consorts are already saying…

    But far more serious: It all sounds, astrologically speaking, as if Pluto now in Capricorn is taking its toll. For Lula not too much of a problem, being a Scorpio, Pluto even can help.

    But for your new POTUS its quite different, considering as well that as a Leo he faces some serious Aquarian planetary oppositions right now. And its unlikely that mere words which will help out (even if correctly chosen!).

    Unfortunately one does not have a day-to-day record of what happened to the Roman Empire, say after Nero or Pompeii, but history is fascinating indeed.

    P.S. Concerning Arianna Huffington – anyone able to tell me what sign she is? If Aries, as her first name would suggest, I could understand why she now is already giving sort of a hard time to Obama…

    Aries/Leo can entertain very special relations. And who wins, in my personnel experience as an Aries, usually is not the Leo!

  9. GP – Arianna’s a Cancer. I’ve written a couple of things on her chart. Just type Arianna Huffington into blank space next to search on Astrology Mundo and you will find the blog posts, both from me and Michael WolfStar at StarIQ. — Monica

  10. Thanks Monica for your indications on Arianna being Cancer. Also appreciated the search facility on top of your blog. I did not know. It’s genial. On the other hand I tried the other day to look up Rubini’s map with the Astro-people in Switzerland, as per your kind arrangements. Did not work, had first to log-in myself again. So I used my own programe, was faster for me.

    Arianna’s map stroke me foremeost because of her almost exact Mars/Neptune conjunction at 14-15 degr. Libra. As we now live it in the skyies, except in Aquarious, but largely trine to A. Huffington’s.!

    To me this conjunction had certainly (and still has) an effect. Your friend Elsa hit the nail on the spot in interpreting this conjunction the other day.

    So, as that thing is still progressing and accompanied by the current stellium in Aquarius, I will try to put down some thoughts I had recently, so many things often falling under the same “denominator”, isn’t it?

    The financial melt-down as you personally referred to in the header and what you say in this piece of blog has to do with Neptune in the US and Wall Street charts.

    The Illinois church shooting certainly as well: Mars the gun, Neptune probably ill-understood Christian (Pisces) idealism. If I got it right the guy shot the bible and then, maybe accidentally the pastor as well (?)

    Talking of crime: A new prison in Nancy, not a small French town, ready for use in about 6 months, had it’s blueprints stolen, with all the details. For whom watches crime on TV it will be hilarious!

    Apparently, when I told my Brazilian maid, that already happened in Brazil several times. So we are not “all lagging behind” here…

    The planed US talks with the Taliban (Mars) and Idealism (Neptune), appear ill-started: Its only the moderate Taliban (those tired or with only one leg or arm left) who agreed to discussions. The others are far too busy at war (my Kashmir source e-mailed me).

    In your title “Blizzard Hits the Board” you may have subconciusly made reference to the other side of Neptune, the terrible Posseidon, end of so many sailors.

    And Lula, to end these comments, does not talk anymore of world financial crisis, his preferred words now are “that tsunami created by the Americans and their banks”, (implying City of course).

  11. At the risk of taking out to much space on Monic’s blog, but talking Mars/Neptune, just to be even more informative on the effects of the current conjunction of these strange bedfellows:

    The Chinese Navy harrassing the the USNS “Impeccable”, an unarmed US marine ship. Must be testing the new administration, or trying to get some additional fun in return for continuing to buy US government bonds?

  12. Lula’s Possible Successor: A Woman! (Wrote this on Int’l Women’s Day, revised it one day after, as the subject deserves ample reflection, seen from Brazil at least).

    (Monica, I am writing about this now for two reasons:1). I have the time as I must wait to close out a difficult deal going with Singapore dollar, and that market has no yet come into gear, but then 2) there is this Mars/Neptune thing in the air and I better profit from it as long as it’s lasting. No rush to publish, and also, if you decide to do so, of course).

    Few Americans, except the CIA and some diplomats and executives of GE (Hydro-electrical Plants Division) may so far have heard her name: It’s DILMA ROUSEFF, Lula’s Chief of Cabinet (your Ram Emanuel up there).

    Her history is telling. She is not really pretty, but after a recent “resculpturing”, very well succeeded in my humble opinion , she gained in attractiveness. After all, Brazil is known for it’s excellent plastic surgeons (but beware, not all of them!). Dilma is being promoted whenever he can by Lula to be his successor in 2012.

    So one can start to be curious. Especially as Lula is showing the type of political acumen a Vladimir Putin demonstrates! Very pragmatic and even devious as hell…

    So back to Dilma, whom I suspect Brazil will get to know and appreciate (?) much more as time goes buy. Unfortunately I could so far not get hold of her horoscope, but the current Mars/Neptune conjunction is already provoking violent reactions to Lula promoting her (a woman, in Brazil!) as possible future president.

    As in this tropical climate one easily transpires, and Dilma does in her face when she speakes in public and in the open, some right – wing politicians, even over the net, are “explaining that Dilma must be using some type of shoe-shine in her face…” And that around Int’l Women’s day(!). Well they already deserve to loose the next elections for that.

    More seriously: Dilma, during the Brazilian dictatorship, which after all lasted for 20 years until the mid 80’s, was in the clandestine opposition, close to Che Guevara.That, today, should help her gain some votes, especially with women!

    Having been Minister of Energy before and having shown some impressive understanding of what’s involved in that type of domain, (she is an engineer by profession, despite her years in the wilderness with Che) the woman is, I think, to be reconed with!

    Thought that a bit of a “fresh breath”, away from the Geitners and the problems of the N.Y. Times and the GM’s of your North American world might be of interest.

    More as things (or Lula/Dilma) will progress.

  13. GP — I’ve been meaning to respond to some of the concerns in your e-mail, but I was dragged out of town by a lawsuit. In any event, the way that Astrodienst works is that I have to be signed in for anybody else to look at the charts that I link to. One of these days, I’m going to start attaching PDFs so people won’t run into the problem that you did. Thanks for calling it to my attention. Best, Monica

  14. I probably needed to retire in the Brazilian jungle (away from too much “civilization”) to finally discover the astrological why of the saying “stay away in May” on Wall Street. (Monica used it the other day):

    Today, May 26, is the birthday of when Charles Dow published for the first time the DOW Index. That was in 1896. Assuming it must have been in the afternoon of that day, but it really does not matter, and according with my way of looking at which planet rules a map, in this case Venus in Taurus and Mercury in Gemini, the very potent opposition on that day of Uranus/Saturn on Venus (at 17 degr. Taurus), explains amply why, often, May is “not a profitable month”. Suffice it to have some square or opposition in transit to this nasty axis, and then one will have to regret having been invested during May.

    Now this year no really severe transits affect this chart currently. And also the “paid Government optimists” being at the steering wheel, mightily helps of course.

    For interest: Jupiter/Neptune will NOT YET transit the North Node of the Dow chart. First they have to retrograde until October or so. Otherwise one could have assumed that this rally was far from over.

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