Will the Real Rick Santelli Stand Up?

Ever since CNBC commentator Rick Santelli made his rant heard ’round the world from Chicago’s commodity trading pits, I’ve been searching for his birthdate.

I haven’t succeeded. However, Barry Ritholtz at The Big Picture is quoting some persuasive evidence that Santelli is the front-man for a far-right GOP organization. Check it out!

There’s more than meets the eye to Santelli’s seemingly spontaneous eruption against Obamanation and his call for a “Chicago tea party.” Anybody got a birthday on Santelli? Love to hear about it.

3 comments on “Will the Real Rick Santelli Stand Up?

  1. Glad you’re chiming in. If only Bill and Hillary had had the series of tubes to help them expose the vast right-wing conspiracy all those years ago.

    Of course, without media on kneepads, this shot would never have been heard ’round the world.

  2. Thanks for the link, and what a vile story of journalism it is, though a great piece of writing by Mark Ames and Yasha Levine on the Playboy website. (Who knew they had an internet site? I didn’t.) There’s also a parody YouTube video of CNBC and a fake Santelli that’s well worth seeing. Here’s a link:

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