It Can Happen Here

Here’s an article from The Guardian of London predicting a nasty summer on the other side of the pond because of unemployment. I know we’re in the midst of an Obama lovefest, but let me be the first to say, “It can happen here.”

Here’s the Guardian article, which tops the paper’s list of most-viewed articles over the past 24 hour

One comment on “It Can Happen Here

  1. The transit of Venus around Obama’s Uranus runs out, which will likely take away the glow around change with it too. Of question is its conjunction with his north node, if it takes away what’s been given, or just makes it a burden for him. I think it’ll be a bit of both, where the magic no longer works, but its the only trick that the magician has, so he continues going on. It’ll run out, eventually, and we’ll see something different from Obama, when his progressed Sun ingresses into Libra, progressed Venus into Virgo, but that’s not till late next summer– heading into the mid-terms. I think he’ll re-invent just in time to stave off Dem losses with some new magic.

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